Tesla Model X P90D Review - Part I (4K)

Tesla Model X P90D Review - Part I (4K)

I shot this quick review of the Model X yesterday, hope you enjoy. Please post your questions, and I will try to address them in Part II.

modelx2015 | 22 janvier 2016

Excellent video. Thank you for taking the time to produce and post this. Is it possible to take the X into a garage where the ceiling is lower or the garage door equipment is lower and open the falcon wing doors? My garage has less clearance then the one you showed in your video.

madolfsson | 22 janvier 2016

Not sure I can't a garage with less height easily. From the floor the track mine measures 86.5". Here is a photo I posted on TMC

jimvan | 22 janvier 2016

Wonderful video - thanks!

DarthX | 22 janvier 2016

@madolfsson, thank you for the wonderful video! How do you like the Ultra White seats? If it ever get stains, does it come off easily? Thanks again!

PJJAVA | 22 janvier 2016

Loved this video! Thanks for taking the time and can't wait to see more.

Ankit Mishra | 22 janvier 2016

Great video! Thanks.
Yours doors are not reacting at the same time. There is delay and they are opening and closing asymmetrically. Maybe get them checked.

madolfsson | 22 janvier 2016

@Ankit there is no way (that I know of) to open the doors symmetrically, so I had my seven year old hiding in the car and pushing the door buttons on the touch screen.

Ankit Mishra | 22 janvier 2016

Oh, maybe thats why there is a delay. Your little guy hid well and did fine!! It just struck me as odd and I saw some other videos of X doors opening and they open symmetrically. Thats why I pointed that out.
Check out this video at 0:10.

john | 22 janvier 2016

Great video! Thanks for posting!

NumberOne | 22 janvier 2016

@madolfsson Since you have the Ultra Hi-Fi Audio, would you mind sharing a few thoughts on that too. Here or another thread. Or TMC for that matter. I am seriously considering upgrading to that since I went with the standard 240 Watt system. Thanks

eric.zucker | 22 janvier 2016

Great job on the video, nice and smooth, almost professional!
Thanks for sharing.

Gwgan | 22 janvier 2016

+1 to all above. Thanks for taking the time.

SJVCommish | 22 janvier 2016

Great video. Have you had any "glitches" with the car since you took delivery requiring a return trip to the SC? Just curious.

michelcub | 22 janvier 2016

Great video thanks!

NumberOne | 22 janvier 2016

The video was great, and the autopark videi gave me insight as to how it would fit in my garage which has a ceiling of similar height.

aesculus | 22 janvier 2016

The video does a great job of showing that the FWD are a real asset to get those in the back in and out of the car. In this regard they are needed up front too. However my Model X will probably never see this situation as I am planning on parking it miles away from other vehicles. :-)

The picture in the rear view mirror does demonstrate how bad the visibility is though out the back. I am glad I got the 6 seater and will never have the 3rd row up except in extreme passenger emergencies, which will be very close to 0.

Sam_S | 22 janvier 2016

Well done!

ken | 22 janvier 2016

Great video, THANKS!

alexgrindfast | 22 janvier 2016

Wow great video, thank you very much hope to see the rest

sp_tesla | 22 janvier 2016

Top notch video, great to watch.

borodinj | 22 janvier 2016

Well done. How do you like the ultra white seats? Do they feel synthetic? How soft are they?

dr_ullah | 22 janvier 2016

@madolfsson Great review video, it was good seeing it in person last week at the dealership! Nice meeting you as well. How about when the garage door is closed, does the door detect the garage railings and stop before touching them?

elguapo | 22 janvier 2016

Great video. Thanks for posting.

Monkey | 22 janvier 2016

Thanks so much for posting this! Gives us a glimpse of our X as we also ordered Pearl White with Ultra White seats. But a 6-seater and no Ludicrous.

Can't wait for Part 2!

madolfsson | 22 janvier 2016

@dr_ullah - Likewise. Yes, the doors detect the railings and stop at an appropriate angle.

@brooding - They are "ultra" soft, does;t feel pleather-like at all.

@LeonardD - Hard to say since I have never heard what the standard systems sounds like. I only have standard in the Model S and it sounds OK to me, but I am not a big music listener.

drajaydas | 22 janvier 2016

Beautiful Video. Thanks for sharing. Waiting eagerly for more.

NumberOne | 23 janvier 2016

@madolfsson. I thought to ask because if the difference is astronomical you would have noticed, even if you are not an audiophile. I think the extra bass provided by the Ultra Hi-Fi system will be more suited to popular music including Jazz and Blues, neither of which I really listen to. I asked about upgrading the system and Tesla has not gotten back to me yet. I did not think it was worth the extra $$ at the time I configured, and I still do not, but I am willing to pay it if I do not have to pay a penalty. If they insist I will simply keep it as is. They will get less money from me than could have been the case and I will keep more. It puts them in a tight spot, since I win both ways.

proven | 23 janvier 2016

Nice video. We have the white with white seats as well and now I'm more convinced that I like the combination.

proven | 23 janvier 2016

I meant we ordered the white with white seats. We don't have it yet!

procrastin8r | 23 janvier 2016

Thank you for posting the video. At 2:16, where the 3rd row is folded, it looks like the cables are very exposed. Is there some kind of covering that had been removed, or is that just the way it is?

alexgrindfast | 23 janvier 2016

Can you Try the light on the dark, front and back on your part 2

Thank you

madolfsson | 24 janvier 2016

@procrastin8r - Yes, the lower compartment trunk lid has been removed. With it in place, the trunk is flat and the back of the seats are not exposed.

danej | 24 janvier 2016

At around 1:10, I caught a glimpse of your assistant. =)


danej | 24 janvier 2016

Thanks for the great video, we also ordered white/white, and the wife will really appreciate seeing this. Appreciate you taking the time to put it together!


Triggerplz | 24 janvier 2016

@Dane yep at 1:10 u do see a head, I didn't notice it until u mentioned it

madolfsson | 24 janvier 2016

@danej yep that is my son the door opener ;) No way to open the front doors remotely from the fob or app.

rsusi | 24 janvier 2016

Thanks for taking the time and doing the excellent video. Did the final configuration on my Model X yesterday. Ordered a 90D so it will be awhile before I get mine. | 24 janvier 2016

@madolfsson:: thanks for going to the trouble of making your excellent video. Because Tesla has been so reluctant to share details about the X, your contribution is all the more appreciated. The estimated maximum height of fully open FW doors is 85 inches. Could you possibly measure them and post the result. This will help those with limited overhead clearance.

eric.zucker | 25 janvier 2016

@LeonardD: if they agree to the upgrade it will cost you more - the labor to reopen all the compartments, replace amplifiers and speakers, is easily a few hours work.

If you are lucky they might deduct the value of the standard audio system. Part of it at least.

NumberOne | 25 janvier 2016

@eric.zucker: My car has not yet entered production yet, and I have not heard anything since I confirmed on 12/2, so I do not see how it would cost them more. They will not have to do anything that should have an impact on labor costs. I do not really car whether I get the Ultra Hi-Fi or not. Rather if I do Tesla gets $2,500 more if I do not I have $2,500 more in my pocket. I am paying cash for the car, so it will have more of an impact on me than of I financed an thus spread the cost over time.

NumberOne | 25 janvier 2016

Sorry for my typos. Needing to make some business calls with a 6hr time difference on the other side of the pond AM cost me some sleep...

eric.zucker | 25 janvier 2016

My apologies - I thought your car was built and delivered, and you wanted an upgrade being disappointed in the audio performance.

They may want a token fee for a late configuration change. Did I read 500$ somewhere ?

madolfsson | 25 janvier 2016 Looks like 88 inches with the car in the Lowest Setting.

DarthX | 25 janvier 2016

@madolfsson, Love your video. Watched it many times. :) If you do not mind, I am wondering whether you can let me know the sound track you are using for the video? Sounds really nice! Thanks!

jpenguin | 25 janvier 2016

@DarthX the music is "Epic Dubstep" , this is from his reply to my same question.

DarthX | 25 janvier 2016

@jpenguin, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the duplicate question. I thought I went through all of the responses in this thread.... | 26 janvier 2016

@maddolffsohn: thanks, the best we could do last year, knowing so little about the X, was to use the image of a prototype X parked next to a Model S and extrapolate from there. The max. height is such an important number one would think Tesla would make it known. 88" is now the best number we have, thanks to your kind response. My garage door opener is 95" above the garage floor, so we are OK.

ernie | 26 janvier 2016 glad you ok on height. In that in my garage the mechanism for the chain is in the center, I am more worried about the rails. My solution: for those charging from the right hand side of the garage (as viewed from outside), would it not make sense to back in? If done even in a compact garage the FWD would then be beyond the door rails. That is where my power is currently located. Then when opening the driver side door to get out, there is no other vehicle to bump and if the other car goes in nose first, they also get out without having to be wary of hitting the other car.

My rails are at 90" and ceiling at 104" so heightwise I am OK, but will certainly see that the FWD's pass the end of the rails before attempting to open inside the garage. Just one horror story was enough for me.

When we remodeled 8 years ago my one regret is not expanding the garage 21' x 21' is just insufficient for my needs.

themetz | 26 janvier 2016

Enjoyed - thank you! On a long, long wait here in the UK, but this video has helped persuaded me to keep holding on!

JeffreyR | 27 janvier 2016


Great job, thanks for the wonderful video! Cannot wait to show it to my wife. With a little luck, we'll be able to see one in person by my birthday in late February.

Requests for your Part II:

- Show driver entry and exit space/ease (I'm almost 6'4")
- Leg room in back
- Ground clearance w/ smart suspension

Thanks again.