Tesla Motors in Austria / Vienna

Tesla Motors in Austria / Vienna


Tesla found a company in the middle of Vienna, in the first district.

When will the Store open?

In the ,,Wirtschaftsblatt" there is announcement about founding the company.

New in 22th April

,,Tesla Motors Austria GmbH, Teinfaltstraße 8, 1010 Wien , FN 394547t GF: Prashant Amrit Patel.GF: Deepak Ahuja.GF: Bryan Edgar Goncalves Batista.GS: Tesla Motors Netherlands BV."

GF: Geschäftsführer / Company leader.

i think this location can not be the location for a super charger, if you come from the highway, you need a lot of time to drive into the city (20min-60min depends on traffic).

Did anyone know anything about the ,,Tesla Station" location next to Vienna and the other points in Austria?

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Brian H | 22 juin 2013

Supercharger stations will be located between cities, not "next to" them.