Tesla Seat Comfort

Tesla Seat Comfort

I have a Tesla Model S on order, however I have not had the opportunity to test drive the car so far. I recently read an article that said that "you probably wouldn't want to go for a long drive" based on the seat comfort. Please provide owner input and feedback. In addition, how is the lumbar support?

Liz G | 18 février 2013

I think the seats are very comfortable.

petero | 18 février 2013

I agree with Liz G. The seats are comfortable and ride is smooth. I am very happy with my 'S.' I particularly like the clean lines and lack of clutter in the interior. Less is more.

Leofingal | 18 février 2013

I think they're fine, though I've only gone 2 hours at a stretch so far. They're very adjustable (including lumbar) so that is nice for road trips. For cornering, it would be nice if they had better bolsters, but that isn't a factor for comfort.

Laryrob | 18 février 2013

i am not a small person and I find the seats as comfortable as my wife's Lexus 460L-actually a little more comfortable). A sport seat,not a plush one but a lot of support Very comfortable and i tested a number of times before i resreved and am very happy after delivery!

hordsterMD | 18 février 2013

I am 6'-3" and find the seats to be very comfortable. Love the car. | 18 février 2013

I just completed a 500+ mile trip over 3 days. Neither I nor my passenger ever found the seats to be uncomfortable. They did seem slightly stiff when I first got the car, but not uncomfortable. Either I got used to it and/or they may soften up a bit after use. | 18 février 2013

Lumbar support adjustable & good. Seats are very comfortable. Looking forward to doing some long distance drives in early summer.

bubbletips | 18 février 2013

I haven't taken long drives yet, but the seats have excellent lumbar support. The sides hold me enough when I make a general turn. I think because the car has such a low center of gravity that I'm not tossed to the side in a turn as much. The seat heater covers the lower back area too. The seat leather is soft enough and seems durable. I'm happy with the seats.

My former cars are Acura tsx, tl, Mdx?

noel.smyth | 18 février 2013

the seats are fine.

kevjo | 18 février 2013

I typically get lower back pain from almost any car seat after about an hour and a half to two hours in the car. The Model S's lumbar support is adjustable up and down and in and out. It took me a while to find the right spot but now I have no problems with the seat. And anyway, you could sit on a bed of nails and still love this car.

Hills | 18 février 2013

I regard myself as a fan of Tesla, a fan of the Model S, but not a fanboy. The Model S seat is fine. Not superior for high end cars, not inferior, not a problem. Drove the car 230 miles yesterday, fine. Backseat? only ok. Backseat legroom? Superior.

Cattledog | 18 février 2013

I've driven 200+ miles twice, straight through, and between the seats and air suspension I got out of the car far less worn than when doing the same trip in my BMW 5 series. Tesla +1.

Hills | 18 février 2013

Ok, seat comfort is not the only factor in comfort, or enjoyment! My Lexus LS was by far the quietest car I've ever owned, also the smoothest, but not close to the best handling. My older Mercedes was far better handling than the Lexus, but not as smooth, not as quiet. There is no such thing as perfection. All cars make trade offs. This car has no gears, but it responds better than manual transmission cars. The Model S is just a phenomenal driving machine! For those who have not driven a Model S, the car responds instantaneously be it acceleration or cornering, unlike anything else, not even BMW or Porche. Owners find excuses to drive this car! The diner is 20 miles of windy road away? Let's go!

asingla | 18 février 2013

Depends on what your comparison point will be - when I drove around in a BMW750 with Massage Seats, it was great and something to be beaten ;)

Since I "upgraded" from BMW to the Volt in July last year, the comparison seems a bit fairer - there are two problems for me - The first one being inability to find a good ergonomics position or setting that allows me to rest both my arms while driving. Secondly, the seats are a tad stiffer than I would like for really long drives.

Hills | 18 février 2013

I agree with resting the elbows, Model S doors are unnecessarily wide, far from the seat, presenting a problem for the left arm. The right arm rest is far from ideal as well. Small complaints.

bradslee | 18 février 2013

Agree with Hills. Despite the small complaints, the seats are very comfortable.

jbunn | 18 février 2013

Seats +1.

And as someone with a chronicaly sore back, I love the heated seats.

TikiMan | 19 février 2013

Overall, the MS is a fairly comfortable car to drive.
My last vehicle was an 2009 Infinity FX50s (fully loaded w/ leather cross-stitched racing seats), which you would think would be an extremely comfortable, however, the one thing I don’t like about seats with bolster supports, is they don’t have much padding in the middle seat area. I know some folks have complained that the MS should have made the seats more like racing seats with bolster supports, however, when your ass isn’t that of a young twenty-something year old (I’m in my 40’s), it starts to hurt after a few hours of driving with only a small amount of padding in the center, and worse if you have lower bolster supports, you feel like your butt is being squeezed into a hole (which is great if you typically drive winding roads at high-speeds).
Thus to make a long story short… Are the MS seats as comfortable as say a large Ford F-150 truck… no. However, if you are use to driving sport sedans (BMW’s, Audi’s, MB’s), I think you will find them just as comfortable.

DarrellH | 4 mars 2013

We've done a couple of 800+ mile trips and this is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. Don't believe every article you read. They might just be brodering you! 8-)