Tesla shares rise 6.5% on Analyst upgrade

Tesla shares rise 6.5% on Analyst upgrade

BYT | 26 mars 2012

Yup, it's on fire! With my modest 500 shares I'm up at the moment $1,400 just on the day, that's almost a free option on my Model S... ;) Jump Seats, Pano Roof maybe? :D

BYT | 26 mars 2012

UPDATE, up over 10% on the day at the moment.

The Froq | 26 mars 2012

Tesla is using 10% of the plant for the production for the Model S.
The plant used to be able to produce 800.000 cars a year.
Labour is more then enough available.
The Model S en X are designs are art.

Finally the non believers, believe.

We're getting started!

BYT | 26 mars 2012

Sadly I just double checked, I only have 400 shares... oh well... :) I think you will get more analyst's also making a similar recommendation but I think they are all (in the back of their minds) anticipating failure based on recent new car company history. Tesla will not see the same fate they did and I believe once that syncs in, then we can see some real gains like today. Today was a pleasant surprise for me however.

olanmills | 26 mars 2012

Oh, that's the reason. I was thinking that it wouldn't make sense if the release of the Design Studio caused such a large effect.

olanmills | 26 mars 2012

Although, I wouldn't be surprised if a major pportion of the analyst's reasoning (not that he would share it) was the launch of the design studio.

BYT | 26 mars 2012

He paid a visit to the factory and from that made his recommendations and raised his estimates. Post:

MARKET TALK: Tesla At New High As Skeptic Gets Turned Around

Mar 26, 2012 13:22:47 (ET)

1:22 (Dow Jones) Saying it's "no longer a field of dreams," Wunderlich upgrades Tesla Motors (TSLA) to buy and hikes its price target on the electric-car maker to $49 from $30. It notes it recently toured the company's headquarters and factory, eager to get into the latter "because we believed the company's goals were ahead of its means in the area of auto production. Instead, we were confronted with some hundred or so of the massive dies needed to produce the model S body. Although none of them were inside the presses, it was clear that between what was on the floor and what was coming in from suppliers, it was at or ahead of schedule." TSLA climbs 11% today to $37.70, hitting an all-time high. (

David M. | 26 mars 2012

Frankly, I think this analyst is still low, forecasting a 12 month target of $49. My expectation for 12/31/12 is somewhere around $52, and if Q1 2013 posts a profit of any kind, along with meeting the 2012 sales target of 5,000 units, along with continued strong Model S and X reservations, my price target for 4/2013 looks more like $60.

BYT | 26 mars 2012

@David, I agree with you, but if they analyst truly was a "skeptic" and turned it around to give the report that he did is still fantastic. I am hoping this will be common in the market, that they see Tesla for more then what they see it as today and then maybe even your own estimates will be very low... ;)

Cup half full! :D

gagliardilou | 26 mars 2012

DM I agree. At 12/31/12, I say between $51 and $52 a share.

Vawlkus | 27 mars 2012

@BYT: I'm waiting for the "cup runneth over" stage }B)
And I've already bet that it will be coming

Brian H | 27 mars 2012

Quote: no reason TM can't "immediately ramp to 5,000 cars per quarter". So it looks like my 8,000+ guestimate for 2012 isn't out of the question at all! I think that TM is being more effective than we know at building in prep for contingencies and buffering expectations. I.e., I suspect that Elon is determined to overdeliver, big time.

Brian H | 27 mars 2012

Short squeeze #3! Paraphrase of Elon: ~If you're shorting and betting against Tesla at the end of this year, it's going to sting. It's going to sting a lot!~

prash.saka | 27 mars 2012

TSLA shoots-up again; 4.65% today after a very impressive yesterday.

My (relatively few) 104 shares have performed +38.59% in less than 3 months I had them.

~ Prash.

Brian H | 27 mars 2012

Whee! Almost touched $40 at 10:40! Some price targets are going to need upgrading, pronto.

bfranks273 | 27 mars 2012

My guy had an idea: Sell a covered call for a portion of your holding. For now I was still inside of one year so just selling some shares would be short term gain. Instead sell a covered call that lands outside of a year and you get the premium money and if the stock goes above the call value then it will trigger the sale but only for the number of shares you decide and it will be long term cap gain. If it doesn't, at least you get the premium money and you have all of your stock for the longer term.

Brian H | 29 mars 2012

More aggressive, sell/convert some of your holding to uncovered cals for a year out, or end of year. It's probably a good bet, and you can sell the calls at premium anytime in-between if the price is up.

Brian H | 29 mars 2012

typo: uncovered calls ...

Brian H | 8 juin 2012

may have had an effect. Up $1.15 on the day ...