Tesla trivia: "Tesla Music"?

Tesla trivia: "Tesla Music"?

I noticed that Tesla reuses the same music to go with presenting their cars, just like they use their trade mark, graphical logo, tag lines... It's got the characteristics and use of a jingle, but it's much longer. If you don't know what I mean, watch this video with sound:

I like it. It's memorable, and it goes well with their performance oriented, silent cars. I assume this piece has been composed exclusively for Tesla. Is there anything known about the composer/musician(s)? Any background to how this music came about?

Peak Oil bruin | 14 février 2012

I don't know Volker, I think it sounds like the accompaniment to any number of Powerpoint presentation.

I think they should cough up some royalty$ with Depeche Mode "Enjoy the Silence" or Gary Numan "Are Friends Electric?"

Klaus | 14 février 2012

I don't know where it's from but that tune runs through my head constantly. Hope the keep it as background to potential ads in the future.

Brian H | 14 février 2012
Timo | 15 février 2012

Vimeo site works just as poorly as Tesla site, I guess there should be a video at, but all I get is a blank space in place of it. (FF 10.0.1)

youtube works much better.

Timo | 15 février 2012

Couch mode works. Video is not very smooth, but good enough.

silverbogan | 9 octobre 2019

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silverbogan | 9 octobre 2019

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