Tesla X Sunroof

Tesla X Sunroof

Will the Falcon Wing doors allow for an opening sunroof?

sk1656 | 18 août 2013

Most likely not.

AlMc | 18 août 2013

They could over the front two seats. Many SUVs do. Falcon wings should not affect that area of the roof.

ian | 18 août 2013

Where would the sunroof go when you open it? They usually slide backwards. ;-)

AlMc | 18 août 2013

into the roof behind a 'sandwich' between a solid headliner and the actual roof. ;)

ian | 18 août 2013

Not if there are falcon doors.

AlMc | 19 août 2013

Depends how big sunroof and how big the smaller part or the hinged door will be. You are probably right...just a thought. Also, as some people suggest, maybe (probably not) they will offer it as part of a 'sliding door' model that couyld also accommodate a ski rack. Call it the 'sportman's package/model X'

filsmyth | 25 août 2013

The windshield sweeps up over the front seats, providing a better view than a sunroof ever could, kind of like a moonroof that doesn't open, but better.

PXChanel | 18 septembre 2013

The Model S does not have UV screen inside the sunroof. I suggest Tesla put UV screens in Model X if a sunroof will be included, please.

Brian H | 19 septembre 2013

Glass passes very little UV. Ever been sunburned through a window?

PXChanel | 19 septembre 2013

Yes. Tesla told me their glass only blocks 65% UV.

I still would prefer a mesh. It comes standard in VWs.

Zebuf | 26 septembre 2013

Just let the sunroof slide upwards and then back. If it covers the falcon-wing door-hinge area, add sensors to prevent doors from opening as long as sunroof is on top.

PXChanel | 30 septembre 2013

Brian H:

UV concern regarding sunroof without mesh mostly due to long term sun damage (spots, premature aging, wrinkles), not likelihood of immediate sunburn.

Dermatology 101.

Brian H | 1 octobre 2013

Exposure thru glass in a car is not the main source. Worry about it if you want, but ...

newscutter | 1 octobre 2013

If you at both prototypes closely, you'll see there is a glass panel over the front seats but it does not open-- in fact, it appears to be the same piece of glass as the windshield.