TeslaTime — Clock, Stocks and Weather — First and Free

TeslaTime — Clock, Stocks and Weather — First and Free

Hi folks,

It has been a while since Tesla Time has been updated. Thank you to all who have been loyal users. We’ve got a few nice updates to share with you today.

The two key additions are: a) location awareness and b) expanded format support.

Clock - The clock remains heart of the site, gorgeous rendering that complements the interior. Now includes an expanded view which combines with the stock wall.

Stocks - Now configured into a wall of up to 18 stocks. Advanced color cueing provides an immediate sense for the flow of the day. Expanded view now shows a daily activity chart for even more detail.

Weather - Expanded view now automatically shows forecast details for the coming week. Unfortunately, this is still US only. (Hard to justify spending money on data sources for a free offering.)

As always, feedback is welcome either here or in the app (tap the subtle “?” to the left of the clock).



Captain_Zap | 5 janvier 2015

Hi Rumbles! Thank you for your work. We have enjoyed your tools for over two years now. Good to see you!


Rumbles | 5 janvier 2015

@Captain_Zap, Thank you. Old forum visitors never really leave, they just lurk :)

staze | 5 janvier 2015

Nice job. A wonderful tool now even more wonderfuller! ;-)

I've been using your site almost daily in my MS for the last 13 months. Thanks for for all of your efforts Rumbles!

aarnold | 5 janvier 2015

Looks great !!! Thank you !!!

johncrab | 5 janvier 2015

That is seriously cool! Speaking as a CMW (Certified Master Watchmaker), this would look great with Breguet hands.

carlk | 5 janvier 2015

Thanks for the update. I will give it a try.

Mel. | 5 janvier 2015


This is what I have used . Thanks for the update

d.b.morgan | 5 janvier 2015

Used it for over a year and love it! Thanks!

NKYTA | 5 janvier 2015


mrspaghetti | 5 janvier 2015

Started using it a couple days ago - very nice, thanks for creating such a nice app :)

roger7 | 19 septembre 2018

The dash clock does not work on my new Tesla P100D

jasinflorida | 23 mai 2019

I have a Model 3 and cannot figure out how to give location permission. Can anyone help?