Tilting Rear View Mirrors

Tilting Rear View Mirrors

Has anyone else noticed that after a recent software update the feature that down tilted the rear view mirrors when the car is put in reverse has disappeared? Am I the only owner who valued this feature and would like to see it restored?

christurbeville | 16 mai 2013

Mine still works. Tech package P85.

mdtaylor69 | 16 mai 2013

You may have to reset the auto tilt by putting the car in reverse and tilting the mirrors down per page 14 of the owners manual. I had to do the same after a 12V battery replacement.

Eletrek | 16 mai 2013

I have software version 4.4 and mirror tilt works fine. Try mdtaylor69's solution as I don't think it is the software update that is causing problem.

carlf9121 | 16 mai 2013

Mine still works with rev 4.4. Tech package P85.

hfcolvin | 16 mai 2013

Did the button disappear from you control menu? My car came with 4.2 and didn't have the tilt mirrors; no button in the menu. I waited until the 4.4 update, still didn't get it, so a call to service fixed it a couple of days later. They did it remotely.

sanjosedriver | 16 mai 2013

Have 4.5 and tilt works great. Settings even get saved in the user profile for different drivers.

JPPTM | 16 mai 2013

Delivery Monday. Running v.4.4. Reverse tilt works fine.

KendallPB | 17 mai 2013

Disappeared for me a while back with a software update and functionality stopped working. Tesla replied to my e-mail at the time that it would be fixed, so I haven't bothered going to the service center to get it fixed manually (apparently they can go into some diagnostic screen and re-enable it), but one of these days I might do that.

bostoncde | 17 mai 2013

Mine only tilts driver side, do both go down? Would love option to tilt only 1 side.

hfcolvin | 17 mai 2013

Both sides tilt on mine. Boston, the mirrors will reset to the position you place them in when the car is in reverse when you enable the tilt mirror. Maybe when you initially set it up you only tilted the driver side mirror. Technically the option to tilt only one mirror is there, as it remembers what you set.

jcadman22 | 17 mai 2013

The issue seems to be isolated to those of us with textile seats which have no memory or driver profiles. I had tilting mirrors on delivery (4.2) and then lost it with software updates. I've had an open request to fix this for over a month now. TM indicates it *should* be fixed in the *next* update. I want this feature back ASAP since I've made a habit of backing into parking spaces.

KendallPB | 19 mai 2013

@jcadman22: Same here, yes, textile seats--we're the ones who got messed up by that update.

hfcolvin | 20 mai 2013

Hey jcadman. I'm also textile seats with tech package. Call your service center and ask them to push you a fix for the mirrors. They did mine without any other software update. I also got driver profiles with the mirror fix.

I'm a big fan of the tilt mirrors and they make backing into a space 100% easier.

d_kaufman | 20 mai 2013

Apparently, mirror tilt memory for backing up is only available as part of the tech package. Of course, it was never documented as such, and neither was the 'heated' character of the side view mirrors. The description of the tech package only mentions the self-dimming characteristic of the side view mirrors.

KendallPB | 22 mai 2013

@hfcolvin - Woah, interesting. Okay, maybe I'll contact my service center and not wait; I'd love to get driver profiles. ;-)

jat | 23 mai 2013

It isn't just the tech package -- I think it is now tied to driver profiles. I have the tech package but the original cloth seats, so no driver profiles and I lost side mirrors tilting when going into reverse with 4.3.

KendallPB | 30 mai 2013

The Model S options page now says the tech package includes seat memory. Huh.

suegie | 10 juin 2013

Mine doesn't seem to work did when i first got the car but hasn't in a long time. I tried setting it in reverse and putting it in my saved only worked one time after that...and even that one time was not immediately. Something is wrong there.

KendallPB | 18 juin 2013

@suegle: It stopped working a couple of updates ago and they haven't fixed it, yet, though Ownership told me it would be restored in an update. Supposedly if you take it to a Service Center, they can go into a special menu and restore the functionality. I haven't gotten around to that yet.

c.bussert67 | 19 juin 2013

I found that after one of the older updates my mirrors didn't do the reverse trick. I tried to move them in reverse, but it didn't go back in drive. So I moved them back. A few days later, they just magically started doing their thing in reverse. After this latest update, my wife said the mirrors weren't changing in reverse. I got in under my profile, which is profile #1, and they worked. Switched to my wife's profile and sure enough, nothing. So I put in reverse, moved them and saved her profile again. Put it in drive and the mirrors went back to normal drive position. Checked reverse once more and they did their thing.
Maybe its a user profile that lost its setting in an update... check all users. If one doesn't do the tilt, put it in reverse, move them and SAVE. Then put it in drive and verify they go back to normal.

KendallPB | 21 juin 2013

I don't have seat profiles; I have the pre-price-increase textile seats (which had reverse auto-tilt until they screwed up the software). In my case, I have to wait for a software fix or get Tesla to go in manually and enable it.

b455starr | 23 juin 2013

Are the auto tilt mirrors standard? In reading the owners manual it sure appears that they are. PA is telling me that they are part of the Tech package. I have a 60 with no Tech pkg. The Tech pkg includes chromatic mirrors. PA sent me a "special" down load but still no auto tilt mirrors. I have a friend with an identical car...delivered late Feb mine was late Apr. He has them and I do not. His mirrors look like the chromatic around the outer edge. Thoughts?