Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

arnebjarne | 3 mars 2013


Being 194 cm I have never owned a car where I didn´t have to compromize to acheive a good position behind the wheel. I also noticed the low exit point of the seat belt, but having a long back, I had to lower the seat considerably to fit under the roof, as I always must. What I found a bit more alarming was the low headrest. It is there to save your head in case of a rear collision, but the way it was set before the drive it looked like it was there to break my neck. My wife (who discovered this) managed to remedy this by sliding it to the top position. I would have been more concerned if she saw but didn´t do anything;-)

Brian H | 3 mars 2013

It appears the US delivery thread was removed because it was too informative. Maybe.

Jackie425 | 4 mars 2013

I just talked to a very nice lady in Tesla UK. The EU Sig. waiting list is meant to be based on the time you requested to go on the list so what happened for others is not clear.

As Brian H suggested - if you do have a Sig reservation can I encourage you to choose a lovely production colour ? ;-)

Also I understand that we have to assume that it will be a few more weeks (she was certain it was not months) before they have all the Sig reservations sorted out.

Maybe I should take up yoga - I understand that helps some people ;-)

jeroens | 4 mars 2013

So did You find out where you are on the list and how many are before you?

Jackie425 | 4 mars 2013

@jeroens: She said I was close to the top but she couldn't say if I would make it. I didn't ask for exact details as it won't make any difference in the end as I am (like anyone else still on the list) dependant on a Sig holder deciding to move to a production model (or drop out).
That's why I asked how long I have to be in this state of hopeful anxiety ;-)

Norbert.Vienna | 4 mars 2013

hopeful anxiety ;-)

I am P551 and I am also on the socalled sig wait list
but I take it as it comes since you are for sure in front of me I will see what happens and when my car will come
in the worst case sometimes 3 or 4 quater this year

Brian H | 4 mars 2013

yes, distract yourself with yoga; concentrate on learning to scratch you nose with your knee. Post videos. >8)

Brian H | 4 mars 2013

typo: your nose ...

dirk.saenen | 5 mars 2013

any TTB-mail in Belgium ?

Roger_NO | 5 mars 2013

Anyone got it confirmed when (March?) TM will send invites to configure and start production of the P-models?

glaserud | 5 mars 2013

I reccon may-ish for invites to general production

arnebjarne | 5 mars 2013

I am now officially S423. Then it is time to wait...

They say that configuration will take place approximately 3 months before delivery. First deliveries for sig in late June/early July, and my call will come sometime in April/May...

Norbert.Vienna | 5 mars 2013

congrats to you finally pushed it through

jeroens | 6 mars 2013

No email, but a few minutes ago the finalize button appeared... (check MyTesla frequently)
NL Sig 412, July/Aug indicated delivery

angel | 6 mars 2013

Same here, DK Sig 410, also July/Aug delivery. Are crossing my fingers for July!

Jackie425 | 7 mars 2013

Great news - I got the phone call today telling me I can upgrade.
So I am over the moon and looking forward to a beautiful red Sig :-)

jeroens | 7 mars 2013

Congrats :)

deraaij | 7 mars 2013

Got the email!

NL Sig 411, July/Aug indicated delivery

ken | 7 mars 2013

Same delivery window for sig #419.

Finalized this morning and awaiting the documents to sign in my mailbox.

Captain_Zap | 7 mars 2013

Congrats to expectant Signature owners.

I get comments and reactions about my car from people simply based on the Signature Red color. They stop to admire the color and the car's beauty and I use the opportunity to introduce them to the fact that it is a Tesla and it uses no gas at all. They are even more impressed when hearing about an electric car that performs so spectacularly.

People on the sidewalk have stopped in their tracks, eyes wide and jaw dropped. Sometimes I can read the expletive coming from their lips as they turn to watch the car go by. It makes me giggle.

I was on the Sig waiting list for half a year before I got the exciting news that I would be able to get my Sig. Good luck.

jackhub | 7 mars 2013

In Amsterdam talk March 6, Elon said first European deliveries would be in July.

hmn_sweden | 8 mars 2013

My father and mother just finalized there car. It Sig. 25 (around that number). We live in Sweden.

I'm so freaking hyped to get the car! I will basically live in it ;) When I've been on events promoting Tesla Roadster and letting people test drive they are stunned and loves it. But the price and design limits the use to people how can have a "fun car to drive". But the introduction of Model S will make a change. People in Sweden will love the car and many people are interested!

johan S 12 | 9 mars 2013

Hi Martijn,

Where did you hear that S12 already made his configuration?
I did not receive an invitation yet.

Can you enlighten me on this.



Runar | 9 mars 2013

S40x (3 or 6) in norway has finalized at least, latest number i have seen confirmed.

ken | 9 mars 2013

S419 here.

I finalized 7. March - received the paperwork in the afternoon - signed and it was co-signed by friday morning. Status on "My Tesla" changed to:

The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature Performance.

Finalized within minutes after opening my tesla page seeing that the status had changed and now possible to build. Just had a quick and cold shower. Received the Time to build email a few hours later.

Estimated delivery July/August - maybe do a "factory pickup" in Tilburg and drive to Denmark on temporary plates

glaserud | 9 mars 2013

Tesla has had some issues with mail, it would seem. I'm going to check mytesla often when my number range is up. :)

martijn | 10 mars 2013

2 S12 is strange, maybe one is R12 or SpecialS12 ?

henrik1968 | 12 mars 2013


martijn | 14 mars 2013

Last week invitations where at least up to EU-sig419.
With 100 invitations a week...this week all sigs should have been invited.
So, where are the new reports ?
And how a bout the roadster owners who reserved model S, how far up that list are we?

And even more interestingly: see a regular res. (P1 or P-low) to report in the nearby future
Perhaps Volker.Berlin ?

Jackie425 | 15 mars 2013

I have EU sig-425 and I only got the finalize button today.

ManuVince | 15 mars 2013

I think Tesla is busy inflating the Q1 results (they seems to crank out all 85 and P85 they can in the US). In that effect, they are also making their best to plug all the holes in the EU signature list with people on the waiting list. But for that they need first to wait for the current sig res holder to confirm or cancel. So that might mean only a few confirmation each week, until closure of quarter. Each Sig res confirmed means couple 10s of thousands Euro of revenue immediately recognizable.

That keeps my hope for the config button flood gate to open in April.

Brian H | 15 mars 2013

that's superficial, and confused. It makes no difference to results who is or isn't on the sig list. And Sigs confirmed means nothing to revenue. Only deliveries count as sales and revenue.

Brian H | 15 mars 2013

typo: MV NV

arnebjarne | 16 mars 2013

Finalize button appeared yesterday for EU sig 423. My wife has an issue with the colour of the car. I am trying to convince her that any of the four standard colours are fine (just PERFECT), but she insists that we should get a blue one. The sales rep tells me that the car will be at least a month delayed if we choose a colour that is not part of the standard selection for a signature. This is BAD. Should I try flowers? Anyone?

sethvandermeer | 16 mars 2013

@arnebjarne: similar problem here. I would like the Performance, but she hates the interior of the P... In your case you could think: what is a month over the lifetime of your car, but still.... Want the car ASAP :-)

martijn | 16 mars 2013

Thanks for that info arnebjarne.
That sort of confirms delivery of EU-non-sigs will start in september.
And just got email from Tesla: Dutch-delivery guarantied in 2013, even if you'll make the reservation this month. Spread the word, last chance for a (business) tax-free model S in Holland !!

GeirT | 18 mars 2013


muller | 19 mars 2013

Looking forward to non-sig info! (aka bump)

martijn | 20 mars 2013
Elon says at appr. 6th min.:
- 500 cars/ week now
- half (but then said 40%) of production will go to Europe
That is a serious "catching up" percentage.
And he repeated: EU-production will start in june en first deliveries in july
Assuming after sig-deliveries (july-aug) they will pump appr. 1.000 cars in to europe each month.
If that starts in september, it will not take that long for us anymore (my october forecast is getting more realistic by the day).

Winnie796 | 21 mars 2013

I really don't want to get my hopes up for an October delivery but I can't help myself. I think November is fine for me........unless the other 2143 Europeans in front of me would like to be sweet and cancel their orders. There is a "smiley face" from me in it for each one that does!

jeroens | 21 mars 2013

as said in the 500 p/week thread...

Some minor things that seem to be misquoted.

They are 'Delivering' 500 per week right now, does not have to mean they are producing 500 per week... (they might, but it seems the delivery numbers were lower than the production numbers over the last months, in any event we can not assume it is the same thing)

Second Elon stated on the European, Putting them on a ship in June (to arrive in July), so could be they are produced some time before than.

Brian H | 21 mars 2013

Elon also stated that all reservations by that date would be delivered by October, so only 2 mo. to "fill up" for the year.

ken | 22 mars 2013

The status on the "My Tesla" page has changed from "The tesla factory is building your Model S" to "Your order has been submitted to the Tesla factory"

Anyone else seeing this?

(And is it good or a delay)

ken | 22 mars 2013

Reply from Tesla:

Hi Ken,
Thank you for your email. This means that your Model S will be one of the first to be produced when the production starts in June.
I am really excited for you, you have already completed what so many other customers are still waiting for.

From now on, it is only about reading about Tesla and the Model S online and telling your friends the great news that you will be receiving your Model S as one of the first in Europe :)

Have a wonderful weekend and I will stay excited for you as well :)

GeirT | 22 mars 2013

@ kseitzberg

What is your reservation number? Signature obviously.

ken | 22 mars 2013


jeroens | 22 mars 2013

Nice uplifting storyline from Tesla UK, but I think they just added this as status.
The Building your models S sounded to much like they were actually already building the thing and this was not really the case.

This new added status would better reflect the step before that. But that is just my interpretation might be way off ;)

psirnes | 22 mars 2013

My tesla page has also changed today from "building your Tesla" to
"your order has been submitted to the Tesla Factory"

Brian H | 22 mars 2013

Probably your car will be on one of the first boats leaving in June or so for delivery in July or August. At a guess.

dirk.saenen | 22 mars 2013

Tesla Belgium is a fact... Hope to see the first TTBs soon....