Tint tintabulation

Tint tintabulation

Haven't seen any discussion of window tint lately (but I've read so many from the past, here and on TMC, that I got to the point of information overload!) Anyhow, I just had it done and I thought some might be interested.

My main concern was heat reduction and to a small extent I liked the look of gray tint with my gray car. But I didn't want to look like a gangster, and I didn't want noticeable interference with the view looking out.

I concluded there are many good products each with advantages of their own. Impossible to be all right or all wrong. So I went with Hüper mainly because their dealer in the area was close by, could do it right away, had a loaner for me, and they got what seemed to be legit reviews on yelp. The people who did my original paint protection only do tinting on Fridays and were booked out a month if I wanted a loaner.

My main concern was deciding between 30 (their lowest that's legal in WA) or 40. After going back and forth (literally, drove back there a few times and changed my mind on the day of installation, twice more) I decided on 40. They had to go to their other location to get some.

And then I went with 30!! Yikes. But it looks great, isn't gangster (i.e., can see into the car respectfully), the outward visibility is fine. They talked me into it, and I thanked them for it.

Anyhow, bottom line: I've never had tinted windows but a loaner from the original detailer/Xpel/Gtechniq did, and I was impressed with the heat reduction. In other cars, we've often had to spin the visors over to the side windows, even hang a towel from them. Not any more, I'm sure.

And the smokiness does indeed look pretty cool with my grey/grey wonder machine. So if anyone's considering it but isn't sure, I'm saying go for it. And 30, for me, is just right. (They say, however, that 30 for one manufacturer won't be exactly like that of another.)

BTW, for those who don't know, which included me till a few days ago, the numbers refer to the amount of light that passes through; so the lower, the number, the darker the tint. In WA you can go down to 25%. The guys who did it had about 5% on their cars, black as pitch, and haven't been hassled by cops. But it ain't for me.

AmpedRealtor | 12 juin 2014

I have Photosync on side and rear at 30%, and 3M Crystalline on windshield at 70%. It makes a big difference in the Arizona heat. The 3M film, before application, tends towards the warm/yellow side of the spectrum although people report it taking on a purplish tint after being applied to the Model S. The Photosync is quite neutral.

Bighorn | 12 juin 2014

You just had to chime in about tint, eh?

Mathew98 | 12 juin 2014

70% for front windows.

5% every where else, including top of wind shield. No needs for parcel shelf and the kids are comfy in the jump seats.

Eletrek | 14 juin 2014

Tint may be regulated in your state as 5% is illegal in Illinois. I was told legal limit for tint in Illinois is 35%.

Bighorn | 14 juin 2014

I think 5% is illegal most places--limo tint.

arldent3300 | 14 juin 2014

@ AmpedRealtor
Just wonder why you did not go with Photosync on the windshield? I am debating between the two i.e. 3M Crystalline all around or Photosync all around. If you were to do it again, which would you prefer more or would you change anything? Thanks.

redacted | 14 juin 2014

I love your article title. The only place I've ever heard the word tintinnabulation is Edgar Allan Poe (The Bells) and didn't realize anybody else would know it.

RUNS KWH | 14 juin 2014

I just got my car fully tinted in the OC with PhotoSync. I went 45 with the sides, back and pano. And I went 70 with the windshield. I just picked up the car on Tuesday and had it done on Wednesday.

Total cost was $1350. I think on the high side, but what do you do when there's only one authorized dealer for all of SoCal (and he just got the rights to PhotoSync installs in San Diego).

Very happy with the tint. Almost thought about one shade darker on the sides, but I think that it almost starts to look a little too ghetto then.

AmpedRealtor | 14 juin 2014

@ arldent3300,

My tint installer recommended the 3M Crystalline over the Photosync for the windshield because I wear polarized sunglasses. He said the 3M has fewer rainbow effects than the Photosync, which is why it's a better option for the windshield if you wear polarized glasses.

dilbert | 14 juin 2014

I did Photosync 55 on the sides and back (no pano), and 75 on the windshield. I do notice the rainbow effects with polarized sunglasses on the windshield, but I don't find them distracting.

The surprise to me, is that I find that I mostly don't even need to wear sunglasses in the car any more, even though my eyes are light sensitive, which also eliminates the rainbow effects, and is much easier on my nose.

AmpedRealtor | 14 juin 2014

To clarify my above post, 3M Crystalline still shows a rainbow pattern through polarized glasses, it's supposedly just not as pronounced as on the Photosync product. That is just the installer's opinion. It was also about $100 less to do the windshield using 3M.

jjchan.OH.US | 14 juin 2014

When you guys talk about tincting the windshield, are you doing a stripe on the top portion or the entire windshield?

SeattleSid | 14 juin 2014

My decision to go with Hüper wasn't deeply intellectual. I worried (without knowing one way or the other) that photosync might be like some light-sensitive glasses; ie, too slow to change according to conditions. I'm well aware that it's considered top tier, though, and I assume my concerns are unfounded. Probably most decisive was the fact that the installer who did mine could do it right away and the ones who did my paint protection work, and who prefer photosync, were a month out because the only do it on Fridays.

And thanks, redacted, for commenting on my title!

J.T. | 14 juin 2014

@redacted Read Bighorn's response.

dilbert | 14 juin 2014

@jjc - I did the entire windshield - and yes, it is technically illegal...

Brian H | 15 juin 2014

Actually, he left out a syllable, producing a non-word. >:{

SeattleSid | 15 juin 2014

Yes, it was second level word play. Tint tabulation. Tint tintabulation. Figured it might ring a bell for some.

J.T. | 15 juin 2014

@SS Figured it might ring a bell for some.

And I had so much respect for you before that.


SeattleSid | 15 juin 2014

Ah, well. So the respect is nevermore, eh?

J.T. | 15 juin 2014

Sounds like you've had one too many casks of Amontillado.

SeattleSid | 15 juin 2014

Indeed. And I'll probably Rue the day...

sbeggs | 15 juin 2014

@SeattleSid and @J.T.,
You guys crack me up!

Thomas N. | 15 juin 2014

"Sounds like you've had one too many casks of Amontillado"

Good Lord that is funny!

NKYTA | 15 juin 2014

And creepy, all at the same time.

J.T. | 15 juin 2014

We can go back and forth all day with this. Kind of like a pendulum.

sbeggs | 15 juin 2014

too funny, J.T.!

arldent3300 | 15 juin 2014

Still a bit fuddle (no, haven't been drinking at all well..not yet anyway :) ) about this tinting thing. If price is not a factor and the only concern is about the quality and longevity of the product, why some of you decided on 3M Crystalline and some on Photosync?

J.T. | 15 juin 2014

Photosync is very difficult to come by in some area of the country.

Thomas N. | 15 juin 2014

JT: Enough of this! Please, poe more!

arldent3300 | 15 juin 2014

@ J.T.

Totally agree with you. Photosync have these "exclusive" contract with so very few and very far in between applicators that actually discourage people who might want their product from going to make a "special" trip and having to spend 3-4 hours waiting for it and worse of all, the only one in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex doesn't even open on the weekend :(

SeattleSid | 15 juin 2014

And I went with none of the above, namely Hüper Optik.

And, J.T., if we go back and forth like a pendulum, that would be the pits.

Bighorn | 15 juin 2014

I think y'all are raven mad

NKYTA | 15 juin 2014

I'm rockin' out to Usher as I read this thread....and enjoying some tint advice.

J.T. | 15 juin 2014

Usher was the last arrow in my quiver because tell-tale heart is really hard to work into a post. Just glad it's over before we got to the masque of the sig red death.

NKYTA | 15 juin 2014

I'm aghast, clearly @JT hasn't stolen any mail, like, ever. Totally.

SeattleSid | 15 juin 2014

Well, the thread is getting to be like a whirlpool of witticisms, and I'm not about to descend into the maelstrom any more.

Bighorn | 15 juin 2014

No good screed goes unpunished.

sbeggs | 16 juin 2014


Mathew98 | 16 juin 2014

@JT - Was it really necessary to call Sid an @SS?

J.T. | 16 juin 2014

SS=Superb Surgeon

What can I say, from what I've read it fits.

Tesltoronto | 16 juin 2014

Are 3M Crystalline and Photosync reflective products?

The guy who is going to install xpel for me does only ASWF (American Standard Window Films). Anyone used their products? I was hoping that I can the same guy to install the tints if this brand is good.