Tire Replacement comparison between the P85 and P85+

Tire Replacement comparison between the P85 and P85+

Ok so I've ordered the P85+ and wanted to ask anyone who's great at stats and/or math to help me figure out tire rotations/replacement costs on the P85 and tire Replacement costs on the P85+ cars.

It would seem to me that the difference between the two vehicle tire scheduled costs should mathematically be balanced as far as my thinking goes. Please tell me if I'm not too far off.

The P85 gets tire rotations just as other normal cars do fronts to rears.
The P85+ can't.

Lets say the P85 gets all four tires replaced at 15,000 mi for sake of this problem.

And since the P85+ cant rotate, does that mean the rears would get swapped at 10,000 mi and fronts at 20,000 ?

Can someone tell me based on their experience if overall tire budget is close between the two options?

Maybe share what you've gone through if you've gone through a set of tires.

Are there aftermarket brands that are reasonable?

thanks for reading

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rdalcanto | 2 octobre 2013

At tire rack, you can get tires for the P85 for under $200. The P85+ rear tires are in the $420-$550 range depending on if you get Pirelli or Michelin. Fewer choices in the 265/35 21 range.

SCCRENDO | 2 octobre 2013

Just had my tires rotated at 12000 miles on S85. 9/32 left on all tires, even wear. So hoping for a lot more than 15000 miles.

604-DRIVER | 2 octobre 2013

just curious I wonder what the tread depth was when the tires were new. I'm reading that new tires come with about 10/32" to 11/32" of tread? Sounds like youre gonna have north of 30,000 miles at that rate !!!

and @rdalcanto thanks for the info. looking into it now. is it you get what you pay for? txs