Touchsceen concern not previously noted

Touchsceen concern not previously noted

For the record, I am a fan of the screen and this may already be in the forum, but the inability to search makes it hard to know....

My concern comes from my wife, but I've adopted since she mentioned yesterday. Simply, will the touchscreen operate with gloves on?

Last night we were outside (it was fairly cold here in CT) and she was trying to get a phone number for a restaurant off of her iPhone with gloves on. Alas, no love. The touchsceen doesn't play nice with any type of gloves on. While I accept the car will be a self heating masterpiece of futuristic technology, it will still be cold and we will still be gloved up and bundled when we get in and even when driving.... How will the touchscreen react?

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michiganmodels | 6 novembre 2011

I had a similar concern here in Michigan. But, once I saw the iPhone app, I realized you will not need gloves. Use your (or your wife's) iPhone to keep the cabin climate at room temperature prior to entering.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 6 novembre 2011

That is the basic plan, but the reality is there will be unexpected winter trips where you didn't set the car to warm up yet, dead phone batteries (I commute via train I can't wait to access the vehicle one stop before mine to set the climate control!), and then there are those truly sub-zero days where you curse your Northern latitudes, as no heater on the planet can keep a car warm.

Also, I have a ski house in VT, where we have literally no connection. I've tried Verizon, t-mobile, ATT and Sprint with no luck. Thus, cold car from time to time (though not sure I'll have the model s up there too often).

The reality is this is a minor concern in the grand scheme of things. I'm just interested in the usabiltiy / use case around cold weather operation. Clearly the remote heating is the solution, but surely they have addressd the alternate path of cold car use.

michiganmodels | 6 novembre 2011

I agree. Another option is to buy etip winter gloves. They are $100, which in the grand scheme of things (i.e., relative to the price of the car) is a minor cost. But, I agree with you, Tesla should address this concern.

Mycroft | 6 novembre 2011

I disagree completely. Something like this cannot and will not be addressed by Tesla. What are they going to do, provide etip gloves with the car?!

Would it kill you to take a single glove off for 15 or 20 seconds to change a setting on the screen (and then put the glove back on), before the car heats up???

Denis Vincent | 6 novembre 2011

Mike If Tesla S comes with heated seats, it will likely have a heated steering wheel(as does my Audi). I'm at whistler every weekend through the winter, if need be, I heat up the cabin before I head up to the slopes....just the right thing to do.

jkirkebo | 6 novembre 2011

Even the Leaf have a heated steering wheel (at least mine does...). I would be very surprised if the Model S didn't.

The heated Leaf steering wheel is very nice, my wife really loves that feature :)

Schlermie | 6 novembre 2011

Tesla has made comments that the functions on the 17" display will be accessible through the steering wheel buttons.

Timo | 6 novembre 2011

Obviously not all of them can be in steering wheel buttons, but the vital ones pretty much have to be. I would rather like to have all the vital controls in place that doesn't require me to look away from the street than have them in that screen no matter how good UI it has.

I actually hope that screen has blank screensaver that turns it off completely when I don't need it. That way it isn't distraction and doesn't affect nighttime driving at all.

Volker.Berlin | 7 novembre 2011

I'm really impressed that the inventors of the car more than a hundred years ago were farsighted enough to invent the glove box. Thus you have a place to put them so they don't interfere with touch screen use. How did they know that 100 years later we would have touch screens in our cars? They did not even have cell phones!

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 7 novembre 2011

Like I said, minor concern, but interesting to me as it gives insights into Tesla's usability approach.

HaroldS | 4 janvier 2013

The consensus in this thread seemed to be that we will not be using gloves while driving. That has definitely NOT turned out to be the case in our climate, especially when we're taking advantage of the "eco" heating mode. At -15C gloves are very useful!

At any rate, I may be the last person who didn't know this, but conductive thread is available for about a dollar on eBay. Sewing a square of this thread into the thumb and one or two finger tips of your favorite gloves works amazingly well. I did this last week and operating the touchscreen with gloves is now no different than with naked fingers.

DouglasR | 4 janvier 2013

I bought a pair of driving gloves that are designed to be used with a touch screen. All fingers/thumb work great.

olanmills | 8 janvier 2013

I have gloves that work with capacitive touchscreens, and they work great. I have no problem using them with my phone. It hasn't been cold enough yet this year, but I'm sure they'll work fine with the Model S too.