Tracking of Actual Deliveries

Tracking of Actual Deliveries

OK, now that many of us have finalized ordering, how about chiming in on actual deliveries. Seeing as today is the first official delivery day, please provide your order # if you have actually taken delivery of your Model S. Only respond if your is a number higher than all previous posts...572 and counting...

Equest | 24 juillet 2012

Bumping this up as it has been over a month since "official" deliveries started. Isn't there anyone out there receiving their cars at this point???

Sudre_ | 24 juillet 2012

No one has posted a delivery date for July that I know of so I guess not.....

I stand corrected,
" jd3tm | July 18, 2012


I set this thread up to track Model S DELIVERIES. Spec Sig #4 was the first "non-Founder" notification I have seen who has a REAL, near term Delivery date! They were notified on July 6th for a delivery on July 29th to Aug 4...right around the corner! "

It is still too soon.
I wonder if they will hold true to this date.

Vawlkus | 25 juillet 2012

Not all reservation holders come to the forum you know.

Brian H | 25 juillet 2012

Very few, actually. Any counts depend on occasional samplings of the stream! Be nice if the store staff would mention to buyers and prospects that the forums exist ...

JoeFee | 25 juillet 2012

The earnings call today (and every 3 months) is our best source of data on all things Tesla!