trip meter

trip meter

I know this is a stupid question, but I'm old. Received my car last week. How do you access the trip meter or trip odometer on the car? I've seen screen shots that show trip mileage on the instrument panel but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the screen and info. Any help would be appreciated.

info | 23 mai 2013

If you're driving a Tesla you're not old! Go into the control screen. I believe it's in driving, there is a tab for trips. I'm sorry, I'm not at my car and can't tell you exactly but it's there. If you call Ownership they'll walk you through it. Each day you'll get smarter and smarter about your car and you'll wonder how you ever drove anything else. Congrats on your delivery.

stevedar | 23 mai 2013

To display the trip meter screen push and hold the right or left scroll wheel and then scroll to select trips and momentarily push the scroll wheel to select it. To reset A or B proceed as described in the previous post.

RussellV | 24 mai 2013

I went out to my car after I posted this to try to find it once more and found it on the console screen under the controls window. I don't know why I didn't see it before. And yes I am old but this car makes me feel young. Thanks to Steve and Richard for the fast response. I bet I will be using this forum a lot.

dan.huddart | 22 octobre 2015

7.0 update the trip meters are gone please bring them back

bejachb | 23 octobre 2015


evsisson | 23 octobre 2015

The complete Trip Meter is still on the touch screen, and it also contains a new line of information, called Current Trip. It also displays the Total Miles.

The Trip Meter that can be selected from the scroll button is abbreviated, containing just the Current Trip, Since Last Charge and Total Miles.

sgm729 | 23 octobre 2015

I liked the old screen better. I liked having the trips A and B there, more prominent mileage remaining amount and the time of the day.

Please go back to old screen!!

notice | 23 octobre 2015

+1 sgm729, I used the "Trip A" all the time on road trips to monitor my progress and consumption as well as "since last charge". So now, they've dropped A/B from the dash (you can put it on your 17" screen from the controls menu obscuring everything else - data is there, but not in a way that one can glance at while driving).

So now on the dash they have "since last charge" and "current trip". The "current trip" is basically since you last "started" the car. The problem with that - if you stop at a rest area, that resets. So now you're monitoring your trip from your last bio-break and not from your actual trip start - what I want to monitor is from my "I left home on the way to destination X" which is Trip A for me, I might stop for breaks or charge along the way, but I'm still interested in my trip as miles from home knowing then miles to final destination.

On the plus side, now they have really big icons to tell us that the numbers on the screen correspond to distance, energy and time. Not sure I could have figured that out before from the old display. (sarcasm). Would prefer to have the old trip widget which I always kept on the right side of the old pre 7.0 dashboard.

Bob.Calvo | 23 octobre 2015

I would like to see a graph option for all driving since the last charge and also for all driving during an individual stretch. The 5, 15, & 30 mile graphs are good, but they are only for those last miles driven. On longer trips (many), I would like to see the graph that compares to the summary data. Did I start slow, then mellow out or vice versa? I always try to push the individual ranges down but often exceed all three for my trip total. Greater insight could be had getting access to those grapes as options as well.