trunk not closing

trunk not closing

the trunk wont close manually, control
panel or otherwise.

it beeps 3 times. dont see any obstruction. tesla supprt has no clue. anybody experience this?

olanmills | 29 septembre 2013

Does it close, and then open, or it remains in the open position?

olanmills | 29 septembre 2013

Oops, didn't mean to post yet.

If it closes, and then opens, you can try ajusting the posts/nubs that the trunk rests on when it closes. The are screwed in, so you can twist them to rais and lower them. It is possible that they have somehow been adjusted incorrectly.

tomkist | 29 septembre 2013

I assume that since you talked to support, you reset the car in various ways?

riceuguy | 29 septembre 2013

Olanmills has the most likely solution...the screws can indeed keep the trunk from closing properly, assuming in fact that the trunk is almost closing before the beeping occurs.

dborn | 29 septembre 2013

If Olanmills is correct and this turns out to be the problem, it is indicative of a total lack of quality control. this aspect is becoming worse and unless it is nipped in the bud NOW, it is going to turn back and bite them hard.
It is totally unacceptable that a new owner should have to make such a basic adjustment on delivery. it begs the question - what else has been missed?

riceuguy | 29 septembre 2013

@dborn....take a deep breath. How do we even know this is a just-delivered car? Even if it is, it may not be a QC issue. Mine worked fine for a few days, but as the plastic screws were just at the very edge of the tolerable range at some point they unscrewed just past that point and caused the beeping. A quarter turn fixed the problem, no drama, no whining. The Tesla QC is not great, but lots of little things on here get people jumping straight to "the company is going to implode if they don't fix these QC problems." In reality, my handful of QC issues, while annoying, have shown me just how amazing my service center is at handling issues.

Brian H | 30 septembre 2013

Yeah, some people have never ventured into any other makers' forums ... if they dare to have them.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2013

@riceuguy. As for your SC, I wish I felt the same way.