The truth behind the Tesla Model S

The truth behind the Tesla Model S

This video is shocking:

Joe H. | 11 août 2013
frmercado | 11 août 2013

Awwww. Awesome and cute!

pbp | 12 août 2013

That must be the long wanted AWD option :)

Brian H | 12 août 2013

Animal Wheel Drive?

olanmills | 12 août 2013

Nothing yet, but it could be any minute now...

Quick! Everyone, these are your last possible moments to wildly speculate about the hyperloop! You won't have another chance! You better speculate now!

I heard some very solid rumors that Elon will construct tunnels through hyperdimensional space (hence the term "hyperloop") which will connect large distances in our normal space but just be short trips through those nifty other dimensions. The key risk is that it might unleash monsters from another dimension into our world.

olanmills | 12 août 2013

Oops I posted that in the wrong thread