Turning headlights off while in Model s

Turning headlights off while in Model s

At a drive-in movie the other night and headlights would not stay off. Went to control panel and turned them off but after about 5 minutes they came back on again. Car was 'off' but lights came on I assume because it still sensed I was in the seat. Anyone know the secret to keeping the lights off while still in the drivers seat.

JAD | 10 décembre 2015

The lights should not come back on. I sit in the car with them off often. Did you hit the brake pedal by chance? Maybe the fob was being blocked? Did the door handles ever present?

Steinwand | 10 décembre 2015

No to all that. No braking, fob in my pocket the whole time as it always is and door handles not touched.

J.T. | 11 décembre 2015

Did you go to the control panel and turn the headlights off from auto?

Mozap | 11 décembre 2015

They still have drive in movies?

SUN 2 DRV | 11 décembre 2015

Less frequent bobbing up and down in the seat might help. Or try the back seat instead? ;-)

Rocky_H | 11 décembre 2015

Ah, that's why they still have drive-in movies.

Pluto is a Planet | 11 décembre 2015

There's a power off button in the Controls (the last tab on the bottom I believe). Then tap your screen to bring back the touchscreen. You can also open the door and briefly step out of the vehicle.

keonbryant84 | 14 janvier 2020

Lift your weight off the driver seat and open the door. The car thinks you left and turns the lights off. When you sit back down on the seat it will detect you and keep the screen on but it will keep the light off.

2015P90DI | 15 janvier 2020

@Keonbryant84 - Have a feeling that the OP probably got his question figured out 4+ years ago when he posted this thread! LOL