USA Today reports Ford cuts price on Electric Focus again

USA Today reports Ford cuts price on Electric Focus again

Poor sales has Ford cutting its price again.

Price is now at $29,999 including shipping. Deduct $7,500 federal tax credit and its down to $22,499.

buddyroe | 20 octobre 2014

It's nothing more than a gimmick. They've been offering a $6000 rebate all year long. They are just making it a part of the pricing now. I'm not sure what difference it really makes.

Brian H | 21 octobre 2014

Look up "pricing power". In the EV arena, TM has it and Ford doesn't.

petero | 21 octobre 2014

No offfense but the Focus EV is a compliance car - 4K sold in the past couple of years. I I think it was only intended to sell the minimum to sell cars in CA. t doesn't seem Ford has made much of committment to BEVs.

On a different subject, BMW's i3. Several months ago I test drove the quirky looking i3. I asked about a 36/36 lease (not the extended range) and the salesman came back with approx. $5500 down and about $575 a month. He called me back this week, the lease incentives have improved - $0 down and $399 a month.

This is how Big ICE moves their cars - big incentives and having a large car model base to make up the difference. This will be especially true of BMW (2 and 3 Series) when the TM's 3 hits the market.

buddyroe | 21 octobre 2014

I could have bought a new one a couple of months ago for ~$15,800 plus tax. It was completely loaded with leather and nav included. Of course, I am in Georgia, so I get the $5k state rebate ($5k state + $7500 fed + $6000 Ford rebate + plus $1000 dealer discount = $19500 off). For $15,800, I have to say, I was indeed tempted. Some golf carts cost almost that much these days.

When I saw today that they had reduced the price, I was really intrigued. Anywhere in the neighborhood of $13,500 and I would have grabbed one of them just for running around doing errands. You also get cheap electricity from 11pm-7am from GA Power if you own an electric car. I figure they might go ahead an do a $2000 rebate at some point on the 2014s. If they do, I'll be a BEV, 81 mile range, POS Focus owner.

Hey, it'll be my first step to owning a Tesla!

Grinnin'.VA | 21 octobre 2014

I think Ford cutting the price of its Electric Focus means that they are having trouble selling them.

Go Tesla!
Ron :)

buddyroe | 21 octobre 2014

Again, they didn't cut the price. They just lowered the price by the same amount as the rebate they've been given all year. I think they will introduce another rebate soon though.

Red Sage ca us | 23 octobre 2014

petero: +1 UP! A good point. There will likely be some awesome deals on BMW 3-Series, AUDI A4/A6, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Cadillac ATS, and Lexus IS within three-to-six months of the Tesla Model ☰ launch. Ah, I can see the signs now... "Reduced! Buy NOW! NO WAITING!!!"

3seeker | 23 octobre 2014

@buddyroe for under $16k I would've bought one for myself!

buddyroe | 23 octobre 2014

@ByeByeOil - the problem I have with it is the 81 mile range and the size of the car. I live in the suburbs (ok, a little past the suburbs) and 81 miles just isn't much. Plus I work from home so I rarely go anywhere. My wife is going to college but the school is 39 miles away. My wife says she is scared to ride on the streets in a miniature car with so many pickup trucks on the road. I wouldn't dare put my kids in it to drive (again safety). And of course I can't take it on trips. So, I just can't really find a practical use for it.

buddyroe | 23 octobre 2014

Actually, I just looked on their web page and I can get the fully loaded model for $15089 plus tax. Man I hope they do a $2000 rebate. I'm telling you, anything under $13500 and I'm grabbing it! It'll just have to sit in the garage til I figure out how to use it! :)

Brian H | 23 octobre 2014

I wonder how TM will handle the flood of i3 trade-ins when the M≡ comes out ....

petero | 23 octobre 2014

Brian H. BMW will try and fight the Model 3 by offerring ridiculous low Series 3 leases. A hefty % of BMW "sales" are leases.

FYI. A few months ago, I test drove an i3 and asked what the 36/36 lease was. The salesman came back a few minutes later with $5500 down and $575 a month. The salesman called me last week, if I was interested, BMW is now offerring $0 down and 399 per month.