Using MS as police car?

Using MS as police car?

I wonder if anyone has thought about using MS or MX as police cars. Battery swap seems to make doing that possible. The obvious advantages for this are it's fast and it's green but it may even be cost effective considering a lot miles are put in those cars.

tobi_ger | 22 juin 2013

They're ideal to sneak up on the bad guys. :)

olanmills | 23 juin 2013

It also wouldn't really be suitable for a chase, unless it's a short one. Chases aren't that common though, at least not around here.

Brian H | 23 juin 2013

?? If a chase goes over 50 or so miles, there will be plenty of cars involved. Very rare.

KOL2000 | 23 juin 2013

Quite the opposite Olan. It's the perfect chase car!!!!

carlk | 23 juin 2013

@olanmills ICE cars do not necessarily have distance advantage. They also have limited range per whatever is in the tank. And like Brian H said it's not that a single police car needs to go through the whole chase scene.

mcx-sea | 23 juin 2013

I frequently watch one, two or even three police cars with engines idling for half an hour or more in a quiet parking lot at a large nearby city park. The officers appear to possibly be catching up on "paperwork" on their keyboards or touchscreens. Looking at the multiple antennas one could assume that one or more two-way radios are being monitored and idling keeps the battery charged.

Having had more than one "ham" two-way radio running for long periods while parked in my vehicles, I have learned that occasional idling is essential to keep the battery charged. Many hams add a second battery devoted just to their radios, to be sure they can always start their vehicle.

As Teslas don't idle, a second full-size 12-volt car or truck battery in the frunk would provide at least a few hours of both communication and climate control while a police car is parked. Likely the 12-volt charging system would need to be more powerful to keep both batteries fully charged during low mileage patrol shifts?

Watching the occasional car chase on live TV, I'm confident a P85 could easily out perform any existing ICE police vehicle, as well as any ICE vehicle that is trying to escape. Perps would not stand a chance, unless they were smart or lucky enough to have carjacked a Model S! Even then, TM could provide the police with location updates.

justineet | 23 juin 2013

By Gin 3 u might see 400 or 500 miles range.................range for chase won't be an issue for sure then....

Brian H | 24 juin 2013

A 400 mile police chase? I doubt it has ever happened, or ever will. Or even 100 miles.

TFMethane | 24 juin 2013

1) A long police chase is not a problem, because they radio for backup for someone else to take over.

2) The Model S has a top speed of (if I recall) 130 mph. This isn't just software limited. It was done because they didn't want to have a second gear. At the fixed gear ratio they chose, the MS electric motor tops out at that speed.

If Tesla made an interceptor version, they could add a second gear that would allow a different gear ratio and a higher top speed. However, I doubt they will do this, because they would have to develop a custom transmission for a relatively small market. Tesla as a company doesn't know anything about transmissions. The necessary modifications would be so far outside their normal business that it wouldn't make sense.

Maybe years down the road they'll consider this. I imagine they might start building that kind of hardware if they got into racing.

Captain_Zap | 24 juin 2013


With the way government agencies do competitive bids on vehicles seriously doubt that it would be worth it for Tesla to invest in modifications for Police vehicles.

I could see standard Teslas in fleets though.

stevenmaifert | 24 juin 2013

Why shouldn't all us taxpayers buy $100K premium luxury cars for our police force. TM would have to improve the rear seat headroom lest the bad guys will claim cruel and unusual punishment. | 24 juin 2013

Someone with more info than I have would have to do the cost/benefit pencil pushing. But from a pure performance standpoint, the 'S' is so quick, that a cop in an 'S' would be pulling over the perp in an ICE before he knew what was happening!

carlk | 24 juin 2013

Perhaps TM should consider donating a MS to the Gilroy CHP station with free supercharge and/or battery swap. It would be a good PR and great advertisement. Imagine thousands of drivers seeing the black and white MS on 101 everyday. It might even make them to drive a little less aggressively except for MS drivers of course.

carlk | 24 juin 2013

@TFMethane I don't think police need to go more than 130mph on a chase. They likely will not do it even if they could.

Jack_L | 24 juin 2013

Don't know about other parts of the country but in Mass there would never be a chase at those speeds. Most departments have regs prohiiting that. Simply alert next town to be expecting the chase to enter and they would join/take over. This can continue for many jurisdictions. No way the risk of a chase at that speed is worth it.

Far bigger problem is the 12V battery capacity. Running a computer, radios, many, many emergency lights (seems to be about 20-30 on an average cruiser today) and siren would seem to be a very large draw on the 12V system. I have no idea if the current battery could handle that drain.

Add in heating & cooling needs (very hot under the vest)and it might prove to be a problem.

On the plus side you have a very sneaky, silent car that will handle far better than any cruiser on the road today I'm sure!

Love the idea if the electronics work...

ArieK | 24 juin 2013

In another thread on the TMC forum there are two different renderings of a Model S police cruiser. Worth checking.

Brian H | 24 juin 2013

The "second gear" option is not on. TM tried with the Roadster, and no-one could make one that didn't break because of the torque surge.

wcalvin | 24 juin 2013

As I recall, the police car spec usually emphasizes a heavy-duty electrical system and bigger generator, for all that time spent idling, parked but with emergency lights and a/c going --all on top of a lot of radio gear and such.

But the standard Model S already has a heavy-duty electrical system for such things. Just add heavy-duty bumpers and a light bar. No need to add GPS tracking for the dispatcher: it is already built in. No more installing extra buttons and switches below the dash: just do a software mod.

Patrol officers will like the silent approach, lack of fumes while idling, and the quick responsiveness. There are even provisions for bike racks.

Apropos chases, the big thing is that the low center of gravity makes it difficult to overturn, or even lift wheels off the pavement in tight turns.

Even if it costs more than a standard sedan, it saves on all the extra mods. Some municipal purchasing agent will soon reveal how much.

DJay | 24 juin 2013

I recently attended a fleet manager meeting and factory tour in Fremont. This question came up, thebTesla response was that producing a car to meet police car standards was not feasible at this time. He did not elaborate on what aspects would be difficult to achieve.

carlk | 26 juin 2013

Someone mentioned the 12V battery. Where does the 12V battery get its charge from? Isn't it from the main battery too? Anyone knows how it works?

Etographer | 26 juin 2013

I love the idea. My guess, if you did an fuel cost analysis, it would pencil. The trouble is, like Elon said..."you have to break the spell". I would never speak ill of our Men and Women in Blue but the reality is that Police Departments answer to public opinion and there is still too much fear driving people's decisions. The people in the PD that make large purchases face public scrutiny for making a bad choice, therefore limiting their scope of choices to proven technologies. We "Innovators" see the big picture and we get it, but we represent < 10% of the population. It will take some time to prove the longevity of the batteries and then public opinion will begin to shape.

blingfocus | 28 novembre 2013

The Mayor of Atherton thinks it's a great idea also.

Rheumboy | 28 novembre 2013

The perps don't need guns to get away, just throw out some hitches!

Mathew98 | 28 novembre 2013

It's very simple smitthy. Repeat the same lies often enough and you start to believe your own horsehit.

Shoot some bullets to your gas tank and prove your theory.

carlk | 28 novembre 2013


Lol but it will only work if he shoots the gas tank while sitting in the car.

@Smith Do you want to sell your MS (if you have one)? Since I'm looking to buy one anyway why not let me to buy yours and put you out of the misery.

SCCRENDO | 28 novembre 2013

@smith. What are your issues? You're pretty negative. Do you own a car? Are you a potential buyer? Are you upset with the car you own and wish to sell it? Do you not have much of a life and wish to irritate the Tesla faithful? Are you anti EV or Elon Musk and wish to turn people off the car? Are you shorting the stock and trying to drive it down? Are you a satisfied owner who thinks he is providing good PR?

jkn | 28 novembre 2013

Its done:

I don't think lithium battery would explode, but it would burn.

Mathew98 | 28 novembre 2013

There are people who are developmental delayed and tend to repeat whatever other people just stated.

@Smith has done so in several of his posts already. To call him developmental delayed is an insult to those with the actual afflictions.

How often do you hear a troll calling legitimate posters trolls?

SCCRENDO | 28 novembre 2013


chrisdl | 29 novembre 2013

The Model S Emergency Response Guide shows the DC-DC converter which charges the 12V battery from the main battery. Look on page 5.

jkn | 29 novembre 2013

@Smith 1

Mexico crash was so serious, that probably large fraction of sells got damaged immediately.

Anyway if somebody wants to stop Tesla carrying armed police, aiming to battery is too slow method.


Lights on the roof will ruin aerodynamics and range. I believe police car will be electric, but not yet. 1) Price, 2) Tesla has no time to make special versions yet.

thranx | 30 novembre 2013

With all the extra room in back, an S would make a perfect K-9 car.

hammy16 | 30 novembre 2013

I think the main drawback is that the small 12 volt battery and its charging system from the main battery pack would not be anywhere adequate for all the electronics that a typical police car has.

In the local paper the other day the Atherton Calif city manager (I think) thought it would be great idea. Atherton probably has the highest Model S concentration per capita than any other city. If they can put a few exotic police cars on the autobahn why not here as well...