Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC

I have just been invited to configure my model s. There have been about 70 model s' delivered in Vancouver BC. What have your experiences been? Has anyone driven to Whistler? How do they perform in our winter conditions?

Alex K | 21 février 2013

Check out where they did a Vancouver, BC to Whistler drive

markangus | 21 février 2013

I am selling my Model S Signature. Black on black with all the options including mounted snow tires.

Too many vehicles is the reason.

Brian H | 21 février 2013

Alex K;
That's the front page. Bad idea to give such links, they change day-to-day and month-to-month in content. Here's the specific URL:

LottDenn | 21 février 2013

We went to Whistler on Saturday the 16th for the day. Our driving experience was similar to the one on the blog, defrosting either too hot on high or non-existent, but otherwise a fine trip.

I plugged in at the charge point at Whistler City Hall and ended up having to call to get the station to operate properly, so won't go back to that one.

No snow on the roads so can't comment there, but the car was brilliant through the twisty curves, powerful up the hills and totally under control decelerating downhill with the regen. Downhill control with regen was better than any ICE car I've driven this road with.

One suggestion to Tesla would be to heat the outside mirrors like other high end cars. The mirrors and rear camera fog when coming into a heated garage, so when backing into a spot to park, it's nearly impossible to see behind. And with the size of the car, being able to see all sides is essential.

Other than that, it's a great car for the BC-south coast climate. And with cheap hydro rates, not having to stop for gas - priceless!


Jgdixon | 21 février 2013

The side mirrors are heated when the rear defroster is on

Brian H | 21 février 2013

I'm really ticked that with ~70 Sigs delivered in the Vancouver area, I haven't "wild-spotted" even one. I guess I don't frequent the right neighbourhoods. ):(

arunbansal | 31 mars 2013

We went to Hope with our Black Model S and the drive was superb. No issues on highway.

very smooth and running perfect