Vegan Tesla X?

Vegan Tesla X?

I just read about Mark and Elizabeth Peters' appeal to the shareholders' meeting about making Tesla vehicles cruelty-free. Like them, I am a Tesla shareholder and a vegan. I am also a model X reservation holder. How many other vegan Tesla X reservation holders are there?

grant10k | 14 septembre 2015

Instead of calling it a vegan car, can we just call it non-leather? It's not like there are eagles under the floorboards or anything.

madodel | 14 septembre 2015

If I go through with my Sig reservation it will be the vegan option. I have heard the ultra white interior is only for the signature. So not sure what the vegan option would be for the production version, maybe just the cloth interior that's available on the Model S.

aaquino22 | 15 septembre 2015


jordanrichard | 15 septembre 2015

Ummmm wouldn't any car with a cloth or vinyl interior be "vegan"?

danny | 15 septembre 2015

Are petroleum based products, like plastics 'vegan' ?

I've also come across lubricants and other organic materials that are animal based, in manufactured products.

I wonder how many manufactured products could qualify for 'vegan'

ram1901 | 15 septembre 2015

There was a time in our recent past when car chat sites talked about horsepower, 0 to 60 and leg room.... but certainly NOT vegan seats.

Now we can't even enjoy leather seats without being put on a guilt trip by the politically correct food police.

Enjoy your veggies, but STOP trying to force your food religion on the rest of us.

Give it a rest!

grant10k | 15 septembre 2015

I think their complaint is that there isn't an option to have non-leather options. Having non-leather options available is something I support. Toss in some pleather options and everyone's happy.

I'm still 100% against calling the option 'vegan'. God, I hate it so much. Might as well call it the holier-than-thou edition.

I support the cause, but I oppose the terminology.

teslagiddy | 15 septembre 2015

+1, I think/hope the production model will have non-leather options.

nobody's forcing you to do anything - if anything non-vegans, like you, are telling vegans, like me, to "just deal with it" when options we want are not available - that's not fair (BTW 99% of the time vegans do just deal with it - like quietly eating lettuce for dinner at a nice restaurant just to hang with friends)

"vegan" is just a word - much shorter than "I prefer not to use any animal products... blah blah blah" - nothing "holier-than-thou" implied - most vegans are not judgemental (just the crazy ones you see on TV)

nobody is perfect, vegans benefit from animal products in many ways that are not always obvious and we get that, but just because one cannot live their life like their ideal does not mean one cannot try

grant10k | 15 septembre 2015

@teslagiddy I think non-leather covers the gamut of animals used in cars. Unless someone makes an ivory steering wheel, I think the only animal parts they use are from cows and dinosaurs.

This is a bit of a generalization, not everyone is this bad, etc... People that use the term 'vegan' to relate to non-dietary uses of animal products, tend to be insufferable. My one and only exhibit is the original post, which also uses the term cruelty-free as well.

vperl | 16 septembre 2015

Please, if you are unsatisfied with the X , buy a KIA or whatever. Build your own special car.

I love meat, wish it had meat seats, and a slaughter house in the frunk. Going to ask Tesla to "meat" my demands. A petition is being written as I post this sensible request.

jordanrichard | 16 septembre 2015

If you watch as much of the show "How It's Made" as I do, you would realize how many animal byproducts are in the most common things we use. I am not talking about the dog food we feed our dogs. Stuff like women's make up, even synthetic motor oil.

vperl | 17 septembre 2015

Think meat, juice rare.

Roamer@AZ USA | 17 septembre 2015

Are the seats edible.... Could be a surprise feature.

Seira321 | 7 janvier 2016

I was curious if anybody was able to configure a vegan version for this car, and if so, if there was any limitations to the options because of it. For example, would a vega version prevent the cold weather package to work for the seats and steering wheel.
Thank you.

TeslaTwo | 7 janvier 2016

Please leave the rest of us alone. Don't press your lifestyle on us. Do it on your own, it's your right, but I don't care. It's a car. Eating choices are just that: choices. First world problem.

ian | 7 janvier 2016

The steering wheel is leather no matter what. You have to call them once you've ordered to request a non-leather steering wheel.

Otherwise, no, I don't believe it limits options as long as you like ultra white seats.

teslagiddy | 9 janvier 2016

@Ian and @nfsilver,

Quote from the description for the Premium Package: "Leather arm rests, steering wheel and lower dashboard when paired with leather seating"

So, actually it appears that the steering wheel without the Premium Package is not leather and if you choose the Ultra White seats it's also not leather. Your non-leather X can be configured.

Happy configuring to all who have received their invitation!

Seira321 | 9 janvier 2016

Ok, I think I am understanding the wordings better now.
In essence, I could still get the premium package, but if I choose ultra white or textile, or specifically vegan, any leather parts will stay non-leather.
I emailed Tesla too and their response was that they have non-leather options available for the interior that can be added manually after an order is placed that would only affect the seat materials. The subzero weather package would still be functional.

For the people that seemed bothered by my questions regarding vegan options,
The Model S is the first all leather car I have, and I find that I just prefer non leather more. I like having options, that's all.

Seira321 | 9 janvier 2016

Sorry, supposed to be @teslagiddy.

Son of a Gunn | 10 janvier 2016

Gluten intolerant? No? Would you like to be?

elguapo | 10 janvier 2016

One bonus of a vegan offering is it would also be Kosher and Halal in the rare event you decide to eat your seats.

vperl | 10 janvier 2016

My seats will be made f freshly slautered, pork and beef, slathered in the blood of five pigs.

The base coat of the exterior is to be the blood of a honored pig, from Iowa.

Ankit Mishra | 10 janvier 2016

Wow!! Perfect apocalypse car. Bio hazard mode plus seats made of meat.

danny | 10 janvier 2016

To OP, I an not Vegan, I did order white, and as an engineer I know that without disclosure, one should not assume anything.

I expect that there are likely MANY animal-based materials in the car, besides the leather finishing. I suspect most people would be surprised.

vperl | 10 janvier 2016

Vegan Tesla, lettuce wrapped avocado seats, , headliner, and dash, and door cards, with balsawood frame and body panels .

You Vegans need to start your very own car company, bet you could sell millions of your vegan cars..

Ross1 | 14 janvier 2016
Triggerplz | 14 janvier 2016

@Ross after seeing Leilan standing by that car if I was a vegan I would start eating meat again :)

mrbarnes | 14 janvier 2016

Just saw a segment on CNBC "Tesla is Going Vegan"

vperl | 14 janvier 2016

Great, next pressure group get in line to complain, please

madodel | 14 janvier 2016

@vperl You are the one whining because others have asked for something you don't care about. Have no fear. They will continue to produce a jackass version for you.

vperl | 15 janvier 2016

madassmodel, you mad ?

I thank-you for your observation

Meat seats for me.

DarthB | 15 janvier 2016
vandacca | 20 janvier 2016

Not sure if this was understood by all, but you can call Tesla to request a Vegan option (can't be done via the design studio). If you do so, all leather will be replaced by a vegan material, including the steering wheel.

If you also choose the SubZero Weather Package, normally it comes with a leather, heated steering wheel. With the vegan option the steering wheel can't be heated.

Monkey | 20 janvier 2016

...I ordered the ultra white non-leather seats. Because I think they're cool. I still like bacon on my cheeseburgers.

teslagiddy | 18 mars 2016

Looks like I get the last laugh. I'm getting my no-leather X way before you get your 5 seater. Serves you right for giving the vegans on this forum such grief. I'm sure you'll have some snarky reply but I'm still getting my X before you. For the rest of you who ordered a 5 seater. I feel for you... at least you can be assured Tesla will have all the kinks worked out by then.

ps - I truly hope everyone on the reservation list, including vperl, gets their perfect X soon. Looks like things are ramping up so we can hope :)

vperl | 18 mars 2016

Where they find enough Vegans to skin that model?

Now there is going to be a vegan shortage. Shame

Waldek | 18 mars 2016

@vperl cows are vegans :) they eat only grass

vperl | 18 mars 2016

I am not sure about that "crow" reference.

Could be something else, lots of vegans, but are they qualified?

vperl | 18 mars 2016

I am not sure about that "crow" reference.

Could be something else, lots of vegans, but are they qualified?

Red Sage ca us | 18 mars 2016

Do Vegan Cows have Virgin Wool...?

vperl | 18 mars 2016

Vegan sheep, now I understand, your correct R.S.

SO NOW I AM JEALOUS, soft sheep guts and skin.....

Looks like itbis gunna cost me that 500$ to change out seats covers. Bet that will speed things up!