Wait, but why--How Tesla Will Change The World

Wait, but why--How Tesla Will Change The World

Nicoletta | 4 juin 2015

I actually took the time to read the entire piece yesterday. It's lengthy, but a great read, I highly recommend it. In the evening, get a coffee, sit on the sofa, and read it. You won't be disappointed. I learned a lot about the energy industry and have a lot more ammunition now when recommending the Model S.

holidayday | 4 juin 2015

Very good read. He dove deep into the data and put much of it in the article. Go backward in time, go forward in time, change a few things to see how good/bad things are/could be, and what Tesla means to those changes.
He also kept humor. I included this site as one to return to regularly.

jpgmd | 4 juin 2015

I read this article as well. Very easy (but long) read and very informative.

grega | 5 juin 2015

Thanks Tammingm

Timo | 5 juin 2015

:-D, just the initial cartoon is worth the peek in that page.

PhillyGal | 5 juin 2015

It took me several sessions to finish but I agree - totally worth it.

I really appreciate how deep he went to understanding both energy and the market. If it's even possible, I appreciate Tesla more after having read it.

grega | 6 juin 2015

The 2nd article, on Tesla, is very long. Huge.
I wish it was shorter - I think it would be much more accessible.

Good article but may hit the wrong target (those interested enough to read it already know?).

Detroit SuperCharger | 6 juin 2015

Incredibly enjoyable, informational, humorous read. Looking forward to the next few pieces in this series. He has a style very similar to Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), who also is really great (and did a wonderful review of his Model S < OR > Inter-galactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder! )

oragne lovre | 7 juin 2015

A fantastic article!!!
Thanks Tammingm