What is Opti-Coat

What is Opti-Coat

Hey all - I have been looking alot at Opti-Coat pro / 2. My model S is in production at the moment and I'm trying to figure out the best route to its polishing. Should I just let Tesla do it all? I am taking the advice of an owner on these forums and looking into an independent guy Scott Hair in Dallas for applying opticoat. He recommended I tell Tesla to not prep or detail the car and that he'll take care of applying opticoat and polishing. Can someone explain or link me to a thread that explains what opticoat is--I guess I see the difference on a few pictures and the ones with opti-coat look nice, but does it provide extra protection? worth it? or should I just let tesla do what tesla does and do the entire process. I'm getting Pearl White; don't know how big of a difference that makes.


amish.bhatia | 12 septembre 2013

I'm not too dependent as i'm able to look up what it is:

"Opti-Coat (Opti-Guard) is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.

Opti-Coat is not a wax or sealant like other products on the market. It is a ceramic clear coating very similar to factory type clear coats. A layer of Opti-Coat measures approx. 2 microns in thickness, or about 100 times thicker than your typical wax or sealant. Unlike paint protection sealants such as PTFE, Nano Sealants, GlassPlexin that degrade over time and are easily removed through washing with water or chemicals, Opti-Coat does not degrade and cannot be removed by chemicals such as heavy duty truck wash or even caustic degreasers. It is totally resistant to these chemicals and produces a permanent film that is chemically bonded with the factory paint layers. Opti-Coat is effectively the vehicles new outer clear coat. It is far more resistant to chemical etching than factory clear coats and far more resistant than competing paint protection sealants. The 2 micron layer also provides a thick buffer between any damage and the factory paintwork. Go to our webshop or download MSDS"

- opticoat website

but i'm looking for opinions from owners and other enthusiasts that might know something about all of this.

main question: Trust scott, tell tesla to not prep or detail or ignore this whole thing and just get tesla to finish the car off.

amish.bhatia | 13 septembre 2013


Mathew98 | 13 septembre 2013

If you intend to get opticoat treatment immediately after delivery, then ask your DS to leave the plastic cover all over the car. Inform your DS of your intention to have a specialist apply opticoat for you.

It's actually less work for the detailer to remove the plastic than to apply paint correction prior to applying opticoat.

Bernard Hong | 13 septembre 2013

Why didn't Tesla offer Opticoat to make our life easier?

Bernard Hong | 13 septembre 2013

Why didn't Tesla offer Opticoat to make our life easier?

PaceyWhitter | 13 septembre 2013

Opticoat isn't for everyone. While it is very a durable protective coating, some people feel it does not produce the shine of other products, especially if you are willing to put in the time.