What radio is really beeing installed in the European models?

What radio is really beeing installed in the European models?

Just had my test drive in Oslo and flew smiling home. One questions were not properly answered on radio receiver. It has apparently AM (very rarely used) FM (to be switched off in most of Europe within the next few years) internet radio (expensive bandwidth while driving) and HD radio which nobody knew what was.

The rising star on European public radio broadcast is DAB - Digital Audio Broadcast. It is the only real alternative after the FM network has been terminated in a couple of years.

Are there anybody out there who knows what we get in Europe? It would be a shame if the car becoming passé shortly after delivery.

Volker.Berlin | 21 décembre 2012


IMO, you should ask that question in the Bulletin Board:
(Open any thread, then there's a form to the right of the page where you can type in your question.)

Mark Petersen | 24 avril 2013

hmm from what I have been able to find out, DAB is only part of the "Sound Studio Package" and not default
I find this very troubling as that mean that before the warranty on the battery expire, the default radio is obsolete, as several countries by that time will have shut down FM, already most countries have soped using AM

switch off FM:
norway 2015
denmark 2017
uk 2019

and when you look at the US they get HD Radio as default with is the US alternative for DAB, and with the "Sound Studio Package" they get satellite radio

also in EU it is also not clear where they support RDS on the FM, making the default EU radio completely useless
also tesla have not been able to confirm where they support DAB+ (2007) or if it is only the original version DAB (1985)

do any know how we can escalate this problem all the way up to Elon

GeirT | 24 avril 2013

The question was actually raised at the Oslo meet-up with EM and GB on 6th March. The Tesla Norway management being there as well and for sure very well aware of the situation, would definitely address this as well as other localised issues. Rather than expect Elon to micro-manage details like radio specs I think it will be much more effective to push the local Tesla representatives.

NielsChr | 24 avril 2013

I to would like to know more about RDS/TA implementation.
it is quite commonly used here in EU.
personally I have recently ordered the opgraded sound pack, the only reason to get the upgraded sound was for the DAB.

Mark Petersen | 1 mai 2013

well I to an update back from Tesla
the FM do support RDS, but no details

I'm getting to the poing where I very frustrated
also found out that slacker is not available in EU
so the only leave tunein, witch is full of commercials

ArieK | 1 mai 2013

@NielsChr: isn't a rds/ta implementation a software related feature? If this is true, you would need a good receiver and a good antenna and you could incrementally improve the RDS functionality with new updates.

@Mark Petersen: When recently shopping for a second hand ICE vehicle I was amazed at how many cars of 7 or 8 years old still had a cassette player in the dash and had a CD player as an option. This goes for both European and american cars. Hopefully the model S isn't going this way.

Mark Petersen | 2 mai 2013

to my knowledge the RDS need to be supported by the radio chipset
but it should then provide all the information, and then it is just a matter of programing the radio to use the different type of information it provide

one of the main reason many cars have cassette player is in order to provide fleet cars
the manufacture will make a version where they remove as many features as posible,
a different reason is also that in order to compete on price on low cost cars, so they can advice "from $23.999"

Mark Petersen | 3 mai 2013

hmm just went for a test drive in Copenhagen today
and the default radion do not support RDS (or at-least they have not made the software for it)
I also tried AM, it did not pickup as much as a sigle station
I also tried it in my 12year old Seat, it picked up 5 stations all "hzzz hzzz some unknown language hzz hhzz", probably because the nearest AM station is +2000km away :-)

the last thing i tried was to compare FM with tunein, damm is the that low bandwidth, like hearing a 48kbit stream (was connected to 3G)

glennbroadway | 17 août 2014

It gets even worse. In the UK you can't stream radio via the Tunein app if the station doesn't broadcast outside of the UK. This is because the SIM is effectively Spanish and roaming (luckily we don't pay those data charges!).

When FM is switched off my car will be radio free. Great!