What Would Make Model S Close To Perfect!

What Would Make Model S Close To Perfect!

Heres what would make Model S perfect in order of importance in my opinion:

1.Better interior: I was thinking about leasing the 85D but then I thought your paying mostly for the technology. The cars in similar range of 100K have a much better interior. If the seats were better and the car was a little more luxurious I would have got it. Although I really like the interior design thumps up on that!
2.Cooled seats: Yes I am aware that you can heat and cool the car through the app. Cars that are half the price have cooled seats. I live in a place were cooled seats are a nice feature to have. For what you pay, there should be cooled seats.
3.Being able to play my old iPod through a usb port: I have thousands of dollars worth of songs on my iPod but yet I would have to look down and scroll with a tiny wheel to change a song. Thats not safe! I thought the Model S was supposed to be the safest car on the road. Its a computer on wheels and can't play my old iPod that I could do in 10 year old cars.
4.Own climate controls for the back: This isn't a big deal but similar cars have a 4 zone climate control and your rear passenger can control it. I don't want my kids while I'm driving asking me to heat their seats when in other cars they don't need to ask, they just hit a button.
5.Stop updates on no notice: I would hate to be the person with a P85+ and the P85D come out. Tesla changes to much to fast in my opinion. I was reading something were a guy just received his 60kwh Model S and he goes to lunch at noon and a way better deal comes out for a new car called the 70D.

I bet everyone is going to thinking I'm crazy but when I lease a 100K car I don't want to have to wish that the car has certain features. I decided to lease the Audi A7 because it didn't drive as nice but the interior was enough to give up the 85D. If Tesla makes improvements to their line up there should be no reason why after my lease is up I couldn't be in a P85D. The Model S of right now just wasn't the right choice for me. For most people it will be. It's not a bad car its just I think for what you pay, there should be a bit more. I apologize about my poor vocabulary I wrote this in a hurry.

J.T. | 20 mai 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It's hard to estimate the value of those who find reasons not buy the car. You might be the first one ever to do that . . . . today.

innov8tive | 20 mai 2015

Please tell me your thoughts on what would make Model S perfect. Or if you agree or disagree with what I'm saying. Thanks!

cweber | 20 mai 2015

I've been arguing for what seems like years for Tesla to put an automated lens wiper on my rear view camera. That's about all I can think of...

TwinMaTesla | 20 mai 2015

Faster wipers (for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest and other rainy climes), and factory-installed tow hitch. All my other druthers (heated steering wheel, AWD, backup camera guide lines, improved efficiency, etc.) have been answered. :-)

dborn | 20 mai 2015

+1 on the seat cooling! For Australia, almost essential.
Ok, i made my own centre console, but why did I have to? As to choices of trim , ho hum! So, i made my own there too, and they match my console.

P85D | 20 mai 2015

Wider door openings, better way have the door handles push out then picking someone up.

Those are my only complaints.

iTesla | 20 mai 2015

Every year automakers have to one up their competition. So the new model comes with...and their brochures make it alluring. You must have it. Is this or that feature something you thought of but no one offered it or does your friend's new car have something you don't. Is this going to stop someone from owning the future in transportation?


ParklandFLMike | 20 mai 2015

You didn't mention the shortcomings of the AUDI not having an all electric drive train and all the advantages that it gives you. If that is not your primary focus then a model S is not for you.

For me an electric drivetrain far outweighs cooling seats and separate climate control for the back.

negarholger | 20 mai 2015

ParklandFLMike +1

The electric drive train is pure luxury for me.

jcaspar1 | 20 mai 2015

I wish it could fly...

dborn | 20 mai 2015

jcaspar1 - Clearly you have not found the button hidden under your seat yet......

teslagiddy | 20 mai 2015

A 360 degree surveillance camera that pops up from the roof and records all activity around your car when you park it in public. You can see who's ogling your car and who's getting too close. Of course the video stream would need to be accessible via the phone app.

jordanrichard | 20 mai 2015

The perfect car does not and will never exist. "Perfect" is subjective.

graham.simmonds | 21 mai 2015

I sold my Audi S5 shortly after my Tesla Model S test drive because, compared to it, it is simply boring. P85d coming in 3 months and I cannot think of owning anything else. Fuel prices are beginning to climb again so you may well regret your decision.

Bikezion | 21 mai 2015

"I decided to lease the Audi A7 because it didn't drive as nice"

Pure genius.

crownprincejosh | 21 mai 2015

A center console to hold all my stuff with matching wood trim

J.T. | 21 mai 2015

@crownprincejosh A center console to hold all my stuff with matching wood trim You'd be better off wishing for something that is actually going to happen . . . like the ability to fly.

Brian H | 21 mai 2015

Thumbs down on your vocabulary.

TesMD | 21 mai 2015

This might be the first time ever that I may have to agree with Mclary! Not with his choice of words but with his thoughts! But people have their preference and if someone cares more about the interior of the car vs. how it drives and handles, then Model S is not for you, However, I personally like the simple interior of my car.

LostInPA | 21 mai 2015

Don't think you're crazy. You are merely a creature of comfort. I think that Tesla should take a cue from other auto manufacturers and add different tiers to their Model S line. Honda's flagship Accord model has the EX line. Tesla should follow suit and produce a decadently opulent Model S EX model :-)

Sam_S | 21 mai 2015

Before you get a Tesla, you tend to focus on what could be improved or what you used to think was most important in a car.

After you own it, your focus changes to the myriad reasons why you like it more than any other vehicle you've owned and how special it is in its uniqueness.

Bighorn | 21 mai 2015


LostInPA | 21 mai 2015

"After you own it, your focus changes to the myriad reasons why you like it more than any other vehicle you've owned and how special it is in its uniqueness."

Sounds like the Acceptance (the last stage of denial).

carlk | 21 mai 2015

You certainly have an extraordinarily peculiar set of priorities. Than again it's your money to spend. We can't do anything other than to offer our sincerest sympathy to you for not being able to experience the ultimate driving pleasure.

Grinnin'.VA | 21 mai 2015

I'd like the folding door mirrors to automatically unfold when the speed exceeds a configurable rate.

Reason: I have a narrow garage, which requires me to fold the mirrors when I enter the garage and unfold them after I exit. It is very easy to forget to unfold them. Often I've noticed them folded after I left home.

1BadNerd | 21 mai 2015

Here's the problem. Many shoppers think that the Model S is the most luxurious , the best electric and the most sporty car. In reality, it is not.

If you want the most luxurious car, you need to look elsewhere. Maybe an S-Class.

If you want the sportiest car, maybe you should look at a McLaren, Lambo or something like those.

If you want the best EV, it's too expensive. Look at a leaf or a Volt or MiEV or e-Golf.

The Model S is an optimization of all three of these features, but not the maximum of each. That's why you will love it.

Tesra5115 | 21 mai 2015

- cooled seats
- climate control for back seat
- power sun shade for panorama roof

Nantang | 21 mai 2015

Ventilated/cooled seats: a little disappointed I'm giving that up in upgrading from my $65k Lexus to a $125k Tesla, but I promise I won't be one of those kavetchers if you start offering it after my car is delivered. It's almost standard on luxury cars these days, and a good feature to have for those of us living in Texas.

Heads Up Display: Basic trip information such as speed and navigation directions, projected onto the lower portion of the windshield, is a feature we are seeing offered increasingly in higher end sports cars and luxury cars. It's available on Chevy Corvettes. It's also offered on some configurations of Lexus, be it the GS sports sedan or the venerable RX hybrid SUV. Though not essential, it's a cool extra feature that boosts the high tech feel of a car.

Night vision camera: Some luxury cars offer the ability to display on their dashboard screen a night vision camera overlay of what's ahead. I've only seen ads for it, not the real product, so I do not know how well it translates to real-world use, but for all the night-time driving I have to do, I've thought about how nice it would be to be able to see beforehand in sparkly green the deer by the side of the road, so I can know beforehand they're there, waiting to dart out in front of me. (At least as of now, the Tesla itself can see said deer.)

Sunshades or covers for the panoramic sunroof: My Lexus trade-in has a built-in sliding cover, as do most cars I've seen with sunroofs, moonroofs, or panoramic ceilings; whereas my forthcoming Model S will need an accessory pop-on cover. It is a bit less convenient to have to pull the cover out of storage and put it in place, whereas the sliding cover can be opened or closed while the vehicle is in motion, such as when changing direction and orientation with respect to the sun.

Solar powered roof: Not sure if this would be possible at the same time as a panoramic roof, but if not, it could be developed and offered as an alternative. Both the Prius and the Fisk(cough)er Karma offer solar panels that, while not promising to generate the enormous power requirements needed to add range to the battery, do offer to power things like air conditioning without depleting power from either the 12 volt or drive system batteries. Solar power is one of CEO Elon Musk's major platforms for future humanity's basic energy needs. Given how eager he is to put solar panels on our houses, I wouldn't be too surprised if it starts appearing on top of our cars as well.

My hunch is that, as Tesla continues to gain momentum and the Model 3 comes out, we'll see the Model S become increasingly more luxury-oriented to justify the price jump between 3 and S. By buying the S now, we're helping to pay for that transition, while getting to drive these cars a few extra more years of our lives. I suspect that most or all of the items on this list will be available for the Model S in just a few years, since we know they're already possible and exist on other cars from other manufacturers. And Tesla is all about what's already possible, whether or not anyone else realizes it's possible yet.

Red Sage ca us | 21 mai 2015

A coupe, with Falcon Wing doors, dual motor AWD, and a 220 kWh battery pack capacity would do the trick for me.

Bighorn | 21 mai 2015

Who names their kid after a letter?--oh wait, nevermind.

1BadNerd | 21 mai 2015

Maybe he's MiB

laykutsu1 | 21 mai 2015

1) 0-60 in 2 second, 0-120mile in 7 130~155mph or higher for track people/ 1/2 mile drag race..

2) 350~400mile of 80~85mph range..with full car passenger

3) 4 cup holder.. 2 in front and 2 in the back not taking up a passenger space in the back.. and better position on front cup holder..

4) 360 view camera... help with parking a relatively huge car
always didnt want to get S class on Merc.. and cant believe model s is even wider than S class.. sigh..

landude | 21 mai 2015

A nose cone mounted Cannon at least 50 cal...

1BadNerd | 21 mai 2015

50 cal? To take out semis? That's kind of overkill. (Literally)

sule | 21 mai 2015

1. Tesla Model S is already "perfect" in what it is made for.

2. Nothing is, ever, even for a moment, perfect. There is always something that already is better somewhere else or could be.

SD Supercharger | 21 mai 2015

After 2.5 years of ownership, I still only have one thing that will make it better---coat hangers. The rest of the car is nearly perfect.

trixiew | 21 mai 2015

@sule as far as #2.....I'm having a pretty near perfect hair day.

bp1000 | 21 mai 2015

Not much lacking

Not picking I'd suggest

Better high speed performance, 70-100mph

Cooled seats

Slightly more integrated nose cone. Like a lambo, just make the front end more part of the body work and loose the traditional style vent. But the saleen version looks a bit garish

Brian H | 21 mai 2015

Head Up Display
Solar panels on a car are are very pricey electricity. A tiny increase in storage is far cheaper and better.

AoneOne | 21 mai 2015

According to Tesla, the Model S is not a luxury car. In my experience...

It is a practical car with the battery capacity and charging rate needed for road trips, and with more passenger and cargo capacity than other large cars.

It is a performance car with a choice of RWD or AWD, with performance and handling that compares very well with similarly priced large cars.

It is driven by a high-tech mindset which is seen throughout the car: It has modern GUI with continual connectivity for software updates, web browsing, traffic reporting, and health monitoring. It also has a rapid rate of innovation and product improvement more typical of a cellphone than a car, making today's Model S better than the Model S of a year ago, but not as good as the Model S of a year from now. Finally, it follows the high-tech direct sales and service model that, too, is unique in the industry.

For its price point, the Model S delivers so much more in these areas than its competitors that I'll forgive it the minor shortcomings mentioned here and in another hundred threads.

DallasTeslan | 21 mai 2015

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your trips to the gas station!

One thing I have never done is visit an Audi forum to discuss why I didn't buy an Audi.

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 mai 2015

WHAT WOULD MAKE MODEL S CLOSE TO PERFECT! - Being very close to another Model S!

dougsr | 21 mai 2015

@XP85D - You forgot that it should be FREE too. I mean why should we have to pay for this new technological wonder! smh...

pdQue | 21 mai 2015

Cooled seats. door mounted power door lock switches, lighted vanity mirrors,

Droschke | 21 mai 2015

+1 @AoneOne.
Model S is a modern, uncluttered car. By adding all the wishlists mentioned, it becomes just like another car with extraneous items. It's a beautiful clean design in and out. And definitely not for everyone.

Nantang | 21 mai 2015

A falcon-wing high performance coupe would be cool, but I agree with Tesla's primary goal of getting more mainstream electric cars on the road. I suspect they'll revisit this idea in a few years, after the 3 and its platform have ironed itself out a little, and the competition are running frantically to catch up.

TytanX | 21 mai 2015

Love my P85D but things that would make me upgrade.
-Ventilate Seats
-360 Degree Camera
-25% range improvement

Bighorn | 21 mai 2015

Hey, the OP changed his name from Jay--once again creating a non sequitur of my post.

steph280 | 21 mai 2015

More super chargers, as many as the number of gas stations in town...

NKYTA | 21 mai 2015

I've got a new one they could do just in software. When my wife unbuckles too soon (always), once I push the Homelink button, the chimes should quiet, since we are home and traveling sub 5mph.

Reaching, I know...

Tesla, I must have this NOW!

Good grief.