What's the official Tesla cocktail?

What's the official Tesla cocktail?


My wife and I are going to be serving cocktails (and awesome food, live music, etc.) to 200-300 people at the end of September for a party/fundraiser that involves a ton of Tesla owners and fans.

The question is: what is the signature cocktail associated with Tesla? A boilermaker? A Rob Roy? I'm the next best thing to a teetotaler and have no idea about alcohol in general or cocktails in specific.

I need some help with this! Please tell me what you think the signature Tesla cocktail would be, and why.


P.S. Party details for folks in the New England region and/or folks willing to travel to join us:

sbeggs | 19 août 2015


Long Island Iced "T"!

rjt65 | 19 août 2015

Great idea.

For me i prefer red wine (shiraz, Cab, Sangiovese, Chianti Sarah,)

But love still beer.

But you asked for a Cocktail so T is for Tequila, So margaritas!

Djinn1 | 19 août 2015

Electric Lemonade - Rum, blue curaçao, lemon-lime soda, and sweet and sour served on crushed ice and garnished with lemon; tart and refreshing

evsisson | 19 août 2015

Electric Iced Tea -

"The Electric Iced Tea is a simple variation of the Long Island Iced Tea. In this drink the triple sec is replaced with the "electrifying" hue of blue curacao – both orange liqueurs so only the color changes – and the cola falls aside to a lighter lemon-lime soda."

TeslaLandShark | 19 août 2015

Martini, shaken not stirred.

staze | 19 août 2015

Elon mentioned on Reddit he likes Whiskey. Ironically it was also the drink of choice for Nikola Tesla as well.

carlk | 19 août 2015

ICE'd T? I don't think so.

acegreat1 | 19 août 2015

Shebbs, that is what I'm talking about

EternalChampion | 19 août 2015

I'll ironically mention the old fashioned.

AmpedRealtor | 19 août 2015

I believe the "state drink" of California is a Mai Tai, so I vote for that! :)

shs | 19 août 2015

Should be something green.

mrspaghetti | 19 août 2015

Kool-Aid :)

sbeggs | 19 août 2015



Network1 | 19 août 2015

As long as you don't call it a "Tessie" anything with a kick should work nicely...

AmpedRealtor | 19 août 2015

+1 mrspaghetti!

Pollux | 19 août 2015

Great suggestions! Thank you!

A friend of ours from a younger generation is helping plan the party... I think we're going to ask her to thoroughly research these ideas, and report back with recommendations!

Bluesday Afternoon | 19 août 2015

I'll let this thread mature, then sample the entire list! I'm with Elon, so please get whiskey/whisky drinks into the mix.

s1 | 19 août 2015

Teslita - Tequila and Cranberry Juice to match the red one.

Captain_Zap | 19 août 2015

I'm still a kid. I like vodka with a frozen blue "Otter Pop" as a swizzle stick. Very Koolaid-like.

P.Dolby | 20 août 2015

I would have to second the whisky.. Neat.
No surprises.. No compromises. Says what it does.. Does what it says.

jordanrichard | 20 août 2015

Gentlemen Jack, neat of course.

Captain_Zap | 20 août 2015

Skip the whiskey. Sippin' Tequila!

fiksegts2 | 20 août 2015

Moscow Mule!

LostInPA | 20 août 2015

198 Proof White Lighting

LostInPA | 20 août 2015

Oops dropped the "n" in lightning... must be the alcohol.

staze | 20 août 2015

Nice find usatyke

NKYTA | 20 août 2015

Where's @renwo? Certainly he thinks it should a Pabst or a Hamm's...

Mr. Pasta nailed it! For those want the extra kick, add your whiskey or vodka of choice.

techdoc | 20 août 2015

+1 staze

Gotta go with the roots

tmaz | 20 août 2015

Old Fashioned with muddled orange and cherry. With Woodford Reserve or Basel Hayden bourbon.

vpoz | 20 août 2015

I'd go for a G&T ... as in 1G launch of a T

rxlawdude | 20 août 2015

Something with lots of juice?

staze | 20 août 2015

Nikola Tesla: “Had I not given up [daily] whiskey during [Prohibition], I would surely live to 150 years of age.”

“I myself eschew all stimulants. I also practically abstain from meat. I am convinced that within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco will be no longer in vogue,” he said in the early 20th century. “Alcohol, however, will still be used. It is not a stimulant but a veritable elixir of life.”

“People have been led to believe that alcoholic beverages cause serious injuries to mind and body, while other stimulants, as tea and coffee, are almost harmless. I know from careful observation and lifelong experience that the reverse is more nearly true.”

I think I need to begin some "daily" "careful observations"

sbeggs | 20 août 2015

Inspiring! Back to my Bacardi dark rum in pineapple juice, mango, watermelon, lime and banana smoothie.

We are carefully observing the healing properties.

Bluesday Afternoon | 20 août 2015

@sbeggs - Whatever you do, don't drink your concoction as fast as you drive your S. I had a smoothie the other day and I can still feel the brainfreeze!

PBEndo | 20 août 2015

For such an exclusive car, the official cocktail must include a dash of Grey Poupon!

sbeggs | 20 août 2015

@Simply Red,

Ok, will take note, sit down and sip slowly!

KL | 20 août 2015

1st Choice: Water ... because I need to enjoy driving my Tesla 24/7 and I can't do that when I'm drinking.

2nd Choice: Finest old world scotch from the Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland ( ... and I"m from California. It's worth the drive over. :)

Shesmyne2 | 20 août 2015

+1 mrspaghetti
Make mine green...

Still Grinning ;-)

Blu Zap | 20 août 2015

1st choice - always have water
2nd choice - during the day a crisp Chardonnay from Sonoma County
other 2nd choice - a Pinot Noir from the California Russian River Valley.

Haggy | 22 août 2015

Drinking and driving don't mix. Everybody give me your fobs.

barrykmd | 22 août 2015

Whatever you decide, no ICE.

NKYTA | 22 août 2015

+1 barry :-)

sbeggs | 22 août 2015

Good one!

TwinMaTesla | 22 août 2015

+1 barry

Kitchenchem | 22 août 2015

Martini stirred not shaken.

Bluesday Afternoon | 23 août 2015

Sitting on the back porch sipping, as sbeggs recommends, a cool glass of limoncello with a splash of lemonade. Sorry, it's a glass of lemonade with a splash of limoncello. Correction, a substantial splash of that Italian lemon stuff.

sule | 23 août 2015

@usatyke: Where did you find that šljivovica? That kind of stuff is made where Nikola Tesla comes from.

Re alcohol... if only auto pilot were fully featured that would not be a problem.

ICE is fine. Teslas have them for breakfast.

Pollux | 23 août 2015

@Simply Red, my wife adores limoncello! Has to make an appearance at the party in some form.

Red Sage ca us | 24 août 2015

Orange juice with 7-Up, on the rocks, with a cherry on top...

AKA 'Virgin Screw'...