What's Your Gap Vehicle?

What's Your Gap Vehicle?

While most of us are waiting for our X's to come, I thought it might be fun to talk about our gap cars. You know, the car covering the gap between now and your new Model X.

Two questions: 1. What do you drive now? 2. Are you keeping or getting rid of it when your X arrives?

I am currently driving a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition V8 5.2L. It was my Dad's car and since he's no longer with us, I plan to keep it till the wheels fall off.

Oldest car wins a Tesla 2nd Row Seat Folder!! I warn you my 18 year old Jeep sets the bar pretty high (or low depending on your interpretation).

aesculus | 19 novembre 2015

I have one of those. But mine is battery powered. :-)

I have a dad car too but it's not my daily driver so it won't qualify in your poll. My daily is a 2001 Acura MDX and if the MX does not meet my needs to replace it I will probably buy an MS and keep the MDX for those tasks the MS cannot do.

DriverZ | 19 novembre 2015

2013 Ford Fusion Plug-in Hybrid
20 miles per charge
40 miles per gallon when using gasoline
Overall, based on the distance of my commute, I am getting a little less than half of my driving done on electric before the ICE kicks in. (Averaging 73 miles per gallon.)

But it is a low to the ground sedan, like the S. My kids get carsick in the back. IF I go through with buying my X, I would get rid of this one. (I am a Sig Reservation holder but have held off configuration while I wait for more information about the car. - It sounds like I was not the only one.)

Brian Vicars | 19 novembre 2015

1978 Impala which will be replaced after SigModel 3 arrives in 2019

jjs | 19 novembre 2015

2012 Classic Model S. One of the first of its kind. So in Tesla years it is REALLY old.

adamgreen | 19 novembre 2015

That's literally laugh out loud funny (and yes, as the Ohio sports fan points out, an electric sawzall would have been all the more apt.

My "gap" car looks like being a Cayenne S e-hybrid. In the absence of the X, I'd say it's not that bad. Excellent driving, handling, acceleration, comfort, reliability and build quality.
Mediocre fuel efficiency, but excellent by comparison to available alternatives.
Weak electric-only range (real world 15 miles in the city.)

rossRallen | 19 novembre 2015

1995 Lexus SC400. Will sell reluctantly as it has been and still is perfect.

jasonhorsman | 19 novembre 2015

just got a Mitsubishi 2016 model PHEV. on lease. Then on with my Tesla. :)

paradis | 19 novembre 2015

MB C300 Swapalease - just extended from Jan 1 expiration to March 1. Anyone want to bet that I'll have my #37XX MX in March? | 19 novembre 2015

Model S85, aka Whitey, built in October 2014. I get to play with AP while I'm waiting, although Whitey got a little fidgety when I tried auto-steering. I moved my hands from a hover position over the steering wheel to my lap. There was a beep and a message on the dash under the cartoon car admonishing me to put my hands on the steering wheel.

MrBuffer | 19 novembre 2015

@georgehawley ~ so you are not the one who posted the AutoPilot YouTube video while riding in the back seat?

MrBuffer | 19 novembre 2015

@RossRallen ~ wow how many miles on that Lexus?

eric.zucker | 20 novembre 2015

I got two:

1996 Subaru Justy - 4WD, trailer hitch - will be disposed of
2010 Tesla Roadster Sport Sig - a keeper.
My wife's got a Seat Alhambra TDI - going.

Plan is to be all-electric as soon as Model X is here and for the foreseeable future.

My kids are 12 and 9, there will be a Model 3's for each of them when they each turn 18.

Tesla had better hurry up, only 6 and 9 years left. Will reserve already next march so I have a slight chance to get them in time...

jon | 20 novembre 2015

Its a toss up between my sons 1994 2 door Jeep Wrangler with an anemic 4 cyclinder engine that must be in 3rd gear to go uphills in the Colorado mountains, or my 2004 Lexus LX470 with 170,000 miles on it. Either way I'm Winning when res 16XXX shows up before this coming summer.

medplex | 20 novembre 2015

2008 town and country minivan

USCRXDR | 20 novembre 2015

I will be replacing my 2009 Audi Q7 TDI, i really love the car, never had any trouble, can get up to 28mpg, and the interior is very comfortable, will hold on to it after my Sig X is delivered, if the TDI problem affects this engine also. maybe Audi will kick in with some manner of rebates, etc.

Shelmire | 21 novembre 2015

I just sold my S, and am driving a gas sucking Yukon, doing as much damage to the planet as possible before I sink into my X Zen state of peace and patience.

MrBuffer | 21 novembre 2015

I hate buying gas, I thought my Jeep was bad but a Yukon! That has got to be painful.

dbh | 21 novembre 2015

When I can't drive my wife's model S...a 2001 Toyota 4Runner. Just caulked the sunroof and rack this morning so it hopefully leaks less this winter :p

ian | 2 décembre 2015

As I sit here watching Racing Extinction, I look forward to ditching my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon. It's got ~105k miles on it. Had it since brand new.

The Nugget | 3 décembre 2015

I drive a 2001 Mazda Mini Van - missing two hubcaps, nicely dented and carpet stained. My daughter begs me not to pick her up in the car. She calls it The Nugget. But I love it, can park it anywhere, don't care if someone dings it in the parking lot. This was our beach van, but grew into my primary car when my Prius lease was up. I've been on the wait list over 3 years - AND I JUST CONFIGURED TODAY! I went into the dealer and sat at the table and we had ourselves a little configuration party.

henry | 3 décembre 2015

I'm on my second extension of leases. The first was a Mercedes R350 which I loved but it was a little slow off the starting line. But it was the only car to fit 4 car seats at the same time. Irish triplets plus one, Elon spoke my language when he acknowledged how difficult it was to find a car to fit all those safety seats. My husband extended that lease so long I thought one day they would bring a truck & load it up. He was very imaginary in blaming me for not knowing which Mercedes I was going to replace it with, then it was the color then he had an order number for a car that wasn't shipped from Europe yet. I finally gave it up & tried a swap lease. Now I'm driving a Ford Explorer in Barney Blue, it is a box on wheels with a radio. I really hate this thing, worse they had a smelly long haired dog in it but didn't realize till later. My allergies r killing me. You r all going to make fun of me but I'm really looking forward to the Hema filtered air! I now am on my last 57 days of lease, I'm in the hot seat what to do....every night my husband gets into bed & asks me that.

GLO | 3 décembre 2015

Jan 2013 Model S

MyXinTx | 3 décembre 2015

2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel - don't care about the software-gate, I love the low end torque and speed. However the delay from downshifting to accelerate makes me want to buy the first X available for resale or my X, whichever comes first. And I love the 50+ buttons in the cockpit, not sure how I will adjust to the supersized tablet interface searching for controls.

Backup is a '57 Chevy Bel Air, Black out, Red in, original engine configuration, been in the family for over 40 years... But talk about a pollution emitter ...

aesculus | 4 décembre 2015

@henry: You sent me off to Google land to figure out what Irish triplets were. I am glad it was you posting that label and not me. :-)

henry | 4 décembre 2015

I didn't know what it was either till the nurse told me congratulations , she had helped deliver my other son 9 months earlier! We all can't wait till we get to cruise to school in our new X! If I have to wait too long to get it the kids may have to go via Hoverboards!

MrBuffer | 4 décembre 2015

@WaitN4myX ~ Aren't you worried that software-gate will affect your resale value or is that not such a big deal in a performance SUV? I owned a TDI Passat back in 2013 and was ticked to learn that it was cheating emissions...and I'm not even a tree hugger! VW did send me a "we're sorry" letter and a claim to a $500 Visa card and $500 in VW service. Did you claim yours?

Gert van Veen | 5 décembre 2015

Volkswagen Caravelle 2010. Kids are leaving, so smaller car is option. Although I was driving VW for many years, I hope the Caravelle wil disappears together with the assholes from VW.

erikaparkerprice | 5 décembre 2015

A year ago I had a 2011 Nissan Leaf and a 2004 Honda Pilot. I liked the Leaf but kept the Pilot for times when I needed more range, more seats, 4WD, or just wanted to drive uphill, on the freeway AND have heat!

Sold the Leaf because I was driving more than 50 miles a day which wasn't working. Totalled my Pilot 2 months ago when I was rear-ended on the freeway. It takes a lot of force to break the frame, but it was toast.

Now I'm driving a 2007 Subaru Legacy which is scheduled to be my son's when he turns 16 in 3 months. Of course. I was supposed to be in my X by then!! I am 10xxx and don't want the P version so I'm now looking at Swapalease. Most of what I'm seeing is way longer than a year but I'll keep checking.

mbergen21 | 5 décembre 2015

I got a swap a lease too. MB GL450, but I have to turn it in on December 17th. I have my MX on order, but I'm not sure when I can expect it. I will be driving a rental car once I turn in the Benz. So sad.

bscater | 5 décembre 2015

Escalade no middle fold down seats in the X so Escalade will remain part of the family.

rdalcanto | 5 décembre 2015

The lease extension was ending on my wife's 2013 Leaf SL, so we had no choice but to buy it. We got a good deal, so we shouldn't lose to much when we trade it in. Now we are no longer worried about when the 90D arrives....

MyXinTx | 6 décembre 2015

@Mrbuffer I am very worried about resale value of my Cayenne diesel as no doubt it will plummet, fortunately my wife likes it and is willing to "keep it forever" once my X arrives since she is not a frequent car turnover person and we have a "lifetime" extended warranty on it...we'll see how well and long that works.

Since VW denies that the 3.0 diesel in Audi, VW, and Porsches is affected, no such offer, but I am hawking the class action suit activity, cause I will take any money I can get. I just hope I can be allowed to pass emissions, and if there ever is a patch that is not mandatory and might reduce my performance...will have to think about that...not a tree hugger either.

@bscater As I have stated several times, every other SUV in the world has folding 2nd row seats, so I am struggling with my final decision to purchase the X on that issue.... Balance between the "U" in SUV = utility and the strong desire to own an X.

evofxdwg | 6 décembre 2015

Not sold on the X yet but will be replacing an 02 Suburban with 250K miles with something.

I already have a seat folder in the garage so there's that.

Pat_shellard | 13 décembre 2015

My lease ended on my 2011 Nissan LEAF, so now I am driving a 1999 Honda Civic with 265000 km on it. Being from Canada I may have to wait for NEXT winter to drive the X, but it will be worth the wait!!

MrBuffer | 4 janvier 2016

@WaitN4myX ~ Yeah the VW thing is a problem. Do you have any idea how much the sale price has been affected?

papaeus | 4 janvier 2016

My current car is a 1978 VW bus, with weekender package.