When to do OptiCoat

When to do OptiCoat

I should be picking up my new Model S in the next couple of weeks. I intend to get OptiCoat Pro done on it. I live in Chicago and do a lot of highway driving which means a lot of salt in the winter (and snow too).

Am I better off trying to get it done right away to protect it from the sand/salt or should I wait until after the winter is over (perhaps March or April) and then have them do a full detail and new OptiCoat for the spring and summer?


JPPTM | 11 novembre 2013

Do not delay--do OptiCoat immediately. Even then your detailer will need to correct/perfect the paint. The CA VOC compliant paint is really soft and will get swirls & scratches easily even with meticulous care and a better environment than a Chicago winter.

Please search these forums ( and read up at TMC for way too much information on the subject.

P85D | 11 novembre 2013

I pick up my car tomorrow and it goes in on Thursday to have it detailed. However I am not going with Opti-Coat because of the overblown price.

carlk | 11 novembre 2013

How much would it cost you? I don't think the price is that high especially if you will have it detailed anyway.

P85D | 11 novembre 2013

There are other products that do the same that are not as expensive as Opti-Coat, simply talk to your detailer and see what they recommend. The place I am taking my car has done and lot of Tesla's and did not recommend Opti-Coat be cause of the cost of it.

snosrep | 11 novembre 2013

What do they recommend?

amirm | 11 novembre 2013

I did my OptiCoat Pro with Joe in Orinda. They put 20+ hours in prep work and the car is so much easier to keep clean afterwards that I think its worth it. I don't think the material is what makes it expensive but rather how thorough a prep job they do.

P85D | 11 novembre 2013

I can't remember but I will post when I drop my car off on Thursday. Also getting the windows tinted.

ageorgep | 11 novembre 2013

So what's the downside to getting OptiCoat treated on a car that has already put on 6k+ miles?

gibbs | 11 novembre 2013

I'm getting my car delivered to my detailer on Saturday. I'm getting a polish, opti-coat, opti-glass, opti-lens and opti-leather.

I'm not letting Tesla detail the car.

There's been a few threads about this, but Tesla uses a softer paint, which ends up with more scratches. So...the sooner the better.

Worth the money to keep it looking as good as possible. | 11 novembre 2013

Opticoat is a good product, but there are also others. If you have a great detailer, discuss options with them. Personally, I had CQuartz Finest installed last week. CQuartz is not cheap, but it's a great product.

There is no downside to putting it on any car regardless of mileage. There is a downside to waiting which that the car is going to require added prep time since it will scratch and get damaged more while you wait.

lspitzner | 11 novembre 2013

We just had our car Opti-Coated in Chicago by Kevin at Auto Image in Barrington. The price was under $1,000 and worth every penny. Kevin and his team did an amazing job, the car looks great and is much easier to keep clean. Do it now before winter/salt hits as the treatment helps protect the paint job. We may even wrap the entire front hood.

One more recommendation, do NOT tint your windows until the spring. Yes, without tinting your car heats up quickly in the sun. But when its snowing outside, I consider this a feature :)

Ralph_G | 11 novembre 2013

I had my whole car wrapped in the 3M stone guard to protect the black paint from scratching and chips. Time will tell if it was a worth while investment.

kback | 11 novembre 2013

The Opti-Coat pro itself is only a few hundred dollars, but the prep work to correct any paint imperfections can be another couple of hundred. It's worth it. Other products are good, but typically don't last as long. CQuartz is certainly a good product, but it does need to be reapplied after a few years. If Opti-Coat is applied to a new car, it has a lifetime warranty. That's why I chose it. One application and then all you have to do is wash your car for it too look like new. No waxing, no more hassles. I had it put on my car the first week I had it, and it's been great. | 11 novembre 2013

Just a clarification on Opti-Coat. The standard guarantee is 5 yrs. The lifetime guarantee is only for new cars done at a dealership before delivery.

It used to be lifetime for any application.


Brian H | 11 novembre 2013

If you wait, the Opticoat people will hate you, and the results will be much worse. They want the car straight from the factory, preferably even before being detailed there.

kakeuter | 12 novembre 2013

Like @Brian H said, your detailer will appreciate getting the car before it's been driven, and washed, a lot before getting the proper detail.

If the vehicle has 6k miles or 60k miles, it's never too late to get a proper detail, it will just cost more if you wait because the prep process will take longer.

I recently applied Opti Coat Pro to a brand new Golf R and still spent 15+ hours prepping the surface for coating. If it's not prepped just right you will not see the longevity that you're suppose to with your coating of choice.

machmike | 12 novembre 2013

Is everyone allergic to posting a rough price? Everyone already knows everyone spent 70-105k on the car for the love of pete. This thread feels like listening to a politician.

Along the lines of this type of statement:

"Some people would say posting a rough price would be a reasonable thing to do, especially when somebody is requesting it, but i'm not that person who would post such a thing, ESPECIALLY when asked".


ModelS3P | 12 novembre 2013

Mine cost $395 for Opti-Coat Pro application plus $50/hr for paint correction. I had it applied after 4,000 miles on the car, but probably should have done it sooner.

willardb | 12 novembre 2013

Should Opticoat be put OVER the Armour coat?

brandonarbini | 12 novembre 2013

I was just quoted $480 in Orange County, CA. I pick up my car next Tuesday. Window tinting on Thursday and Opti Coat on Saturday.

amptsup | 12 novembre 2013

@brandonarbini I'm going to pick up my car in a few weeks and would appreciate the name of your Opti-Coat Pro installer in Orange County, CA.

gwstephens | 12 novembre 2013

As far as I know Gary Dean is the only decent applicator in Florida.
I think a clean car was under a thousand without rims.

gwstephens | 12 novembre 2013

Anyone deal with Auto Super Shield in Boca Raton?

JPPTM | 12 novembre 2013

Joe at Orinda Auto detailing charges about $350 for the detailing and $350 (factory set price) for the OptiCoat. You are paying for labor and expertise. Well worth it for me. He also deinstalled the wheels and prepped and coated both sides, plus coated the glass and plastic. Go ahead and find someone cheaper who won't burn your paint, miss some halos or swirls, or who uses the 'consumer' OptiCoat because it is thinner and dries slower. Ultimately, what is your S worth? YMMV.

brandonarbini | 12 novembre 2013

@amptsup I'm using Sunset Detailing based on a couple of recommendations. When I called they said they've done about 20 Model Ss so far and they're doing two more Model Ss on the day before mine. He gave me some money off because I got a recommendation from a Tesla forum. If I remember I'll post back here when it's done.

machmike | 12 novembre 2013

Anyone know a reputable opti-coat or cquartz protection detailer in Colorado?
Does the protection go on before or after 3M clear bra?


ks-man | 12 novembre 2013

Like lspitzner I'm getting mine done at AutoImage. I pick up my car on Thursday and taking it to them on Monday. This will give me the weekend to enjoy it and then get it done before too much time. Jeff at AutoImage pretty much said what everybody here has said. It could be done whenever but he recommends doing it right away. It will cost less (less prep time) and any protection in the Chicago winter is better than no protection.

I've heard great things about Jeff and Kevin at AutoImage and based on two conversations with Jeff so far I'm really looking forward to it. The base price is $400 for OptiCoat and then it depends on how much detailing needs to be done. He warned me that with a black car even straight from the factory often needs some work.

Thanks for all the advice.

cmaso | 12 novembre 2013

Just got a quote today, this sounds too high, right?

Pricing for Opti- Coat starts at $700 which includes application to all painted surfaces, plastic, headlights/ taillights, chrome, and aluminum. Opti- Coat can be applied to wheels for an additional charge. As noted on the website, the paint does receive a light polish, however, any scratch removal/ paint correction is an additional charge. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

michael1800 | 12 novembre 2013

Opti-coat performs best on the outer layer (aka on top of/after a clear bra/vinyl wrap).

kakeuter | 14 novembre 2013

$700 is pretty much where my quotes start for the initial prep and application of Opti Coat Pro or CQ Finest.

If the vehicle needs more than a single polishing step/wheels coated/glass coated then that is a separate charge.


Robert52 | 15 mars 2015

Bumping this thread: Any new opinions on whether or not the finish really benefits from a special coating? I take delivery in a few weeks.

Said another way, does the paint finish on a Tesla really differ that much from a high-end ICE brand?

Clearly, I love the Tesla look, or I wouldn't have ordered one. That said, I have noticed that some of the older Teslas I see don't seem to have held their color luster/depth as I might have expected. Could simply be that I am catching some of the dirtier ones....

ashokrs | 15 mars 2015

I agree. Most of the TESLAs look dull from outside. Only the Signature REDs look better. I dont know whether they did OptiCoat or not.

I am waiting to receive mine in 3-4 weeks as well. Mine is gonna be a solid BLACK. I am confused. My DES says, no need to OptiCoat it. My DES also says that the external detailers will complain that the paint job was incomplete and they need more work....Lots of sales gimic going on here making me lot more confused..

I am preparing for both.
1) Use OptiCoast or C-Quartz finest as soon as I buy without asking the service not to do any detailing.
2) Let dealer do their thing and take my TM to a "No Touch" car was that I identified who can do wax detailing service.

Learn more, call detailing service, ask for advice and decide in the next 2 weeks.

Opticoat or C-Quartz (if dark colors) look very good. After doing them, one can still ake the car to touchless/brushless car wash.

JPPTM | 30 septembre 2015

carwash--shill repeatedly posting an ad on every thread. Ignore....