When should I reserve my Model X

When should I reserve my Model X

I reserved my Model S in Nov 2012, with reservation number ~14500. I got my P85 in March 2013 with Vin 64XX. Thus, I jumped ~8000 spots (due to lost reservations and/or P85 being prioritized). Will this be the same for Model X?

For various reasons I want my Model X to arrive in the second half of 2015. My speculation is that with >10000 reservations, I need to reserve soon to get a Model X during the second half of 2015. However, my wife is of a different opinion. She is not to fond of giving Tesla an interest free loan for over 1 year. I on the other hand want to make sure we are in the que. Given my experience with Model S, where there was a 4 month difference between reservation and delivery, I might be able to wait until early 2015 before reserving. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Roamer@AZ USA | 29 avril 2014

Reserve tonight. At .5% interest on your savings your not losing much interest. The other factor is price increases. The Model S has gone up in price much faster than what you would earn on five k rotting in a bank.

Order too late and you will likely pay more.

NumberOne | 30 avril 2014

With the Model X the reservation priority may not be the same as Model S, where Signature, P85, 85, 60 and 40 were released in that order, with the 40kWh being released last and merely software limited. The reason for this was the production process and assembly line. It was more efficient to produce like battery packs together. The factory has evolved and become much more streamlined, but my thought is that if you want a Model X by the second half of 2015, it would be a mistake to assume you will only wait 4 months if you reserve later.

Reserving yesterday was a good call.

holidayday | 30 avril 2014

"I need to reserve soon to get a Model X during the second half of 2015. "

Since the timeline for delivery of the Model X has been dynamic (from end of 2013 to end of 2014 to now 2015, it's a good idea to reserve NOW instead of trying to wait. Even reserving now does not guarantee your timeframe, but it makes it much more likely than if you try to wait until the beginning or middle of 2015 to reserve.

But, if the money is more important to the wife than having a solid spot in the queue, then keep the money (or invest), and do not put a reservation down until all pricing is in place and you can clearly see how much is going where.

It's all about your willingness to take the risk and reserve now without full pricing or set date, or wait until you can get firm pricing and firm timeline.

GLO | 30 avril 2014

I am assuming we may wait up to 2 years for our reservation #8928. I think its optimistic that you'll get your Model X in 2015 given the fact that we've not seen a drivable prototype. We waited 2 years for our Model S and just reserved the X at the beginning of April. I feel we could be at the tail end of 2015 with that reservation # at best. I'd reserve now if you want it in 2015 at all.

mdemetri | 30 avril 2014

Roamer - I 'manned up' and ordered my Model X!!!!!! Reservation #9,573.

I did this by telling my wife that I reserved the Model X (even though at that point I had not) and then gauged her response. She protested slightly, but clearly deep down she was happy. After all, it is going to be her primary car so I can get my P85 to myself). After that deception, I then went to the website and proceeded to reserve the Model X!!! LOL. :-)

mdemetri | 30 avril 2014

I forgot to thank everyone for their input; it certainly pushed me across the finish line to reserve.

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 mai 2014

After I reserved my general production Model X 40 days ago almost exactly 1000 reservations were recorded. Assuming a weekly production run of 400 units by the time it gets to our numbers it is only 2 1/2 weeks difference.

So even now it is roughly a 2:1 time ratio. For every 2 weeks you wait to reserve you will get the car 1 week later.

And as we near the Model X release I expect the reservations to speed up to a 1:1 ratio. So 400 reservations a week vs 400 production.

And after the first deliveries I expect the reservations to flood in at 800 a week so one will have to wait 2 weeks for a 1 week delay in reserving an X.

holidayday | 1 mai 2014

mdemetri, Congratulations! I hope Tesla keeps their current timeline and you can get yours before Christmas 2015 :)

GLO | 2 mai 2014

@mdemetri, you won't regret it. I am looking forward to not have to share also. I get the Model X and my hubby takes my Model S....It's an entirely reasonable trade...:)

Red Sage ca us | 2 mai 2014

mdemetri: You realize, of course, she knew you were lying, right? They ALWAYS know. She was just happy to know you cared enough to lie to her about it though. ;-)