When will 40KW start to ship

When will 40KW start to ship

I heard that they are supposed to start shipping the 40KW in the second quarter. Is that still the timeline? Reserved car in October (12,8xx) finalized order in early January and now I am starting to get impatient.

gocken1 | 15 mars 2013

The first 40kWh cars will start shipping in May. George B posted in the forums a statement that the 40kWh batteries will start going into the production car line in the last week of April. We have no idea how many per week TM will slip into the schedule so I might guess that your car will be ready to ship between Late June to early August.

Chuck Lusin | 15 mars 2013

George Blankenship stated on 2-24-2013 that "40 kWh battery modules are on schedule to start phasing into battery production in March. They will work their way to the vehicle production line in April and will begin final assembly into cars by the end of April. Customer deliveries will begin at the end of April or the first half of May...not "later this summer."" Reference here:

With the 60's the EPA rating came out 23 days before the delivery buttons started showing up, the 40’s should begin mid-April to be finished by the end of April. This also means that we should be seeing the EPA rating for the 40 kWh in the next several weeks. IMO