Where can Tesla sell cars?

Where can Tesla sell cars?

As of May 20, 2014:

States that Ban Direct Sales: 26
States that Allow Tesla to Sell Cars: 22
States Tesla is Fighting to Overturn Ban: 2

Manufacturer direct sales are banned in the red states. Tesla can have service centers, superchargers and stores and galleries in these states but cannot sell or deliver cars. For example, you can check out a Tesla at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, but you cannot take a test drive or discuss pricing with a salesperson. If you want to purchase a car, you would have to buy at and then arrange a delivery. On March 15, 2014 Ohio passed a bill that will allow Tesla to sell its electric cars but it’s waiting to be signed into law by Governor Kasich.


EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 18 juin 2014

Any what're in the world it wants! Except in the country where it was invented and manufactured!

hamer | 18 juin 2014

Anywhere in the US it wants. Fortunately, the type of person who will buy a Tesla is likely to be the type of person who will not be daunted by needing to buy it on the web if the state in which that person resides is so shortsighted at to not allow Tesla to open stores there. Many of us bought the car before there were stores in our states.

Brian H | 18 juin 2014

The bans are not on direct sales, but only on direct selling.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 juin 2014



Nobody needs to "sell" you a Tesla. Cookie cutter mass produced, overflowing car lot, legacy cars have to be "sold". Tesla's are ordered to the customers specification and built specifically for that customer.

I wish people would stop saying you can't sell a Tesla. YOU CAN "BUY" A TESLA IN ALL 50 STATES.

I own two Tesla's in Arizona and have three X's on order with large deposits and I have never been "sold" a Tesla and I have never visited the boutique store in Arizona. It's easier to buy a Tesla than to it is to order an iPhone from the apple store, you don't have to arrange for a service provider and all that. You just click buy. Stunningly easy. By trying to play red state blue state all you do is confuse potential buyers. Play red state blue state games with inaccurate data some where else.

Changing auto dealer monopoly protection laws is a great idea. Providing bad information that causes people to think they can't buy the cars is not helpful to anyone.

YOU CAN BUY A TESLA IN ALL 50 STATES. Go to and in ten minutes you can buy a car. It's that simple. So stop creating the myth that you can't buy Tesla's in some locations.

Red Sage ca us | 18 juin 2014

Roamer decreed, "Nobody needs to 'sell' you a Tesla. Cookie cutter mass produced, overflowing car lot, legacy cars have to be 'sold'. Tesla's are ordered to the customers specification and built specifically for that customer."

+1 UP! Absolutely on target. Has this been added to J.T.'s list of tips?

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 juin 2014

Here is a more accurate chart. The chart you displayed makes it look like sales are banned when in fact they meant there is no Tesla store in most of the states. It's a very inaccurate chart that only serves to confuse people.

Better info

Mireille and Conan | 19 juin 2014

+1 Roamer
Just yesterday, I had an acquaintance ask if I was waiting to be able to purchase a Tesla (in AZ). I laughed & said no, we've had ours for almost a year and a half. Getting our MS was the easiest car purchase we've ever made.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 19 juin 2014
tes-s | 19 juin 2014

I think CT bans the direct sale. They have had a sales location in Milford for a while but they are not allowed to sell.

Did not stop me from buying in CT.

tezzla.SoCal | 19 juin 2014

re: Where can Tesla sell cars?

Bottom line: You can buy anywhere in the USA with any internet connection.

AmpedRealtor | 19 juin 2014


You can buy a Tesla anywhere in the USA. It's easy. Visit a gallery to check out the car and ask questions. Fire up your computer and order your car at When your car is ready, you can either pick it up at your local service center or Tesla will deliver directly to your door. No law prevents you from ordering your car online and having it delivered by Tesla.

Please, can we stop this nonsense about "banning Tesla sales"? No sales are banned, clearly. The only thing these stats have done is prevent Tesla from selling through a retail location in that state. That's it.

AmpedRealtor | 19 juin 2014

Also, you can sign up for a test drive right at the web site. The states can't ban Tesla from letting you drive their cars.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 19 juin 2014

Amped, I think most of us who are reasonably informed understand those options. This kind (in this thread) info is misleading for sure but what upsets me is how misinformation us used to justify banning Tesla stores from "Selling" or "pricing", or opening as many stores as the want! The dealers are able to twist the intent of the dealer protection laws to slow down what should be improvement for everyone and the environment. I guess I am just impatient to see them (dealers) get their just rewards.

AmpedRealtor | 19 juin 2014

Agreed. I just don't want potential buyers wandering into this thread and then leave with the mistaken belief that they cannot "buy a Tesla" in their state. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19 juin 2014

@Edward, That is exactly the point of my rant.

It is important to always say up front you can buy a Tesla in all 50 states. The fastest solution to the problem may not be legislative. Surprise surprise. Buying cars sends an immediate message and can be done today. Don't like the laws, then buy a Tesla. That's an immediate statement. Changing laws will be a long slog.

I think people's desire to talk about and try to eliminate dealer monopoly protection laws can confuse potential buyers. Make it an issue with your government representatives not with buyers.

I have been told many times you can't buy a Tesla in Arizona, while I am showing someone a Tesla in Arizona with Arizona plates.

Most people don't follow what's going on the same way Tesla owners do. It is helpful to always say you can buy a Tesla in all 50 states. Then follow with the statement that a few states make it harder for Tesla to assist with your purchase. I never tell anyone that sales are banned or you can't buy one.

Like I stated earlier, Tesla's don't need to be "sold" like inventory cars. You choose to order a Tesla. With other cars you are sold what the dealers buyer thought you might want and placed in stock to be "sold".

Grinnin'.VA | 19 juin 2014

Current restrictions on Tesla in some states fail to preventing people in those states from buying Teslas. As a resident of Fairfax, VA I just have to do my test drive elsewhere and take delivery in MD, about a 45-minute drive from home. And then endure a bit of bureaucratic hassle to get my Virginia license plates.

Some folks think that restrictions on Tesla selling cars in some states is slowing down Tesla's growth. I don't think so. The factory is running at capacity with buyers waiting roughly 3 months to get their Teslas. I'd say that Tesla is doing quite well. Tesla's political opponents are losing this game. :)

The states that impose nonsense restrictions on Tesla are hassling their own residents. That's rather dumb. I think plenty people will come to understand that politicians who play this game are acting contrary to the interests of their constituents.

Dam the torpedoes. They don't contain explosives; they will not harm Tesla. :)

Brian H | 21 juin 2014

Crossing state lines to take delivery is unnecessary and optional. Take delivery at home or a local plaza parking lot.

nickjhowe | 21 juin 2014

@Brian - I don't think home delivery is an option any more.

Bighorn | 21 juin 2014

I think it depends how far you are from a store--maybe a 150 mile requirement now?

Grinnin'.VA | 21 juin 2014


Tesla has not offered to deliver it to my home.
If they offer that, I would accept. It is an inconvenience for me to take delivery in MD.

But, what the hell, the shortsighted Virginia restriction will NOT stop me.
I'm buying an MS, and I intend to enjoy driving it and giving unofficial test drives to my friends.
In my test drive I found the Tesla grin, which I hope will last indefinitely.

Captain_Zap | 21 juin 2014

Perhaps rename the thread.

"You can buy a Tesla in all 50 States!"

Call the other States "Dealership battleground states".

People have the perception that they will not be able to get a Tesla serviced in many States because of the FUD.

granitereefrd | 23 décembre 2014

They are trying to draw attention the product by mentioning it in a way that makes people think they can't have it. People always want what they can't have. These are the exact kinds of cars we work on at our auto repair shop | 23 décembre 2014

@ op
I would love to see you rename this thread to something like "which states attempt (and utterly fail) to hinder Tesla sales". We wouldn't want the casual reader to get the wrong impression.

Marshall | 23 janvier 2015

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jackhub | 23 janvier 2015

You can buy a Tesla any place in the US. Some states have banned the stores, but they can't ban interstate sales. All sales are interstate direct from Fremont and online even when you 'buy' through a Tesla store. The Tesla stores are not dealers. They don't take ownership and they don't maintain an inventory. All sales are shipped from Fremont. Lots of confusion on this.

douglasstuckey | 23 janvier 2015

You can even buy Tesla down under in Australia:-) We also have the internet and can navigate the specifications to buy and have the car shipped not only to Australia but direct to our homes.
Can't imagine how such a democratic country like America supports dealers because they don't want competition from Tesla. This fantastic car deserves to be supported by all governments.

genedr @ny-us | 23 janvier 2015

New York passed a law last year limiting Tesla galleries and SC to those already existing in the state (5). All are downstate/ NYC metro.
Thus was a compromise, considering the Dealers' lobby was attempting to ban direct sales by the manufacturers (e.g. bypassing a dealer network as is tge TM current business model) like CT, MI, AZ, TX, NJ and elsewhere.

genedr @ny-us | 23 janvier 2015

Thus = This
tge = the
Too much wine.

shivasmith | 18 mars 2015

NJ ban gone, FTW.

milesbb | 18 mars 2015

As stated by folks above you can get a Tesla in all 50 states. No problem. But where can you get Tesla factory service? That is a problem. I believe you cannot get service in Michigan by law. You cannot get service in numerous of other states due to limited service center numbers. I do not mind shopping on line. I do not mind doing a shopping trip to purchase a car. I do mind driving to another state to get some small problem resolved. I want hassle free service. Out of state service is not hassle free.

gleep6991 | 8 septembre 2015

In Iowa, Tesla was kicked out of the state for providing test drives after 1 day of a 2 day event.

korsa1010 | 18 septembre 2015

Tesla - an excellent car. My friend took it at the auction 1bid1. com/search?category=1 just for ridiculous money. It looks and works as a luxury car. Bravo to engineers!

Davidb0229 | 18 septembre 2015

Wow, never saw this map before, and am surprised. Somehow I had had the impression that there were only a "few" states that prohibited sales. We hear about Texas and Utah frequently, occasionally some others. Sort of discouraging there are so many jurisdictions that prohibit Tesla sales...

Red Sage ca us | 18 septembre 2015

There are Superchargers in more of the States now, than was shown in June 2014.