Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

Abby | 26 janvier 2013

Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.

SpinMD in NC | 26 janvier 2013

Dunno if already suggested.
I live in NC.
I would love to see superchargers along highway 40, running east/west. Raleigh to Asheville.
Also, would love to see them running along highway 70, to the coast: Raleigh to Atlantic Beach.

mbcaffe | 26 janvier 2013

@MrB +1
Somewhere on 101 in California between Gilroy and Santa Barbara, say Paso Robles, King City or San Louis Obispo.

San Luis Obisbo and Camarillo will get you to Hawthorne.

jjaeger | 26 janvier 2013

Get us from LA/Barstow to Phoenix please - Telsa to pick the spot. And could use something between LA & San Diego.

skymaster | 26 janvier 2013

Vail Co or Glenwood Springs CO, Grand Junction Co, Green River Ut, Ritchfield Ut, St. George UT. (Then we can make it from Denver to Las Vegas)

Brian H | 27 janvier 2013

jjaeger | January 26, 2013 new
...Telsa to pick the spot.

Who dat? :D

bsimoes | 30 janvier 2013

How about Tesla places one in every town where a Model S resides? Consider it customer appreciation!

JoeFee | 30 janvier 2013

San Diego

SD Supercharger | 30 janvier 2013

Reading the thread, i like:
1. San Diego (Carlsbad?)
2. The triangle in Texas
3. A site west of Denver so people can ski/charge/and return home (Dillon?)
4. DC (I- 95) for points North and South
5. Coastal Cal--Paso Robles/SLO

Brian H | 30 janvier 2013

Instead of someplace useful to long-distance travellers? City A & City B, 300 miles apart. 2 SCs, no travel between A & B. OR 1 SC halfway between, easy travel. You choose.

derek | 30 janvier 2013

Truckee, CA.

Lots of Teslas on the roads here in Northern CA. Lots of Tesla owners also fit the demographic that likes to head up to the mountains at Lake Tahoe. Drop a Supercharger in Truckee and one in Tahoe City so that we can leave our ICE beasts in the garage and head to the mountains in style.

prytog | 30 janvier 2013

At all Indian reservations w/24x7 casinos
In particular, Warm Springs Oregon, good spot between Portland and Bend and Klamath Falls.

Achilz | 31 janvier 2013

The marketing plan should include a multi-outlet Supercharger in the parking lot of every mall where they've opend a Tesla retail store. The parking lot should have a big TESLA sign and a smaller sign informing people that the charging station is solar powered and free for Tesla owners. Tesla owners should feel confident that if they know where a Tesla store is, they'll find a charger there.
I personally would also like to see Tesla license their proprietery plugs so that every gas station or strip mall can install an outlet. Why do we have to wait for Tesla to install a charger? Let's go open architecture.
Charges should be in every rest station on Rte 95 (and whatever is the equivalent on the west coast).
They need to think of the chargers as part of the marketing plan. Put them where your customers (or potential customers) are and where they're likely to travel to, i.e., major matropolitan areas, their tony suburbs and major vacation destinations, like Cape Cod, Hamptons, Outer Banks, Orlando, etc.
I'd like to see at least a 240v outlet in every McDonalds, too. I realize that lots of Tesla owners would rather walk than be seen pulling into Mickie Dee's but the point is to make charging a Tesla as easy as charing an iPhone. No more range anxiety = tipping point for EVs

docdac | 31 janvier 2013

Madison, WI - this would allow driving between Minneapolis/St Paul/Rochester and Chicago (nearest Tesla service center)

Brian H | 31 janvier 2013

The SC network is indeed a marketing push. It is intended to remove a major barrier to acceptance/purchase. Once the basic n/w is in place, the kinds of "side arrangements" described here make sense.

bdigges3 | 31 janvier 2013

I-81 and also at my restaurant in Ashburn, VA

Hillar | 1 février 2013

On the TransCanada highway, particularly from Vancouver to Calgary.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 1 février 2013

Along I90 or I80 from coast to coast. This would give the best access for those who would like to be able to travel across country. Commercial charge stations would give access to either of these corridors until more SuperChargers come on line.

Richard Corley | 1 février 2013

Ontario Canada

Half way between Toronto and Montreal on Hwy 401
Half way between Toronto and Detroit on Hwy 401
Hwy 401 east of Windsor
Hwy 11 at the South End of Gravenhurst

United States

Interstate Hwy 75 every 150 miles from Detroit to Sourthern Florida

Shelmire | 2 février 2013

Amarillo and Shreveport MUST for lower east west travel

bsimoes | 2 février 2013

@ Brian H...people say that you have a sense of humor...we are just on different wavelengths, I guess. My comment was meant facetiously!

Osiris | 2 février 2013

I created a map for Europe, where everybody can pin their spots. Mybe you can create a similear map for the US

jbherman | 2 février 2013

Along the Denver-KC-St. Louis I-70 corridor. It would be especially helpful between KC and St. Louis (KC, Columbia and STL?) to get to the service center from KC.

dtaubert | 2 février 2013

I'd like to see one out in Stanislaus county so that San Jose<->Yosemite would be a breeze.

shs | 2 février 2013

I have previously suggested that one in Mariposa would really help travelers in and out of Yosemite Valley.

shaneosullivan1 | 3 février 2013

LA to Phoenix would be fantastic, somewhere half way between Barstow and Phoenix.

RonaldA | 4 février 2013

New york state thruway between NYC and Albany, and between Albany and Buffalo would be great. Cracker Bar. or other resteraunts just of the thruway would be great. Let us drive from NYC to Toronto please!

noel.smyth | 4 février 2013

entire length of the PA turnpike and along I70 to columbus OH, every 100 miles or so would be nice.

Laryrob | 4 février 2013

I-5 from Vancouver ca to LA--esp from Seattle to Portland!

svshah70 | 4 février 2013

Scottsdale, AZ
Blythe, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Yuma, CA
San Diego , CA
Tuscon, AZ'
Flagstaff, AZ
Las Vegas, NV

Wylie in Seattle | 4 février 2013

Centralia, WA (I-5)
Ellensburg, WA (I-90)

Mark15 | 4 février 2013

Pleasant Hill,Ca
Berkeley, Ca

aaronw2 | 4 février 2013

I'd love to see one at Lake Tahoe, not just Folsom. Similar for Yosemite, maybe near Senora Pass (highway 108) and along highway 395 in the Eastern Sierras, possibly around Bridgeport or Lee Vining (or both and maybe near Mammoth). Along highway 101 and highway 5 up through Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Highway 99 would also be handy. I wonder if there would have to be an attendant in Oregon like for gas stations?

I would also love to see them in tourist spots where people would tend to stay and travel from. I'd love to see one in Monterey or Carmel and maybe San Simeon or SLO.

The problem for me is that I like to travel to some of these out of the way places where the only way to charge would be to stay at an RV park. I found one J1772 charging station at Lake Tahoe and the place I stay there only has 115v and is at 7200 feet and will require an extension cord at that.

I would love to be able to sell my Prius, but until the charging network fills out into these out of the way places it just won't be possible. Sadly many of these routes don't see a high amount of traffic.

This will be even more important as the model X becomes available. People will want to take their Tesla cars on vacation around the country, and that will mean having to put superchargers in some out of the way places to make driving there convenient. An RV park charging at 32 miles/hour just won't cut it.

Every year I go on at least one camping trip in the Eastern Sierras near Bridgeport where there's some great fishing. There's no way I can bring my model S unless I spent many hours waiting at RV parks for my car to charge. Lake Tahoe is doable, but will be awkward because I'll be driving between 7200 feet and lake level at least several times with only 115v at night at a 4-5 miles/hour charging rate. I'm also thinking of a trip up to Oregon on the way to Bend in August. Again this just isn't feasible until more superchargers are available or at least more high amperage level 2 chargers. Hopefully CHAdeMO or some other level 3 charging standard will become popular and Tesla will offer an adapter.

Brian H | 5 février 2013

aaron, you need the MI-EVSE:
Half as many RV-park-hours.

mlaureti | 11 février 2013

Ottawa, ON
Montreal, QC
Mont-Tremblant, QC
Trois-Riviere, QC
Quebec City, QC

Mario Laureti (CANADA)

Darmok | 11 février 2013

Cross post from a similar thread, but I would like to see a SC in Primm, Nevada, as the Barstow-Las Vegas run is long at 160 miles or so. Coupled with potential cold, that is a tough haul for a 60 kWh battery, especially without a range charge. Primm is about 40 miles SW from LV and comes complete with an outlet mall.

gail.trevor.m | 11 février 2013

i would like one in charlotte n.c.

Mark15 | 11 février 2013

Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill CA I 680

Brian H | 11 février 2013

The 60kWh is not a long-distance car, and the SC network is not and cannot be designed to accommodate it.

Darmok | 11 février 2013

Okay, Barstow-LV may be a tough haul after a few years when the 85 kWh batteries don't have all of their original range, especially if it is cold. Putting a charger in Primm will make the distance to Barstow similar to (though still longer than) the distances from Hawthorne to Tejon Ranch, Tejon Ranch to Harris Ranch and Harris Ranch to Gilroy. If those distances are what TM is shooting for, then they will need something before LV on I-15 North, and Primm makes the most sense, at least to me.

ColonyGolfer | 11 février 2013

I-75 corridor, Miami, Estero (at Miromar Outlet Mall), Tampa, Ocala, Valdosta, Macon, etc...all the way to Chicago.

mbcaffe | 11 février 2013

also primm is just a few miles from a solar electric generating plant and Tesla does need any journalist driving with the flow of traffic like the wsj reporter. There are not any public charging stations in between Barstow and Vegas (afik)

Darmok | 11 février 2013

@mbcaffe, if there are any chargers I haven't been able to find them online. There may be a couple of RV parks in Baker, but I think they're more for permanent residents. Primm used to have an RV park, but there are no services now. Jean goes by in the amount of time it takes to look at the speedometer. It's pretty barren from Lenwood Rd. to the Mandalay Bay as far as EV infrastructure goes.

Good point on the solar station. That thing could probably run every proposed supercharger along with a town or two thrown in for good measure.

nora-te | 11 février 2013

I-580 /I-680 Interchange in Northern California

Mel. | 11 février 2013

Spaced along I-278, I-78, I-81 and I-17. With these we can get around
New York and Washington traveling between Florida and New England

drp | 11 février 2013

Between Chicago and Detroit and Chicago to Mackinaw.

emily.wallace | 11 février 2013

All Interstates - but in NC area, my first desires would be I-40 Wilmington to Asheville and beyond, I-85 Richmond to Atlanta

mklcolvin | 11 février 2013


+1 Agree 100%. I'd add Albuquerque to Phoenix, too!

Superliner | 11 février 2013

At "The Thing" along I-10 east of Tucson ..... OR Wilcox AZ. Travel Center.

OR 150 miles in "any" direction from my house!! then I'd be able to reach civilization MwaHahaha!!

gammd | 11 février 2013

Drove this weekend from Raleigh to Columbia. Had to charge each way at a public (J1772) station. Slow at 19 mi/hr and 30 A. Inconvenient but not a real problem.

Had I had access to one of the Tesla network stations the trip would have been identical to an ICE trip.

The 'SuperCharger' network should solve most of these problems.

200 mile intervals along all of I-95 would be ideal for north/south on the east coast.

Also 200 mile intervals along all of I-40 for east/west.

And the Outer Banks of NC!