Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

norihood | 7 mai 2013

Kailua-Kona, HI and Hilo, HI (On opposite sides of the Big Island). It really is a big island... Depending on which route you take, round trip is 180 miles, 200 miles or 240 miles.

Joel N. Weber II | 7 mai 2013

I thought the roads on the big island were generally not up to 65 MPH travel, which might increase the useful range of the 85 kwh battery pack. Also, who drives from one side to the other, hangs out for a half hour, and then immediately turns around and drives back?

Sthunter | 7 mai 2013

Greater Houston, Austin, , San Antonio, and Dallas Texas areas. That would allow me to visit friends and family throughout Texas.

On another note, if there is anyone interested in a High Power Wall Connector new in the box please let me know.

I bought a High Power Wall connector with the car with delivery and my wife bought me one for my birthday thinking that I didn't get the connector. I can't use two of them and Tesla won't take it back.

Please contact me at if you are interested in buying for $900 plus shipping. Thanks!

contact | 7 mai 2013

Palm Desert, CA. Monterey south of I-10. Costco. No brainer.

contact | 7 mai 2013

Primm, NV. No brainer.

kshank | 14 mai 2013

Follow the planned deployments for high speed rail and that should indicate a rough priority for superchaging networks. See the initial roll-out for 2015 on this map:

txjak | 14 mai 2013

I thought I had replied already, but maybe it was over on TMC. Also, I suspect that these locations may already be in the works:

- Columbus, TX (midway between Austin/San Antonio and Houston.
- Waco, TX (midway between DFW and Austin).

SonomaDriver | 14 mai 2013

A ton of fairly well-off folks travel between the Bay Area and Sacramento to the Wine Country. So having a SuperCharger somewhere in the Napa Valley and one in the Santa Rosa area would cover that anticipated demand. Farther up 101 (say Ukiah and Eureka) covers the Northern California coast.

For the central part of Calif, Redding should have one then somewhere over the Oregon border continuing north. The Lake Tahoe/Reno area as well would be a good idea.

San Diego definitely needs one or two.

one2mark | 14 mai 2013

I66 Centerville, VA

I70 and I81 Hagerstown, MD

I64/I95 Richmond, VA

RT 50 Annapolis, MD

Ocean City, MD

Hampton Roads, VA

Breezewood, PA at I70/PA Turnpike

Staunton, VA at I64/I81

Bristol VA, I81

Knoxville, TN I81/I40

Nashville, TN I40

calbeach95 | 14 mai 2013

I'd like to see a hotel chain pick up superchargers as an amenity offered at all of their locations.
"We are GREEN - our hotels feature environment friendly features including car charging stations"
Seems like some hotel would pick up on electric car charging stations to help move them out in front of the pack by featuring this technology. It would certainly make long distance travel with an electric car much less stressful and easier to plan.

Imagine the clientele they could attract!

calbeach95 | 14 mai 2013

And I should add that Colorado really needs more charging stations outside of Denver that are open on weekends. In Colorado car dealerships, which have chargers, are not open on Sundays. Walgreens seem to be the one company that has car chargers at many of their locations statewide.

bsimoes | 15 mai 2013

I disagree with the hotel chain idea. What if you didn't plan to spend the night at their hotel? It would me feel like I was trespassing to use a Supercharger on their property and then not stay. It would be like the old days when you'd stop into a convenience store to use the restroom...didn't you always feel as though you should purchase some little item?

hsadler | 15 mai 2013

By "old days" you mean last week - in my Tesla?

bobrode | 15 mai 2013

Along I-84 and I-80 Portland to Chicago.

ds2022 | 16 mai 2013

These are from an Atlanta perspective which seems to be a growing market:
- Dublin, GA (halfway to Hilton Head) or Macon, GA (to Savannah)
- Montgomery, AL (on way to Destin, FL)
- Chattanooga, TN (or CHAdeMO adapter since many high speed chargers there already)
- Nashville, TN (same CHAdeMO comment)
- Paducah, KY (on way to St. Louis)
- Augusta, GA (on way to Charleston, SC)
- Greenville, SC (on way to Asheville or Charlotte, NC)

Next weekend, we are taking our first 350 mile road trip from Atlanta to Kentucky in our Model S. Lots of CHAdeMO on the way, but no superchargers. It will be a challenge with only 240V charging and long days (probably 6 hours per day charging), but hopefully that improves in the future with either an adapter or more superchargers.

Brian H | 16 mai 2013

Drive at 45 the whole way, and it will take about 8 hrs (no recharging). Faster than 70 mph (5 hrs) + 6 hrs recharging!

dougarcher26 | 17 mai 2013

Highway 1 along the coast in CA or even along the entire 101 freeway from LA to SF, every 150 miles.

Las Vegas (somewhere in the city or at a hotel parking lot) or the outskirts needs one badly in case the hotel you're staying at wasn't able to charge it.

SonomaDriver | 17 mai 2013

It's fair to say Tesla will add a bunch more in CA given so many owners are located there. Along major interstates between big cities will also happen.

As for brand association...given the price of the car and the demographic of who is buying this car, they could approach certain companies about associating. This could include installing NEMA 14-50 rated plugs custom designed to only take Tesla adapters. This in turn would attract high end clientele:

1. Whole Foods. High end grocery store that is growing;
2. High end malls. Think the Galleria in Dallas or Houston and high end malls in Los Angeles and/or Orange Counties;

This would be in addition to the highway locations which normally are near restaurants etc.

Brian H | 17 mai 2013

As part of its "demonstration city" project, Project 100 is providing charging stations for a fleet of 100 Teslas and some other EVs. LV should be littered with them.

andrigtmiller | 17 mai 2013

Unfortunately, the Walgreens stores outside of the front range do not have charging stations. I live in Louisville, and I had to take my son to a soccer match in Grand Junction. I looked up some Walgreens locations, and also used the Recargo app trying to see if I could take the Model S. There are good stopping locations for Walgreens along I-70, but those Walgreens locations do not have the charging stations. If they did I could have easily made the trip in the Model S.

We definitely need one around Vail, and on in Grand Junction. That would take care of a trip like mine. We also need them along the I-25 corridor so North/South trips could be accommodated.

Brian H | 18 mai 2013

Check directly with the stores. Recargo is not complete or infallible.

andrigtmiller | 18 mai 2013

@Brian H I actually did check with the stores directly. They don't have charging stations outside of the Denver/Boulder areas. I did not check around Colorado Springs, but I was not going that direction. I also checked the Chargepoint website, because they list all there stations, and also showed that those store locations did not have them.

CraigW | 18 mai 2013

If you put stations in Indio, CA and Quartzsite, AZ you could maximize your usage. This would cover LA-Phx, LA-Tucson, S.D.-Las Vegas, Tuscon-Las Vegas, and Phx-Las Vegas

If you add in Yuma, AZ and Kingman, AZ you completely cover the California-Arizona-Las Vegas traffic and have a good start on the Route 66 to Chicago.

Finally, Reno, Nv and Bishop, CA would cover the rest of California, except for those traveling up the West Coast. You already have comments on that.

neilfmartinmd | 18 mai 2013

The Maryland House on US 95.
Along the NJ turnpike.

Saddlebum | 18 mai 2013

Naples, FL.

aimee.florea | 18 mai 2013

I woul love a super charge station between LA to San Diego.

steveS85 | 18 mai 2013

My driveway!

Sean B | 18 mai 2013

Between palm beach county and Orlando Florida

rick.bress | 18 mai 2013

On I 70 at Breezewood

Beavertail S | 19 mai 2013

One in each of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, places where owners routinely vacation from their homes in Southern New England and the NY area.

bsimoes | 19 mai 2013

@Beavertail S: Rumor has it that one will be going in at White River Junction which is more or less on the border between Vt. and N.H. I guess they figured they could take care of two states this way. Rarely do I go this way; hopefully, this will be the first with many more to follow.

carlgo | 19 mai 2013

So, the answer is: EVERYWHERE! At every POI and at intervals in between them.

My favorite is at houses of ill repute. A half hour would go by quickly and there is no end to the jokes that could be made about the process.

brisal73 | 4 juin 2013

Long Beach, CA near Aquarium
Anaheim, CA near Disneyland
San Luis Obispo, CA
Rancho Cucamonga, CA near the I-15 to Las Vegas
Santa Barbara, CA
San Diego, CA near Sea World
Santa Monica, CA near the pier

TeslaSam | 5 juin 2013

Montreal, QC, CANADA
Quebec, QC, CANADA
Trois-riviere, QC, CANADA

These would cover to majority of the long trips inside quebec and will insure owners that there's no problem at all going Mtl-Qc on a regular basis.

Would make lot's of sales !

AmpedRealtor | 5 juin 2013

Slightly OT, but I would like the maps/GPS functionality to show me where the closest EV charging stations are. When I plan a route, it would be great if the software could factor in the locations and wattage of EV stations along the route and make suggestions on how to best reach your destination. My Prius GPS shows me gas stations, and since Google already provides EV charging locations in Google Maps the data is already available. It just needs to be integrated.

kidjay | 5 juin 2013

I-15 Murrieta, CA

I-15 Corona or Ontario, CA

Carefree | 5 juin 2013

AmpedRealtor - there are apps for that kind of info - like recargo etc. In addition Tesla will provide that information at least for the superchargers in their google maps application. The car will automatically suggest the best route using Superchargers.

A tesla tech made a comment that Tesla is working on improving that map function and that it will have everything you could ever ask for.

That's one of the big advantages of the Model S - it is constantly being improved through software updates.

Pricee2 | 19 juillet 2013

Omak, WA would serve cross state travel via highway 20 from Burlington, through North Cascade National Park, to Spokane and north south travel from OR to BC via US 97.

donaldmeacham1 | 19 juillet 2013

Along I 30 from Little Rock Ar. to Dallas Tx.

Bob W | 13 août 2013

I'd like to suggest adding a SuperCharger at The Summit Shopping Center, half way between Reno and Carson City, NV. It's 132 miles from Folsom via I-80 (through North Lake Tahoe and Reno), and 134 miles from Folsom via US-50 (through South Lake Tahoe and Carson City). It's right at Mt. Rose Highway too, so it could service traffic heading to many different ski areas from the Nevada side.

Google Map:

Djinn1 | 13 août 2013

Pennsylvania. Preferably along route 80, or 476, or 276, or near the Philly airport. These roads are the main thoroughfairs

Cannot believe there are no immediate plans for a Supercharger anywhere in PA as far as I can tell on the blurry little map. What gives tesla? you just put in a store in King of Prussia Mall, but no super chargers in the state anywhere?

While not a deal breaker for me, it negates my ability to get to the Philly airport and back (150 mile trip) - will be forced to drive (ugh) our minivan. omg ... Tesla to minivan. I believe there is a law against that.

Tesla, TESla, TESLA .....pleez - get us some supercharging stations in PA

BGYWGY | 13 août 2013

Burlington VT, 225 miles from my house and where my daughter goes to school. Perfect for a round trip.

Wooly | 13 août 2013

I think they are planning them relatively close to these places but they should put them in:

Mojave, CA

Lone Pine, CA

Mammoth, CA

This would cover all of the Southern California traffic going to Mammoth. They will need these if they want to sell the Model X in mass to the SoCal area. They should also put in 10-12 spaces or more as the traffic will be heavy on Fridays going up and Sundays coming home. Also, holidays.

detlefo | 13 août 2013

Truckee, CA would be the perfect location to access Reno and the Tahoe ski areas.

Roseville Galleria would be better than the Folsom location with good access to I80

Vacaville has a ChaDeMo station which Teslas cannot use this would be a great spot for access to the Bay Area.

models60 | 14 août 2013

One in South Lake Tahoe. There is significant elevation gain driving from Folsom via 1-80 or 50. Also, there are hardly any other options for charging in South Lake Tahoe so a SC in South Lake Tahoe will serve well to make the trip to and back from South Lake Tahoe.

dborn | 14 août 2013

Australia - ANYWHERE since it would mean we are FINALLY GETTING OUR CARS. However, reality says we might see our cars by July, maybe!!

Newampster | 14 août 2013

NH to Phoenix. I will ship my MS85 out for the winter, but would love to drive it back in the Spring using SC's.

SamO | 14 août 2013

+1000. @wooly

You can see the grey dots on the winter 2013 map. Mammoth!!!

K. David Crockett | 4 février 2014

South of LA, like the Shops at Mission Viejo just off I-5 (below the split) would make trips from LA to San Diego less worrisome.

Darrenshepard | 4 février 2014

Primm NV

Ludlow CA

Needles CA