Which electric car should I buy?

Which electric car should I buy?

I drive 50 km daily round-trip Monday-Friday
I drive 100 km on Saturday
I drive 100 km back on Sunday
I have 2 boys with child seats, a weimaraner and a pregnant wife who doesn't give a $%#& about cars

Rational vs emotional

Timo | 7 décembre 2015

Tesla Model S P90D obviously. You get to the hospital faster ;-)

Ross1 | 8 décembre 2015

Hornby electric train set should suit everybody.

Red Sage ca us | 9 décembre 2015

Buy what you like, what you want, what you need, and can afford.

Tarla's Driver | 9 décembre 2015

Well, you're soon going to need to have two adults and three kids. The distances you specified would work with a Leaf or similar, but good luck getting all those kids in. A Model S with the rear-facing seats would be ideal, or a Model X if you prefer that, though you'll be waiting a year to get it right now.

Mike83 | 9 décembre 2015

If you are concerned about safety there is no other car safer than a Tesla.

AA_4_Tesla | 9 décembre 2015

If you honestly don't drive more than 100 km on any given day and you want a Tesla, you might see if any CPO S60 cars are available.

GreyDad | 9 décembre 2015

Two adults and three kids is fine in a Leaf, but I think what you really want is a Tesla or you wouldn't be posting on here.

It's not either-or, it's a triangle: rational<>emotional<>financial

Money trumps everything so if you have the cash buy top of the line P90DL and tick all the option boxes, who cares?

If you don't have limitless money set a budget and see what you can get that fits it. I had a strict budget that precluded an 85 or a 70D (other than bare spec) so settled on an S70 with a few comfort options like the new seats. Still going to be a bloody awesome car for me and my family and half the cost of the P90DL.

Or look for a pre-owned one, but note not all will support Autopilot, if that's important to you.

A Tesla if you can afford it should be a no-brainer for your wife and anyone with a family: safest car on the road, no pollution, no fuel costs, loads of space for the family and stacks of room for luggage in the TWO trunks (even bigger at the front, if you go RWD).

It's a fabulous car for long distance touring holidays and if you're careful you will pay nothing for 'fuel' - that's why we bought one, we can't wait for all the road-trips as a family we planned for it. I guarantee you will do a heck of a lot more miles than what you have in your list if you bought one.