Will we have an even more thankful Thanksgiving?

Will we have an even more thankful Thanksgiving?

Wouldn't it be nice if Tesla made us all very thankful and provided a production schedule by Thanksgiving? Ideally with all SIG's being delivered in December to make it a very merry X-mas? : )

MrBuffer | 19 novembre 2015

...and Santa carves the turkey too!

rossRallen | 20 novembre 2015

I almost believe the latest rumor, started by some analyst who probably knows even less than we do, that SigX production starts the week after Thanksgiving.

With about 3 days to build an X, low Sig X holders might actually hear something Thanksgiving week.

Or, maybe not.

kittylitter | 20 novembre 2015

I was told around a month ago that they would probably have my X to me before Thanksgiving. I'm hoping for before Christmas, now.

The best thing about the car will be even more awesome?

elguapo | 21 novembre 2015

Come on. I am as huge a fan of Tesla as possible and can't wait for my X. But we've spent 45+ days since the "launch" event guessing when real production would start. The answer is no on except Elon and a few others know and I would be shocked if more Han 100 were made by year end. There's simply no evidence for anything better. They typically give people plenty of notic prior to delivery and there just isn't much time left this year.

socalsam | 21 novembre 2015

Nothing will happen before We are well into December. It would make no sense for them marketing wise to start delivering cars the week of thanksgiving. And we know how much tesla is into pr. Deliveries, not so much but they love pr.

vperl | 21 novembre 2015

Nothing, nothing, till it happens.

Buy a KIA, be happy®

kittylitter | 21 novembre 2015

The longer they have us wait, the more awesome the car will be.
This X will be so much better than the X we would have received in December, 2013, or 2014, as they 'promised'.

Make it better, Elon.

I'm happy to opposed to buying a Kia that won't make anyone happy, no matter what vperl says.

AlMc | 22 novembre 2015

Buying a Kia makes Kia happy :).

@kitty: We will never know if the X you are driving in a month will be better than the one produced in 2014 or spring, summer or fall of 2015. All speculation.

I will be happy for you when you are able to drive yours. :)

thevangoghs | 24 novembre 2015

Well...It looks like Tesla made it a Happy Thanksgiving by allowing some of the production reservation holders to configure....I hope they make it a Happy Thanksgiving by providing us Signature holder confirmed delivery dates as well...they've got 40 hours left... : )

ken | 24 novembre 2015

@thevangoghs, +1

Red Sage ca us | 27 novembre 2015

Happy, happy, joy, joy...?