Wish List for Upgrades/Accessories

Wish List for Upgrades/Accessories

Here are a number of items for improvements of the Model S, either upgrades or accessories:

1. The clock on the instrument panel and on the touch screen is too small. With the next software update, the clock digits should be made twice their current size.

2. Reflections off the chrome finish of the left side mirror stanchion at certain sun angles are blinding. The stanchion could be given a matte finish with an overlay of flexible material.

3. The trunk lid is vulnerable to scratches and "dings" from low pipes in garages. A strip of protective material that fits the contours of the trunk lid could be applied.

4. The "key" fob has a long-lasting, but ultimately dead, battery. It should be replaced with a rechargeable fob with a charge cord to plug in the USB port.

5. Last and most difficult, the horn buttons are awkward to reach and difficult to push. Perhaps a small lever, not large enough to cover the other steering wheel controls, could be glued on to provide some leverage.