Dumb question about valet you give the valet the key card?

Dumb question about valet you give the valet the key card?

It seems obvious that you'd have to, but how do they know how to use it when you pick it up - it will be different guy?

AJPHL | 27 avril 2018

Yes you give it to them. Show them how to use it when you drop off, and hope that they share the knowledge around at shift change...

Jackjohnson1908 | 27 avril 2018

You may also switch to valet mode to lock the glove compartment, frunk, limit speed, and hide some info like your address

Madatgascar | 27 avril 2018

When the car is in valet mode and the valet uses the card to unlock the car, a picture shows up on the screen telling them where to put the card. You would think it is idiot proof but my first 6 valet experiences were all fails. 7th time was the charm, and now they seem to be catching on. (LA)

Madatgascar | 27 avril 2018

Consider putting duct tape over the emergency door release too.

jvcesare | 27 avril 2018

Also, when valet mode is turned off, it reverts to the driver's profile to reset seat position, etc.

bckator | 30 avril 2018

@Madatgascar, You're joking right? An LOL would help.

sroh | 30 avril 2018

Be very explicit when you give the card. I thought I was very explicit. The parking valet mumbled, 'ya, ya, I am very knowledgeable about how it works'. When I returned several hours later, the car was on rollers, moved over to the side from where I originally stopped the car. Turns out the valet just threw the card back into the car when I handed it to him, the car locked and they couldn't get in.

nikhilm_2000 | 1 mai 2018

Just dont give it to a valet and ask to park yourself.

lilbean | 1 mai 2018

I taped my emergency door release.

JFleischood | 1 mai 2018

Okay, I'll be the smart A... If only there were some other little dongle type thingy you could hand the valet. Something they know exactly how to use already, that performs all necessary functions with little buttons on it. If only!

Lol. No need to attack me. Haven't seen too many key fob debates lately, so why not. Seriously though, valets in CA may catch on in the near future, but the rest of us will be explaining this for YEARS. Also, there are many places that ONLY do valet. Parking yourself is not an option. I can see myself calling down to the valet at the hotel now, "Hello, this is room 777, can you bring my car 'round? By the way, what is your email address, I am going to forward you an instructional PDF on how to do so."

What will we get first? A key fob? Or, auto summon from a garage with NFC auto payment system?

maintreqd | 1 mai 2018

There is a learning curve with forward progress and it comes at the cost of convenience for some time.

we will not get a key fob. Tesla is attempting to change the format of a perceived standard (key, or fob) to that of truly keyless entry, so "going back" to a fob would be akin to losing ground. This mindset is not dissimilar to apple's disruptive design decision to move away from having an analog 3.5mm audio headphone jack on the past few iPhone models, or a cd-rom drive on its laptops, etc etc. It's a dead horse comparison and we all keep beating it, I realize, but the similarities to Apple's approach fit quite well. They are also a manufacturer who change something people are used to, causing everyone to freak out and hate on them for it, which they ignore until around two years later when no one cares anymore and all of a sudden it seems everyone is used to their lightning adapters.

Format wars are fun and they often form the basis for forward progress. As a bleeding-edge techie and a nerd, Tesla's fearless approach to doing things differently is a big part of the reason I'm so drawn to them company (the other of course being environmental sustainability, and the marriage the company is accomplishing of both of these big ticket items for me cannot be understated)

MarylandS85 | 1 mai 2018

+1 maintreqd
Don’t fight the future. The fob’s death knell tolls for a reason. Embrace the convenience of no fob, and maybe you will discover happiness in all things.

Or keep clinging to the good old days if that suits you. For some, change is painful and belly-aching is a daily reality.

sroh | 1 mai 2018

No fob? No problem; I welcome the change.

No audio headphone jack? Call me old fashioned on this one. I switched from iPhone to Samsung, in part because of this. The Samsung is as sleek., if not sleeker, than the iPhone and has better water resistance (both stated reasons Apple did away with the headphone jack.

alphacompton | 1 mai 2018

I can't wait to try using my iPod Touch as a key fob. If it works , I'll probably give it as a fob in a nice case/pouch in the rare chance that I have to valet and more importantly lending to family. Some fob's cost $200 and so does my ipod touch so I don't see it as a problem in terms of value and of course it will be locked and currently has zero personal information as I stopped using it 2 years ago.

Gregg Ray | 1 mai 2018

Too bad they don't make a valet only card with dummy instructions that a moron could understand!

jje | 1 mai 2018

As I've heard others say elsewhere, get one of those plastic sleeve card key holders people use at work to get through security doors. Some people clip these onto shirts, others onto lanyards. Put your valet card key in the sleeve and give that to the valet. He/she will clip it onto the hook where they typically hang a fob for a particular parking space. You could even slip M3 specific instructions into the sleeve if you were optimistic enough to think the valet would look at them.

TesSpartan | 2 mai 2018

JJE - best advice ever!

Unbeliever | 2 mai 2018

I did this:

(instruction card plus bi-fold window holder)

Gregg Ray | 2 mai 2018



willwlee138 | 26 mai 2018

Can we punch a hole to the card key? Valet will use it to tie to the ticket.

lilbean | 26 mai 2018

Just put it in a card holder thingy.

jeff | 22 juillet 2018

Having just explained to a valet how to start my 3, I thought I’d bump this thread.

Does anyone make a decal with valet instructions that can be affixed to the key card?

ST70 | 23 juillet 2018

never....ever....ever....ever....valet your're welcome

lilbean | 23 juillet 2018

+1 ST70

MRNot01 | 30 septembre 2018

Then, of course, there's dropping it off to have a coating applied. Not valet, but the functionality is necessary.

Teslanene | 11 janvier 2019

Besides giving the card do we remove the pin to drive?

mrburke | 11 janvier 2019

@Teslanene - That is something you could test in your own driveway.

Try it and get back to us.

steve.blueangel2040 | 16 mai 2019

Your valet, while probably not stupid, is likely not a brain surgeon. He or She may not speak English very well. Unless you are there for less than half an hour, the valet you give your card to is not the only one who will use your card to move your car. So make sure that they write any necessary instructions on THEIR COPY of the valet ticket for the next valet to read. Notes left on the podium will get thrown away, requests not written down will be forgotten. A smile and an "I'm sorry but would you..." will go a long way toward making your experience smoother.

andy.connor.e | 17 mai 2019

No need for valet once Tesla can summon. But to those points, do NOT valet.

Voltaire325 | 17 mai 2019

In LA most of the valets barely speak English and recently got off a donkey. Trying to explain how to use the card and open doors is not something I am looking forward to.

andy.connor.e | 17 mai 2019

If you have to valet, you might as well Uber there. it will cost about the same since you're expected to tip.

jestrada3 | 17 mai 2019

@Voltaire325 - You could always move to the Midwest. LA won't miss you. Maybe leave your Tesla and take a Donkey?

Voltaire325 | 17 mai 2019

@jestrada3 Midwest is not my style. I wish it was I'd own a mansion out there with the home prices. LA would miss me a lot

ODWms | 17 mai 2019

NO ONE drives my car.