Sleep modes

Sleep modes

I keep reading some conflicting information about "sleep modes". What exactly does and doesn't exist on the 3 and is it customizable? If I just leave the car and it "turns off", is it "sleeping"? What if I leave it for a day? Whats the difference in consumption?

MarylandS85 | 4 mai 2018

The Model 3 has no customizable settings for “sleeping” yet. The Model S and X do have (energy saving mode on vs. off, always connected vs. not). My experience with all Model 3 firmware options since 2018.10.4 is that it goes into a deep sleep (similar to energy saving mode on, always connected off in my Model S). Basically, if you park the car and don’t use the app for awhile (a few hours maybe?), the car goes into a deep sleep. It might take a little longer to wake up when you try to use the app or when you first get in the car. On the plus side, it should use less energy while not in use (less “vampire drain” AKA “phantom drain”).

My understanding is that prior firmware iterations on Model 3 used more power but slept less. Hopefully, a future update will allow customizability herein—i.e., choosing between convenience and efficiency.

chuck | 30 décembre 2019

My Model 3 loses about 20 miles per day when idling... In sleep mode it loses zero miles (this according to my teslifi records). Yet there is no way to force the vehicle to enter sleep mode. Typically when not driving, more than half the day is spent in idle and the other half is spent sleeping. So I'm losing at least 10+ miles per day. Does anyone know more about this issue?

stingray.don | 30 décembre 2019

Have you turned off sentry mode and summon standby?

rehutton777 | 30 décembre 2019

Do you have any software (e.g. Teslafi) that pings the car for information and keeps it from sleeping? That can be modified to not wake the car so often. I don't have it, but I have seen many posts indicating that it has been the source of not allowing the car to enter "sleep mode".

EVRider | 31 décembre 2019

@chuck: TeslaFi has some sleep settings that you can change to allow the car to sleep more. Are you using any other third-party Tesla apps?

ODWms | 31 décembre 2019

Is powering off the car, altogether not recommended for an extended period of time?

EVRider | 31 décembre 2019

@ODWms: There's no way to power off the car manually for an extended period of time. If you use Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off to power off the car, it will power on again as soon as you open the door to exit.

I suppose you could leave the window open and do it from outside the car, but there's really no reason to try to do that anyway. If the car sleeps as it's supposed to, it will be fine. Just make sure Sentry Mode, Summon Standby, and any climate control or preconditioning options that would run while you're out of the car are all turned off.

ODWms | 1 janvier 2020

Thanks, EVRider. Good info.