Vacaville/Corning supercharger locations

Vacaville/Corning supercharger locations

Made my trip from south bay area up north towards Oregon. Stopped at Corning and Vacaville superchargers. Perplexed that both of them are located in vicinity of nowhere. The Corning one has a Starbucks but most of the other business were either shutdown or not open. Pretty much nothing to do except sit in the car in sweltering summer.

Vacaville is even absurd. The supercharger is located on NB exit off i-80 where all outlet shops are located. You need to literally walk 10 mins over the foot-over bridge cross i80 to reach any food courts and guess what, by the time you reach there or plan on reaching there, your car is half charged :)

Anyone else seen superchargers with such odd placements?

Another thing I noticed, most of the superchargers I've been to, don't have a trashcan nearby and I see some lazy folks just leaving trash by the supercharger, which is very unfortunate.

RichEV | 28 mai 2018

I live in Vacaville and if you cross to the other section of the outlets, there’s a Starbucks and food court there.

sbeggs | 28 mai 2018

Toilets outside of mall hours are closed. At Vacaville.

chuckgrim | 28 mai 2018

There is no need sit in a hot car while charging. You can just leave the air-conditioning running and it is powered by the supercharger.

mbirnie51 | 30 mai 2018

I've used the Vacaville SC many times and found it to be acceptable. Once on return trip from Seattle, we called Tahoe Joe's and had a take-out dinner ready upon arrival at 8pm. Ate and charged getting ready for our last leg to home. Joe's is less than 100 yards away from SC, and there are other eating places just across Nut Tree drive. Also used Corning multiple times too. There are other resturants within walking distance (less than 200 yards). I agree regarding the trash cans, but less than 100 feet away at Vacaville the business's have them in front of the stores. @chuckgrim is correct...leave your AC or heat running while charging. I have seen some odd placements of SC, one being the Indianapolis have to walk far to get to a decent place to eat (not fast food). Happy trails...

Sleepydoc1 | 30 mai 2018

Vacaville was an early loction between SF and Sacto. A lot of daily commuters use it. Just tried Fairfild recently. Just outside standard mall food court. A few miles on SF side of Vacaville.