Backup gateway availability

Backup gateway availability

I have my panels, I have my powerwalls. My installer says the backup gateways are not available and they can't install anything without without one.

Why are the BUGs not shipping?

sashton | 14 juin 2018

If you're in the UK or SA the original backup gateway cannot be used. There is a suitable one on its way but you'll have to join the queue (behind me :).
Other locales - I have no idea.

Jonty.R | 6 juillet 2018

Im in UK and also awaiting this. placed order, in April 2017 & was told backup gateway kit would be Sept, then Jan 2018, then March and now it won't be available until 2019!.

i haven't ever had one proactive update on the order from Tesla. Its only when i chase an update once the estimate date passed that i would get another.

sashton | 6 juillet 2018

Ouch! I'm in a similar boat - Ordered the backup gateway and PW early in 2017. It was installed July 2017 but I discovered after it was installed that I had got a non-backup gateway - so no backup function. Like you I have been chasing Tesla ever since. The latest ETA I had was September 2018. I have been putting up with regular gateway failures (comms, sensor and PW not coming out of standby) expecting the replacement BUG would fix my issues, as I knew my gateway was an early model, but if its true that the UK BUG will not land this year I'll be seriously pissed off.

sashton | 8 juillet 2018

@Jonty.R following your comment I asked my Tesla contact. While they do not have any firm dates they hope the UK Backup Gateway will be available this year.

Jonty.R | 12 juillet 2018

Thanks for the update!

Beeza | 18 octobre 2018

I have been quoted £1000 extra for a backup gateway (includes installation) over the standard setup.
Is this normal or am I being overcharged?

sashton | 20 octobre 2018

Not had the quote yet. i received an email a month ago pushing back availability of the UK BUG to Jan 2019, now 18 months after it was supposed to be installed with the first PW2. I've just had the invoice for the second PW2 to be installed here. Someday the UK backup gateway will arrive