Tesla / Solar City

Tesla / Solar City

I'm in the process of buying a house that has Solar City panels. I'm also a 4/1/16 M3 reservation holder waiting for the configuration invite. Does anyone know if there are any special benefits / discounts available to customers with both products? I think Tesla purchased solarcity a couple years ago.

If not, can someone with home solar panels and a tesla provide guidance on anything special i'll need to consider for home charging? Or is it pretty much the same considerations I'd have if i were on a typical utility bill?

Thanks in advance!

Bartman4 | 18 juin 2018

From my research, this has everything to do with where you live and your power company. The big win appears to be with time of use pricing combined with net metering from solar. If you can sell to the power company at peak rates during peak demand and charge the Tesla in the middle of the night at the lowest rate, you can do quite well on the deal.

CharleyBC | 18 juin 2018

We installed solar in anticipation of our Model 3. Solar City was one of the finalists. I asked your question too: is there any "Tesla family" benefit to buying both the car and the PV from Tesla? There wasn't. It was a close call, but the solar deal ended up going to a local company.

At the moment we are producing way more electricity than we're using. We just need our Model 3 to start soaking up the excess! (Like you, 1 April 2016, and waiting...)

Welcome to the dual world of solar and EV!

Teslaguy | 18 juin 2018

I am in my third year with Solar City. I now have 2 T and would like to expand my solar system but Solar City has pulled out of my area because the local utility doesn’t want to play ball.
Make sure your system is size to cover the charging requirements of your car.

Jmereminsky | 18 juin 2018

You would think the company were smart enough and have the synergy to do that, right? Well, I'll tell you first hand - nope! I got a cold call a couple weeks after receiving my car and the guy was nice enough so I allowed him to come over and give me the info (I already have a few quotes in hand). To make a long story short, the price quoted was enticing, but they just blew it when trying to close me. I still can't determine if the double talk I received was due to them being slimy or naive, but in the end, I've decided to go elsewhere.

nwfan | 18 juin 2018

I also had Solar City as a finalist in my Solar project. Went with a local company that used microinverters. Wanted A/C coming down my trunk lines off my roof.

Recently expanded my Solar system. It was easy with microinverter system. Glad I went with local company.
I also have 2 Tesla's which both charge at home.

I have net metering and use a electric provider that allows me to bank any excess power on a 1 to 1 basis.
Hot TX summer and 2 Tesla's my 17kw system is now matched to meet my load requirements.

Good luck on your Solar project. Since Jan 1 my total electric bill is below $10. That includes energy for a Model S and 3.

-TheJohn- | 19 juin 2018

Nice system there nwfan! We also went local in a microinverter way here in Tucson for our 7.44 Kw setup as I wanted to buy and buy local. We're more than net zero for the year looks like but M3 is not here yet (4/1/16 blues) and that'll make a dent but yay fuel from the Sun instead of.. well.. anything else!

nwfan | 19 juin 2018

@johnmcniece, I have a shading issue which microinverters help. If I wanted Solar had to go with microinverters. Lots of trees. On a sunny day I produce around 82kw.

Wimpy ti | 19 juin 2018

@Johnmcniece I may just have the same install as you! 310w panels totaling 7.44 kW with microinverters. I am in Houston though and have 2 AC units which consume heavily during the summer months. A 100 mile commute with my Model 3 also has quite a lot of demand. I'm looking to about double my solar to cover more of my usage.

@nwfan that's a sweet setup. Where abouts in TX are you?

azdonna | 19 juillet 2019

My option to start a new post is temporarily disabled for some reason. I own Model 3 and Tesla solar panels on my roof. So I am commenting on this related post in the hopes someone has figured out the following issue and can help me.

My solar was installed by Solar City and I have both a Solar City account (production monitoring) and a Tesla account (Model 3). I have been getting email notifications for a few months that the Solar City accounts are transitioning to Tesla, and I need to update my login and app to be able to continue monitoring my solar production.

I have followed the instructions, transitioning my SC account to match my Tesla login, but my Tesla account still does not show that I have a solar account. Whenever I log in from the Tesla page, it only shows my car account. To see my Solar account, I have to log in from the Solar City website, which then reroutes me to But then I don't see my car account! Very frustrating.

I have sent Tesla support two emails asking how for help to resolve this, and the only response I get back is an automated reply directing me to the FAQ support page. There is no info there on how to merge the two accounts, other than the things I have already done.

Has anyone successfully merged their (previously existing) Solar City account with their Tesla car account? The Solar City option is going away August 1, so I need to resolve this soon.

inconel | 19 juillet 2019

Sounds like your car and solar were registered under two separate accounts. Have you tried Tesla Energy Customer Service, or visiting a SC if close by?

azdonna | 19 juillet 2019

@inconel That's exactly what has happened. Years ago, I used a different unique email address for my solar account. Tesla automatically set up my new account under that old address. I tried changing my solar login AFTER Tesla created the new account, but it was conflicting with the already existing account (mine - my car). Based on this realization, I finally found instructions on merging two accounts with different logins. Only Tesla support can do that, so I've sent an email to the appropriate support folks now (HOPEFULLY!). Thanks for helping me think of that!