Got rear ended with minor damage, bumper replacement or not?

Got rear ended with minor damage, bumper replacement or not?

My new Model 3 car got rear ended in highway during a traffic jam, 3rd day after getting the new car! Minor bumper damage is found with 3-4 little dents. local Tesla service center provided certified body shop information, went there today, was recommended to replace bumper, covered by insurance. Left car there for repair, but now have second thought. To replace bumper, they will need to paint the bumper and likely surrounding area as well with red coat to match the car color, can the color and quality of the painting be good enough so it looks exactly the same? I doubt, even if it will look the same now, how about in 2-3 years? I have seen other manufacturing painted cars bumper color changed in 7-8 years, which is quite annoying. I'm debating whether or not I should take the car back without repair and live with little dents? If the repainting work is not done extremely well, that would make things worse I'm afraid, in particular this is a new and beautiful car! Any suggestions are appreciated!

lilbean | 22 juin 2018

I would get it repaired if it bothers you too much. I don't think they would paint the car too, just the bumper.

SD_m | 22 juin 2018

having repaired will have a peace of mind, certified body shops might do good job, but colors can change with temperature and humidity, plus surface type, guess factory color is done in a different process, I have no knowledge of this

SCCRENDO | 23 juin 2018

Probably for structural reasons they are recommending replacement. I would do it and it is covered by insurance. I hit a piece of rubber on the freeway and it scraped my front bumper. The bumper overall was ok but they did a perfect job with the repainting

TranzNDance | 23 juin 2018

I was told to replace the bumper since it's a safety device, like a crash attenuator that needs to be repaired after a crash.

wiboater4 | 23 juin 2018

Get it fixed . You can look at it when you pick it up and if it's not right they'll just have to do it over. If Tesla provided body shop info chances are it will be fine. The car is still new now so you notice everything . once you've had it for awhile a lot of little stuff won't bother you anymore.

Rykemapo | 23 juin 2018

I got a 1/4 inch compression in the trunk hatch and the estimate was $2750. I'm pretty sure I'm getting ripped off, but they are the only Tesla certified body shop in my area.

SD_m | 23 juin 2018

Thanks all for the comments, sounds it is better to replace the bumper. @SCCRENDO did they replace your front bumper? @TranzNDance makes sense, body shop told me the bumper shifted a little. @wiboater4 sure I wouldn't care much in few years.. @rykemapo my insurance wrote a check to the body shop with initial $486 check to open rear bumper, the body shop said the cost would be around $1300, looks reasonable if they do good job.

SCCRENDO | 23 juin 2018

No they didn’t. The piece of rubber did displace the one sensor slightly which Tesla repositioned. The exterior damage to the bumper was more cosmetic paint scratches. It was just repainting that was needed. The body shop is a Tesla certified body shop who I trust and had done a perfect $23000 repair to my Model S more than 100000 miles ago in August 2014. And both repairs look perfect.My Model S had been T-boned and the R rear meal was buckled and there was a lot of structural damage.

SD_m | 23 juin 2018

I see, the body shop recommend to replace rear bumper for my case, must be a reason. The guy told me they fixed a Model 3 years ago with repair cost $23,000. might be we are at the same shop :-)

SCCRENDO | 23 juin 2018

Tesla recommended body shops cost more. But they are trained by Tesla. They even understand battery management. I used European Motor works for my repairs. When I had my major repair in 2014 they had over 30 Teslas in for repair at that time. They have now moved their premises next to the Costa Mesa California Tesla service center.

Mathew98 | 23 juin 2018

After 4 months, I got tire of waiting for the rear bumper where an idiot put his license plate impression on it. I put on a 4D carbon fiber wrap on the bottom half of the bumper and kept the repair check.

The wrap costs $30.

Bill_75D | 23 juin 2018

Why is your insurance paying for this? We're you hit by an uninsured driver?

Bill_75D | 23 juin 2018

We're = were

SD_m | 23 juin 2018

was rollback on flat road on highway after a complete stop, failed to react by pressing brake pedal to hold. the other was too close to my car, lesson learned!

lilbean | 23 juin 2018

Would you call that front ending the car behind you?

SD_m | 23 juin 2018

the other car had no damage except license plate

sathya.sayee | 19 novembre 2018

@Mathew98, can you please share a picture before and after if possible?

After 4 months, I got tire of waiting for the rear bumper where an idiot put his license plate impression on it. I put on a 4D carbon fiber wrap on the bottom half of the bumper and kept the repair check.

The wrap costs $30.

pablocubarle | 14 décembre 2018

Same here @SD_m

I backed up and hit my friend's car in the driveway. The car was black and it was night and it was raining... bummer. I got literally a 1 inch square dent from the license plate of my friend's car. I took it to a certified Tesla body shop and they quoted me... here it goes....: $5,500 to fix it!!! I think some body shops live in LaLa Land. I'd love to post a picture of the damage so you can see how crazy this quote is. I went to other body shops, and prices ranged from $1200, $700 and $350... Now, which one should I take it to? or should I live with it? I'm sure I will get more scratches along the way and maybe in time this kind of fixes will be more affordable? or even be able to change the whole bumper once that Tesla ships these type of parts? Who knows...

Good luck on your journey. Please keep us updated about your decision/results

PAWAR.SOURABH | 6 février 2020

I got rear ended on the second day of my Model 3 purchase(ouch!). The "At fault's" insurance paid for the bumper replacement (cost was around $1134). I asked for the diminished value from them and they flatly refused stating that bumper replacement doesn't merit the diminished value claim and hence they are not going ahead with it. Would this be accident be reported to carfax and if so will reduce my sale price. Tesla for sure would have this in their records so might bring down my trade in price.

What should I do? Any thoughts?

NorthValley | 6 février 2020

@pablo...ouch! I would just slop on some filler, sand it and paint it as good an approx. as possible...then pocket the $5500!

JR844 | 7 février 2020

If the damage is minor, Tesla service centers can replace the bumper in 2-3 hours. Happened to me, and my insurance company paid $1,200 which covered the cost of the repair.

95dawg | 7 février 2020

You're talking about bumper cover, not the actual bumper. Then Tesla shop can replace instead of repair.

If you're talking actual bumper damage (frame, crossbar, etc.) than bodyshop.

I have scratches on the rear bumper cover. First one was painful but I'm over it. Not going to spend $1000 knowing it will be scratched/scuffed again.