What would you do? Opinions wanted

What would you do? Opinions wanted

So I got the long awaiting email that my Model S is ready for delivery. Then I got the dreaded phone call saying they found a pain imperfection and they want to go over my options before taking delivery. They say its subtle but you can notice it and its the bumper. So my options are:

1) Before taking official delivery they coordinate getting it fixed 100%. The con is that the finance rate will be updated on July 1st so the rate may go up but they wouldnt know the rate until then. There is a chance they will be done before July 1st but I doubt it.

2) They fix it at the service center to about 90%, I take delivery, then i figure out some time in July to bring it back and they coordinate getting it fully fixed and they coordinate a loaner. (hopefully a tesla). The one con i see in this, i see myself keep kicking the can down the road.

I guess a 3rd option would be I take delivery and pay for it, but then never drive it off the lot and tell them to call me when its ready.

So what do you think?

Bighorn | 26 juin 2018


henley-tesla | 26 juin 2018

2 is what happened to my delivery, although I was only notified of the paint defect when I went to pick it up (and it was much more minor than yours sounds to be). I would very much doubt their ability to rectify the problem before July 1st....

I cannot say I was disappointed - I got 3 weeks in my car enjoying getting used to it, then they took it off me for a 100D loaner for ~2 weeks while they fixed the paint, then I got it back all shiny and clean and looking even better and I've been enjoying it ever since. My biggest complaint is that there was no way to get to my saved playlists on Spotify on the loaner :-)

It's an irritation, sure, but Tesla really will try to look after it's customers as best they can. In your position I'd go Option 2 every time

avesraggiana | 26 juin 2018

2. Tesla are nothing if not completely trustworthy about doing right by their customers post sale. Don’t let that lower interest rate slip away from you.

Take delivery of the car, sign the paperwork and then schedule the car’s return for the needed repairs.

Mathew98 | 26 juin 2018

#2 - It happened to my first MS 5+ years ago. Guess they still have issues with dripping paint on some bumpers...

PatientFool | 26 juin 2018

Is this the front or rear bumper we're talking about? When I took delivery of mine I drove it straight to get a clear bra put on the front. So if the imperfection is on the front, i'd probably choose #1 in my case since I wouldn't want to risk driving it around without a clear bra personally. I expect any finance rate change would be fairly insignificant.

TheOx | 26 juin 2018

You'll lose free connectivity if you don't take delivery by the end of June. Should be a no-brainer.

SamO | 26 juin 2018

Tesla will make it right . . . just take the car and enjoy the rides.

Anthony J. Parisio | 26 juin 2018


mikeTeslagoal | 26 juin 2018

I thought the interest rate was locked for 30 days, as I just released my paperwork. Also, the free connectivity is for cars ordered before july1 ?

mikeTeslagoal | 26 juin 2018

Oops just read my loan document. Loan rates change, commitment for a loan stays!

Yodrak. | 26 juin 2018

I wonder what fixing a paint problem by 90% means. What kind of paint problem can be fixed to 90% and still have 10% remaining? Is the problem fixed or isn't it?

Expect the interest rate to rise by 25%, the same amount that the Fed just raised it and the same amount that all credit cards will be raising it.

Mathew98 | 27 juin 2018

There's quite a big difference between hiking by 25% vs 0.25%...

Tesla-David | 27 juin 2018

I would go with #2, our Seattle SC is incredibly responsive and provides excellent service on our 3 cars over 6 years. If your SC is anything like Seattle, it is a no brainer.

HockeyEV | 27 juin 2018

Thanks for all the input everyone. I went with #2. I took delivery. Took it for a spin and now they took it back and will be fixing the paint defect. Its on the back bumper driver side. Its where the bumper meets the side panel in between. AND they hooked me up with Model S loaner so now i get to learn the car in the meantime!

Loved the ride!!!

SO | 27 juin 2018


@TheOx - I think if you order by July 1, you still get free lte.

Ddowns2050 | 27 juin 2018


mikeTeslagoal | 28 juin 2018

What are the actual trade offs if one does not take delivery before July 1?
Is the free Super Charging still available with referral?
Is the free wifi available still?
My OA is MIA - and told me delivery would be Saturday, but now he does not answer my calls, or emails! Pissed off as I am buying a car for over 100K!

HockeyEV | 29 juin 2018

@Mike A couple of things:

- super charging and internet connection (technically its LTE not WiFi) would still be there.
- If you are financing the rate may reset post July 1st. I think the 30 day window is for approval not a rate lock like a mortgage
- Have you dealt with your delivery advisor yet? My OA was not involved in the delivery process at all. Does your "My Tesla" Page list someone different as your delivery specialist? Also, if you call your local service center, there should be an option to get to the delivery team and someone there should be able to help you out more.

Yodrak. | 29 juin 2018

"There's quite a big difference between hiking by 25% vs 0.25%..."

Yes. Damn missing mdecimal point ...

mikeTeslagoal | 29 juin 2018

My other concern is since it is a trst drive car sold as new if it diporsnt look like new, i was not going to accept. I would order a new car and wait, biput wanted those two amenities included.