Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth not connecting to M3

Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth not connecting to M3

Hi folks,

We just picked up our Model 3. My wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won't connect to the car's Bluetooth. They pair as expected but then the car's BT screen just says "Connecting..." and we get the spinning wheel. My iPhone is working fine with the car.

Anyone else having problems with Model 3 BT and Samsung Galaxy Notes?

Thanks in advance.

gadget63 | 7 juillet 2018

All I can suggest is to delete the link, reboot, then reinstall

lilbean | 7 juillet 2018

Make sure battery saving mode is not enabled.

mctoner | 15 août 2018

I took delivery of a Model S 3 months ago in Melbourne Australia and am very happy with the car except for its non-working bluetooth system. My car came with the latest 2018 Media Control Unit (MCU) and still won't connect to my Samsung S7 phone. Tesla told me its a known problem between tesla and samsung but it still hasn't been fixed. Maybe we both have the same problem? I've tried many suggestions from owners on the Facebook Model S page but nothing works. The MCU can't find my recent calls or contacts; it searches endlessly. Not acceptable!

Lorenzryanc | 15 août 2018

My Note 8 has never worked. Last update allows the phone call to connect and I can hear ringing, but when the person picks up, it sends it back to my phone. I put it on speaker phone to have my call, 10 seconds later, the car picks up again receiver only, the audio switches back to regular phone speaker. It'll keep switching between car and phone ever 10 seconds. I have to turn Bluetooth off on my phone to have the speaker phone work 100%.

My only gripe about the car, but on the plus side, I can focus on driving :D

M3NOICE | 15 août 2018

I have a Galaxy S9+, no problem whatsoever. Must be something specific with Note.

CST | 15 août 2018

My family has Galaxy S7 and they all connect. However, I noticed frequently that I have to manually reconnect it.

sinixter | 15 août 2018

I stopped reading after Samsung

Frank99 | 15 août 2018

My Samsung Galaxy S6 works OK, but my wife's S7 works better.
Mine connects no problem, but using it as a key sometimes involves waiting for 10-15 seconds before the car and phone will communicate and open the door/start the car. Annoying at times.
My wife's S7 doesn't have that problem. It works as you'd expect.

matt777 | 15 août 2018

like Frank99, my galaxy S6 works fine. It did have some trouble with the initial Bluetooth pairing, but once I got it working the first time, has never been an issue.

billstanton | 15 août 2018

sinixter: whoa! Samsung is in the title! What are you doing here! But I really love snark.
Galaxy S8+ here, no issues.
128k, single sided floppy drive MacIntosh in closet, not working. Not really relevant...

mctoner | 21 août 2018

I understand from Tesla that the current problem with samsung phones and the car's bluetooth system has arisen only with the 2018 media control unit which my 2018 Model S has, so earlier cars may not have this connection problem. Very disappointing that Tesla doesn't rate fixing this as a priority.

stevelinke | 2 septembre 2018

I just picked up my car yesterday and having similiar issues with my Galaxy S8+. It connects and then shows it trying to sync contacts (and never does). After initially connecting, it connects and disconnects during phone calls and streaming music. This should be a fairly simple software fix.

amendels77 | 2 septembre 2018

I have a model 3 and samsung galaxy s8+. When I enter the car and start driving, there is often (say 50% of the time) no automatic bluetooth connection made to my phone; instead, I have to manually connect to the phone. When the bluetooth connection exists, during a phone call, the audio is often still connected to the phone speakers as opposed to the car speakers. I received my car in early July 2018 and did not have these problems until a software update about a month ago.

singh_ran | 25 septembre 2018

I have a Model 3 and a Samsung S5 phone. The phone is working as the car key properly but when i try to manually connect the phone to the car's bluetooth, it just keeps trying and never connects. This phone has no issues connecting to my Camry though. I will take the car to service center to get this issue checked in few weeks but I do not think that they can help me much since it seems like a software bug. Tesla needs to fix the issue soon - they shouldn't force people to go and buy iPhones. | 25 septembre 2018

Hey @sinixter, You do realize Samsung makes hardware for the I-am-a-drone-phone, no?

But seriously, a note 5? What is that, 3 years old? Smartphones are designed to be absolute in 18 months.
Basically, if she has it available, you need to go into the settings and allow the TESLA app to never be put to sleep by android os. I can do this on my S7, but I'm not sure if a note 5 can do it. | 25 septembre 2018

ABSOLETE! Typing too fast. | 25 septembre 2018

Obsolete. Jesssss, can't spell eother :)

singh_ran | 27 septembre 2018

The bluetooth between M3 and my phone was working till about end of August and now it does not. The phone did not get any software upgrade in that period and I am pretty positive that M3 got a software release that broke it.

nasir.raza | 15 novembre 2018

I have intermittent connectivity issues with Samsung S7 edge, switching an ongoing call from phone to the car causes mic issues. Also have connectivity issues on using phone as a media source sometimes, have to frequently remove and re-add. I guess time to upgrade the phone or get an iphone, most testing it seems is done with recent phones or ofcourse iPhone as the first class integration!

synfendia | 15 novembre 2018

I have a Note 5 and have the exact same problem, about 75% of the time. Even when the car is connected via bluetooth for media, it still doesn't recognize the phone key! That is maddening to me, since it is clear that the car can receive data from my phone! :(
Only fix I've been able to do is turn on/off airplane mode. That's a big hassle, especially in the rain.
I plan on upgrading to a Note9 next week, taking advantage of BlackFriday sales. Crossing my fingers that it solves the problem permanently.

And to I'd agree that the Note5 is out of date now. But to say phones are "obsolete" in 18 months!? Wow. That's rather aggressive, in my opinion. Most cell companies set up their phone payment plans over 30 months. I personally try to get 3-4 years out of a phone. I have an internal struggle between not wanting to be suckered into all the tech marketing rhetoric....and being an over-eager technophile.
If you replace your phone every 1-2 years, cheers to you.

pdkbrown | 18 novembre 2018

I had some connectivity challenges at first but zero problems since version 9 with ny Note 8 and Galaxy watch. Right now I have calls going to watch and media going through car. I did have to do the airplane mode off and on a few times but the car seemed to learn and now it's reliable.

cafutter | 18 novembre 2018

I have the same issues with my Samsung Note 8. The only work around is to not allow contacts to transfer (setting on MCU screen). Now I can make and receive phone calls but since no contacts, no caller ID. Also, I can't say "Call...). I have even uninstalled and turned off my Samsung Gear Watch and it made no difference. I took it into the Service center where they downloaded the logs. It has been a couple of weeks and I have not heard anything from them. I have called twice for updates and have received "we will call you today or tomorrow", but to no avail. I will call again tomorrow, but I suspect they won't have an answer. I love my phone. I hope they can find a better workaround.

TickTock | 19 novembre 2018

I'm jealous of those who were able to keep their Note 8's. Samsung remote-bricked mine to force me to return it during the recall. But anyway, my Note 9 more-or-less works but the connection is flakey. If I sit in the car with the phone app up on the center console, I see the connection reconnecting every few seconds.

gjgerhard | 19 novembre 2018

I have a Samsung Galaxy Prime. That's probably an antique, I don't know, I don't keep track of such things. Anyway, until recently the app would work never did update the charging info...but now I can't get it to work at all. No phone key, it says Vehicle Connection Error or something like that. I contacted support and they told me to schedule a service appointment. I wrote back and said "You're kidding, right?"

dontpanic | 10 janvier 2019

@singh_ran - I am currently experiencing the exact same behavior you described in your 9/25 (my birthday, actually) post. Only difference is my phone is an s8, not s8+, but they're the same thing, software-wise.

troy | 27 avril 2019

I just picked up my tesla 3 today. experienced the same issue with my samsung s10+, it did establish bluetooth connection with tesla 3 but it's just on and off, calls received but voice drops several times too.

jjgunn | 27 avril 2019

Sounds like you're receiving some BT / Wireless interference

calvin940 | 27 avril 2019


My S8 is fine. Granted it's not an S10, but I would find it strange to have changed for the worse in later models.

todd | 1 mai 2019

Model X Dec2018 with a pixel 3Xl worked fine with all permissions car to phone. Switched to S10+ and car calendar can't get permission from phone to car.

No battery saver mode on.
Permissions for calendar are open for apps best I can tell but not sure.

I'll try removing all phones and reconnect S10+ and report.

todd | 1 mai 2019

I have found the solution, for my issue at least. New phone app had calendar sync deactivated.

Open your Tesla app.

Go to the settings cog ( upper left hand corner)

Turn on Calendar Sync (located just above sign out )

snapcj2008 | 2 mai 2019

have had my M3 for 3 weeks now. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Works 75% of the time. Wish I had been given a regular old fob... might buy one. Frustrating to be stuck outside the car trying to get in while enabling then disabling airplane mode, same when inside and wanting to drive but phone not connected.

douglas_peale | 2 mai 2019

Sapcj2008, I have been having this issue since I got my car on the last day of March. The key fobs have been sold out for this entire time or I would have bought one already.

phinallydone03 | 3 mai 2019

I think you may have so many BT connect to the phone near by. The best is trying to reconnect when you don't have other BT devices.

lingw008 | 13 juin 2019

Same problem here. I solved my problem by uninstalled and reinstalled Tesla app, and tried to add the phone key again, then connect BT for media. it works for me now. By the way, my phone is Samsung 10+.

Randyb359 | 13 juin 2019

I have a Samsung Galaxy 9+ what worked for me was uninstalling all the apps I almost never use. Apparently one of them was interfering.

AWDTesla | 13 juin 2019

I had this happen twice since last update and of course once was when I was trying to show off the car. Murphus law heh!

Both times a hard PHONE reboot solved my issue.

SolArray | 15 juin 2019

Completely intuitive, fast, yet secure access is still in development.

This won't be resolved quickly since there are so many factors (phone version, codecs, op sys, apps installed or running, settings, proximity, interference from other devices, phone sleep setting status 'at that moment', and Tesla's wake-up response to your proximity, and software's correctly identifying you). It's the world of software and communications.

My workarounds:
- Open App about five minutes before walking to car. On the way to car, hit "climate" and start preconditioning, and hit "unlock" and "yes". On arrival at car - open the door and get in. It's comfortable and ready to go.
- Carry the Key Card in your pocket enroute to car. Tap and enter. Touch brake before 25 seconds and your driver profile is activated and you can put the key card where you like. (Tap car on post when you leave to lock.)

Doesn't matter if these aren't what you wish for - these will allow you easy entry and low stress.
Honestly, I'm sympathetic - but just suggesting you be practical since the hurdles to a solution are many.

Lorenzryanc | 16 juin 2019

I HAD that problem. Please check to see you're not in energy save mode on the phone. I had mine to mid-level battery save and that caused all my problems. Note 8. Let us know if that (or anything else) works

robert | 2 juillet 2019

My problem (Galaxy S8) is that the phone connection is constantly blinking in and out. Bluetooth logo on T3 will go black for 30s, then grey for 2 mins, then black for 20s, then grey for 1min, (not accurate timings, just painting a picture). So the handsfree feature is unusable. Invariably, audio falls back to my phone, then back to the T3, with 20s gaps in communucation - unusable. This same phone works fine for Bluetooth call connectivity in my other cars...

vincelorto | 2 juillet 2019

interesting. I carry two phones. My personal and key is the Samsung S8+ and my work is the iphone 7. They both work although I do have to sometimes manually connect it. It usually takes a minute before the S8+ is connected. I believe my biggest issues are when my wife uses the care and connects her Iphone 8 (?). When I get back in, I might have to manually connect it.

Lorenzryanc | 3 juillet 2019

@Robert did you verify that power save mode is off completely? I had the issue when I was in medium or maximum power save mode. As soon as I changed that, my intermittent Bluetooth icon stayed solid and calls worked perfectly.

nicktford | 3 juillet 2019

@Robert, I can't find the link now, but I posted a fix for this same issue. The gist of it is, you may have a bad contact, or at least the contact that the Tesla doesn't like, that is causing the connection to restart. On your phone under Bluetooth, find your Tesla, and click the settings gear. Turn off contact sharing and see if this fixes it.

If it does, go through your contacts (you can do this online at and check for any special characters in the first/last name fields - thinks like quotes, exclamation points and etc. Tidy, then turn the setting back on again.

nichols.donnell | 20 septembre 2019

Just picked up my new model 3 and my Galaxy S6 will not connect with my car. This is my second Model 3 and it worked great with my 2014 but now I'm having problems. I have read through all the notes posted and have made sure the battery saving mode is off. Don't find a settings gear under the Tesla name in the Bluetooth setting on my phone. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Tofod | 28 septembre 2019

Want to share my experience. We have a pixel2 and a Samsung S9. No problem since one year on the model 3. Yesterday got the update to phone app 3.10. both phones were kicked out of the car connection.( Never happend before with previous app update). I needed to resynch the phone and it was detected as a second pixel 2 on the car. However I m still not able to resynch the S9. The phone app keeps saying I m not close enough the car but I m able to connect bluethoot for streaming and phone. I tried to toggle bluethoot and gps without any success. Remote connection for all other functions than key are working fine. After the app update to 3.10 we suffering problem for about 30min to log into the app on the phones

raqball | 28 septembre 2019

I have an S10e an no real issues to speak of other than sometimes I need to wait a second or two before I can open the door when I approach.