Vehicle coolant is low

Vehicle coolant is low

I took delivery tonight and while driving home, a warning message appeared briefly four times. Once Home, the light stayed on. The message read

“Vehicle Coolant is Low, Contact Tesla Service”. I don’t feel safe driving the car now. I called roadside service and they took my report. They said Fremont delivery center will call me in the am.

I hope Tesla can make this service as easy as possible. I also noticed the washer fluid as dry too. I wonder if they forgot to add coolant as well.

I was very excited and now, I am a bit frustrated.

Triggerplz | 9 juillet 2018

Ask them to send a ranger to you it may be as simple as adding coolant and washer fluid

Redmiata98 | 9 juillet 2018

...or a malfunctioning sensor.

mamunurikamal | 9 juillet 2018

It happened to me and some times there could be some leakage causing the fluid drained out.I would suggest to take service center appointment than mobile service (mobile service can not fix this kind of leakage)

Mcnanci | 9 juillet 2018

I appreciated all of your suggestions. So here is what has happened since my last post. In the morning, I confirmed with the Tesla service that I could drive to the service center without the air conditioner on, then I should be ok. They filled the coolant, then by afternoon, the coolant was leaking. The service guy said he would look into it and get the leak fixed. I have a loaner while they work to repair the leak.

jbdvm1988 | 19 juillet 2018

Is the coolant ethylene glycol (antifreeze in ICE vehicles). Just wondered as it’s so toxic to pets | 20 juillet 2018

Tesla coolant (anti-freeze) is propylene glycol designed to protect the aluminum piping and contains no phosphates. Interestingly, propylene glycol is also non-toxic and is even used as a food additive. Still I don't suggest drinking it.

Unlike an ICE car it is not under high-pressure and doesn't deal with high temperatures. As everything that requires cooling is also temperature monitored, driving with low or even no coolant for a short while shouldn't be an issue. If something gets too hot, the vehicle will tell you and limit power and/or shutdown until cool. This is unlike an ICE car that self destructs if you don't have coolant.

jbdvm1988 | 20 juillet 2018

Good to know TeslaTap. I’m a veterinarian and few things are as toxic as ethylene glycol. It’s interesting how adding one carbon group to ethylene glycol to make propylene glycol changes the chemical to non toxic