2018 vs 2017 Model X changes

2018 vs 2017 Model X changes

What are the differences between a 2018 Model X vs 2017 Model X? Anything major like the CPU or minor cosmetic changes inside?

Dale9271 | 16 juillet 2018

MCU2 ~ 3/18 , ventilated seats went away in 2018, came back on P100, graphite trim and new oak interior ~3/18...AP2.5 mid 2017

jerryk | 17 juillet 2018

First, you should forget about the notion of model years that other car makers use. Tesla makes updates when they want.

A couple of big ones that effected me where:
- MCU 2 ~3/30 - updated from old 16 bit processor to 64-bit processor similar to those in the Model 3. Maps are much faster and look better to me than the demo X I drove in Feb 2018. Glad my car came with it.
- Change in color combination for saddle/tan vegan leather. They replaced the dark plastic looking wood with a light oak after we ordered the car I was not sure I would like it, but we have loved it since day one. | 17 juillet 2018

@jerry - MCU1 used the Nvidia Tegra 3 - a quad core 32-bit processor. The MCU2 uses an Intel Atom E3800, which is 64-bit.

The performance of MCU2 is better, but not dramatically so. The MCU1 is typical, or perhaps a bit faster than most other manufacturer's touch screens, but MCU2 is faster still. A lot of the speed limitations are the speed of the cellular connection - which can vary a lot. The only new feature I'm aware of between MCU1 and MCU2 is support for 5 GHz WiFi in MCU2. Due to shorter usable distances of the 5 GHz band, I expect most owners will stick with 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Anyway, MCU2 is very nice to have, but MCU1 is no slouch and many owners have been quite happy with it. It wouldn't be a go/no-go when picking between several used cars, but a newer car is typically better and will cost more.

jerryk | 17 juillet 2018 I can only say from what I have experienced there is a noticeable difference between the two. On my car, the nav maps zoom in and out very fast, almost instantaneously. This was not the case on the early 2018 MX we test drove. I assume since the pages are already displayed their maps have already been downloaded and cached so this redraw performance would be due to purely processor/gpu difference. It also might be due to a shift to vector maps, which I understand the MCU2 cars use (post Mar 2018 S&X and Model 3) have.

Regarding the 5GHz, on both bands the wifi is terrible. My phone works fine when the car refuses to connect, I actually added a new Access Point to the room next to my garage to ensure I get a soliid Wifi signal. Now, It is slightly stronger (4 bars instead of 3) on 5Ghz than on 2.4 Ghz, but both connections are now solid as a rock. I assume if there where more walls between the car and the AP the performance at 5Ghz might suffer more, but now it is great for me.

saurin1 | 18 juillet 2018

Thanks...I am going with new Model X from your feedback!

pjalan | 19 juillet 2018

7 seater change in material and price
Price reduction in 100D

kevin3078899 | 4 février 2019

I just pick up the Jan, 2019 Model X and Is anybody know how can I find out which version of the MCU I have??

Passion2Fly | 4 février 2019

I totally disagree with @jerryk! The Nvidia platform is great. Yes, Intel is slightly faster when it comes to two fingers map adjustments. But that's about it!
Nvidia is MUCH more stable! It never crashes and I never have to reset the car. My Model 3 takes FOREVER to startup (1-2 minutes) and I'm sick and tired of having to reboot all the time because the car wakes up with no sound! Until they fix all the issues with the Intel platform, Nvidia wins!

jjgunn | 4 février 2019

@kevin - you should have MCU 2.5 at a minimum.

@Passion - I believe Tesla's in house developed CPU (new HW3) will solve your issues mentioned. Hopefully..."soon"

kevin3078899 | 4 février 2019

@jjgunn - Thank you for the info.

avesraggiana | 4 février 2019

2017 Model X had a real leather steering wheel, and the MODEL X insignia on the rear centre beam between the falcon wing door.

2018 Model X has a cheap feeling vegan steering wheel, and falling victim to cost-cutting, the MODEL X insignia or designation between on the rear centre beam is gone. Both new features cheapen the 2018 Model X. | 5 février 2019

@kevin - I'm sure you have MCU2, but I made a tester that you run from the car's browser: to be sure.

There is no MCU2.5, only MCU1 and MCU2. There is HW1 (pre ap), HW2 (first EAP), HW2.5 (current vehicles with zero functional change from HW2), and HW3 (arriving soon, required for FSD and in beta testing now - no owner vehicles).

packpike | 7 février 2019

@TT - HW2.5 gives you dashcam vs HW2 does not. My MX was delivered at the end of Sept ‘17 so I missed HW2.5 by a week or less!

info | 9 février 2019

I have a 2017 MX 90D and a 2018 MX P100D . Only have the 100D for a couple of days now. There are subtle differences in the interior that I've noticed. Quality is good in the newer car but I must say when I mentally compare the two and have to label them, I quantify the 90D as a piece of art belonging in a museum. The 100D is a high quality production vehicle. Just my opinion.