18" Aero Wheel Cap Kit

18" Aero Wheel Cap Kit

I just ordered those caps for the M3. I did a quick search online and saw people selling them on eBay for 2 or 3 times the amount. I just paid 53.00 with free shipping directly from Tesla. It's nice to have a choice in wheels for only 50 bucks...

spuzzz123 | 18 juillet 2018

Yeah they look sweet too. I was worried that the lug nut caps would fall off since it seems like they slip on too easily. But 3000 miles later, still no missing lug caps.

KP in NPT | 18 juillet 2018

Mine arrived after about 5 days.

Flanmansd | 18 juillet 2018

Yep, mine arrived a couple of weeks ago. Total time from order to delivery was less than one week as KP noted (even though disclaimer said 8 weeks wait time). But, alas, still waiting for some rims to attached them too. :^(

Instant Acceleration | 18 juillet 2018

Mine arrived quickly (and was only $35 at the time IIRC), but have sat in the bag ever since. The Aero caps have grown on me. While I don't necessarily think they look "better" then the uncapped alloy rims, they are certainly more distinctive and futuristic in my opinion. I'm sure I'll put them on at some point.

I saw my first other M3 in the wild today and it was the same color (MSM) as mine with 19s. I still think the 18s look significantly better in either configuration and would have chosen them if they were $1500 more than the 19s. I noticed the 19s just looked the same as every other car parked around it.

kozski | 18 juillet 2018

I ordered from Tesla when I was invited to configure my car because it said it could be up to 8 weeks to get the kit (but arrived in 2 days). I took the aeros off the day after car delivery, but couldn't decide which way I like better. My wife and son emphatically like the aeros better. I put the aeros back on because they are growing on me, and they do look much better in person than in pictures. I'll probably stay with aeros and sell my kit (without the markup!).