Condensation inside rear back light

Condensation inside rear back light

Has anyone else experienced condensation inside the rear light next to plug? It’s only happening on the driver side. The other sideis fine.

Magic 8 Ball | 29 juillet 2018

Are you looking for a way to get it fixed or is this just a poll to see if others have condensation?

js1000 | 29 juillet 2018

Had exact same issue. Called for service, and they just ordered replacement part without ever looking at it. 2 weeks later dispatched ranger to fix/replace in my driveway.

tomknick | 29 juillet 2018

Thanks JS1000 I’ll call them right away!

lilbean | 29 juillet 2018

As opposed to the rear front? :)

@js Do you know the part number? Thanks.

justind10 | 29 juillet 2018

I’ve got condensation in the same tail light and both fog lights. On the tail light the seam between the two pieces was clearly not sealed like it is on passenger side. I have a service call in and emailed several times but so far no one at my sevice center has bothered responding to me.

aystein | 30 juillet 2018

Had the same problem, noticed when I washed my car for the first time. Brought it to the service center (with appointment of course) and they replaced it no problem. Been good ever since.

Kathy Applebaum | 30 juillet 2018

I had this on the passenger side one time. Mentioned it one time to the ranger and a few days later got a call from Tesla to arrange another ranger visit to fix it. Hasn't reappeared.

Jaganjai | 30 juillet 2018

Both my tail lights have this condensation issue. I have scheduled an appointment in 3 weeks to get (and 7 other issues) this fixed.

tomknick | 1 août 2018

They ordered the part not sure the part number. Said mid aug will be ready to fix! Did not have to bring the car in!

pwkooy | 1 octobre 2018

Picked up car on Saturday and I also noticed condensation on taillight next to charging port

ssimon_25 | 18 janvier 2020

Have the same issue, my model 3 is a month old. I have condensation in all tail lights, inner and outer. As well as the fog lights.
A service advisor just told me via email that this is normal for Tesla as their light assemblies are not sealed like all other cars and are vented. A small amount of condensation is normal as long as it goes away...doesn’t condensation turn to water which will eventually pool in the light assemblies? Has Anyone else been told this nonsense?

M3phan | 19 janvier 2020

Their light housing so contain vent holes, you can see them If condensation goes away, great! But when it remains/is permanent, they will fix no charge.

wiboater4 | 19 janvier 2020

Key word is small amount. I had one replaced and the replacement ended up having a lot of condensation in it. They replaced it an now everything seems normal. Try to be careful when you wash the car not to concentrate any water spray in the area of the tail lights might help. Are you in an area with a lot of humidity?

Rippin1Gear | 6 février 2020

So annoyed... is anyone else still have issues with their tail lights or fog lights?
I been having both with a decent amount and herd the same BS from service department yesterday that it’s “normal” due to led not producing enough heat. Well sorry, but every car manufacturer seems to uses leds without moisture inside their tail lights or fog lights. Just looks horrible.

mr_pilotguy | 6 février 2020

They wouldn't simply replace them if it's "normal", right? I've got a P3D on order, and these posts make me nervous...

bp | 6 février 2020

I’ve seen condensation in my May ‘19 build’s fogs (both) and a very small amount in at least one of the tail lights and B pillar cameras. I’ll probably contact service towards the end of the first year.

Teslanene | 7 février 2020

I have an appointment next week with mobile, let’s see if they will replace the fog lights.

bill | 19 février 2020

I have condensation in my left front marker light. I thought it might dry on it's own. If not I was told using a hair dryer could get rid of it. If they will replace it for free I'll go that route.

P33 | 19 février 2020

I have same on both rear lights, took to service center and they said it's normal and by design there is hole for ventilation. They said it should go away after car stays in sun for some time.

Shesmyne2 | 19 février 2020

This has been a known problem for some time.
They need to replace the plastic in the light from what I understand.
Had my 18 LR AWD in for annual check up in August & noted the back left tail light on my fix it issues.
They claimed to have fixed it, but it has been condensed for awhile now.
Have to go for 2nd attempt to fix...

Still Grinning ;-)