Expanding Powerwall?

Expanding Powerwall?

Has anyone expanded their Powerwall install? I'm curious how hard it is to go from 3 to 6, though I don't expect the exact numbers matter. I have plenty of space so that isn't an issue, just now sure what the effort is to add them.

sashton | 2 août 2018

I don't think there are any great issues. a few more powerwalls and the appropriate number of linking kits.
Of course your wiring would have to be up to handle the potential 130A current (assuming you're single phase 230V) and I would assume your power company would have to be cool with your increased generation capacity. Here in the UK the power companies assume that your generators (PV and batteries) will at some time go wild so for example if you have 10kWp PV and two Powerwalls they expect you to pay to have your grid connection upgraded to handle an export of 20kW (87A) minus some fudge factor.

jon | 2 août 2018

Thanks sashton