Easy, Uneventful Delivery of a no defects Model 3

Easy, Uneventful Delivery of a no defects Model 3

Took delivery of an AWD, Blue, black interior, 19" wheels, EAP/ FSD model 3 this afternoon in Brentwood TN (Nashville). We were running late due to a late arriving check from USAA. But the delivery team had us in and out in 20 mins. The car was perfect, couldn't find a thing wrong with it and I really tried. The only problem I found on the way home was the EAP/FSD wasn't turned on from the factory. A quick call to TESLA and it should be on in the next couple of days. Well worth the wait, it is a dream to drive and accelerates effortlessly. Trying to find reasons to run errands.

jdirik | 22 août 2018


Carl Thompson | 22 août 2018


Are you sure EAP is enabled? It must be turned on in the settings before it will work. And once you've done that it can take up to 50 miles or so to calibrate and start working.

And don't forget to install an anti-virus app (OK this part is a joke).

dmastro | 22 août 2018

Congrats! Many of us are hoping to enjoy the same experience as you in the near future.

SactoEVer | 22 août 2018

Mine delivered yesterday. Everything was ok except when I tried to do too much with the screen and gps it went a bit haywire. Rebooted & all is good. VERY HAPPY.

Flanmansd | 22 août 2018


Yep, same thing happened to me. Drove the recommended 100 miles (140 actually) for calibration. EAP/AutoSteer still not working. Called, they said' "Oops - we'll get that right out to ya". Had it within 48 hours as I remember.

Never got a "Software Update Available" notice. It just showed up a couple days later. So, to test, just tap the stock and if the circle turns blue then you're all set... :^)

RES IPSA | 22 août 2018

Very cool to hear about your delivery experience. The car is very fun to drive. Enjoy...

CharleyBC | 22 août 2018

"Trying to find reasons to run errands."

I know that feeling!

Magic 8 Ball | 22 août 2018

Congrats! Over 75,000 of them out there in the hands of happy customers.

And so it continues.............

gballant4570 | 22 août 2018

Great to see a positive delivery and initial impression post. We need to overwhelm the FUD. I will try not to mention my intense envy......just another 2 months......

cnistal1 | 22 août 2018

Congrats and thanks for the positive post. Also, thanks for NOT posting in all caps.;) I've had my M3 since March, love it more each day. Enjoy!

shawncordell | 22 août 2018

Awesome!!! Keep them coming!!

afcop2 | 22 août 2018


Resrch03 | 22 août 2018


casun | 22 août 2018

very nice.

Frank99 | 22 août 2018

>>> Trying to find reasons to run errands.

Heck, when I do find reasons to run errands I tend to not come back for hours. My wife has learned not to send me to the store just before dinner; I tend to get lost and just drive. Almost four months for me, and I'm still grinning every time I get in the car. Congratulations.

gcklo | 22 août 2018

EAP is only on after 30 to 50 miles

bj | 23 août 2018

“And so it continues...” enjoy!